Their eyes became a little weird.

"This guy-"Ye Fei deviant.
"Look …" Gu Qingshan hesitated.
"Like a cow?" Zhang Yinghao way
New gray fine print appeared in front of three people.
"the first game is forced"
"This is a master of primitive cattle who is not afraid of death."
"you must find out its motive and purpose of sneak into that giant world from its mouth."
"Time limit is one hour"
Gu Qingshan readily said, "The original cattle clan … I’ll do this."
"No," Zhang Yinghao said, "We will definitely be able to surpass your ability. We have to keep your opportunity to refresh your extraordinary strength."
"What do you mean?" Gu Qingshan asked
"… I’ll try first. If we solve the problem without moving extraordinary power, it will save us the number of refreshes." Zhang Yinghao said.
"Line" Gu Qingshan back.
Zhang Yinghao rolled up his sleeves in the previous step and said, "It’s my old job to force this fact."
He ignored the reaction of the cattle monster and slowly felt it.
The atmosphere has changed.
When one or three people challenged the chaotic door, many people gathered around with great interest to see the situation.
But now Zhang Yinghao touches a monster.
People’s eyes are getting weird.
Zhang Yinghao groped along the monster’s body bit by bit with his hands no matter what others thought.
"Hey Lao Zhang, what are you doing?" Ye Fei from could not help but ask a way.
Zhang Yinghao said casually, "The original cattle family is not quite the same as modern cattle. I am a stranger. I need to touch it first to find all the parts where his bones and flesh can cause pain."
His hand monster rib crack gently press.
The monster roared like a pig.
"Well, call so big? I haven’t officially "Zhang Yinghao frowning way.
Five minutes passed.
Zhang Yinghao withdrew his hand.
He took a long box out of his arms.
When I opened the box, I found all kinds of needles, scissors, tweezers, daggers, spiral thorns, pointed hammers, syringes and so on.
Zhang Yinghao took out a cold light shining knife and cut a piece of meat on the face of the cattle monster.
He closed his eyes and sniffed deeply at the piece of meat and said, "Cow’s face is rarely eaten, but it tastes good …"
Gu Qingshan took a set of cookware from Ye Fei, walking arm in arm.
"This kind of thing doesn’t need any extraordinary power. I’ll do it," he said.
Zhang Yinghao nodded.
He inserted the knife into the monster’s left chest and spun it gently.
"Ah ah ah ah! I won’t tell you anything! " Cow monster roared
Zhang Yinghao ignored it and said to Gu Qingshan, "Pick it up. This is a piece of meat that is in good shape. If possible, make it medium-rare."
Guqingshan cooking
The meat is ready.
Zhang Yinghao took the meat and squatted in front of the monster
He randomly inserted all kinds of tools into the most painful parts of the monster’s body and waited for the other party to howl for a long time before taking them out.
Then he cut and cut the ox monster with the knife.
"I didn’t expect you to have such meat."
As he spoke, he ate the meat in front of the monster.
Cattle monster watched this scene with his mouth open and he couldn’t speak.
It keeps coming out in cold sweat.
-physical pain or times.
There is a person squatting in front of you, eating your body and chatting with you.
This has broken through that limit it can imagine.
Zhang Yinghao ate the meat and took a smaller knife to squat down again.
He marked the monster’s head and abdomen with a knife.
"What are you doing?" Cattle monster unbearable way
"Eat your brain while you are still alive" Zhang Yinghao is full of words.
The monster hesitated for a moment.
It looks at this person and then at another person.
Another person is preparing to saw and pick up all kinds of spices.