This miracle sanction is not the same as Phoenix’s discovery, and it is not a certain one, but floating in vain.

Along with it, there are a lot of … metal blocks with different cyan shapes.
These metal blocks are all things with irregular shapes and sizes, but some of them are piled up and assembled into a building shape.
Lynn knows that this place is actually the "hometown" of the virtual people in the dark before.
This virtual people have lived in this place since childhood and don’t know anything … There is such a single virtual people population here.
But there are many creatures living here besides virtual people.
And Lin’s most attention, of course, is still … miracle sanctions.
Miracle sanctions are actually composed of these seemingly cyan metal blocks.
However, the surrounding buildings and debris are more than ten meters in size, while the miracle sanction is … more than five hundred meters in size.
It floats in a lot of metal blocks like a giant, and it flies around many creatures.
Lynn thinks this is very interesting.
These miracle sanctions … are miracles.
Actually, every miracle sanction is very different, and the reasons for its formation are different. For example, this miracle sanction should be similar to the biological residence here.
And the phoenix found that the flute shape has nothing to do with this seemingly actual flute shape, which is a large virtual creature.
Every miracle sanction is very different, and they don’t come into being at first, but they are gradually formed over a long period of time, but they can play the same role at the same time …
This really gave Lin a feeling of’ this is a miracle’
There is always an entrance to the homecoming road here.
Accurately speaking, the bus mirror can be perceived by the manufacturing tower in the return road, so that Lin can continue here … and control the fluffy ball manufacturing body.
Next, Lailin will stay here to control and continue to observe the thin line world.
Lin see if the thin thread can find Lin’s position, because Lin has adopted a new way to observe them.
Although it is the same as sending perception, it is somewhat different from before.
But Lin is still going to pay more attention to the situation on her way home.
Lynn and … are now in one place.
This should be the location of the original huge body of the fusion body.
At the same time, it should be regarded as the bottom of the cave.
You can see the ground … wreckage here.
To be precise, there is a lot of’ blood’, a lot of crustaceans, and creatures that make bodies … mutilated corpses.
It can be seen from these remains that the original fusion body is a very huge … Lin thinks it is hundreds of meters in size.
It is obviously a mixture of quite a few creatures, but now it looks as if it has been crushed and become a wreck all over the ground.
Its original shape should be similar to that of modern crabs, with a solid shell and a liquid structure inside.
And this huge fusion is not a’ normal’ creature.
Generally speaking, according to the dark creatures, the manufactured bodies are normal creatures, but the fused bodies are not.
Qianlin and the detected fusion body are similar to the stomach organ, and this organ body can be directly connected to it … The controller is the piece of biological thinking located in the thin line sea.
Although it was quickly disconnected when Lynn and I tested it, Lynn still felt some thoughts about it.
It’s a thin thread. They specially made a’ recycled creature’
It is to recycle those creatures that make bodies.
Because many manufacturing organisms are made of thin threads, they deliberately catch … or attract other organisms to go dark, and then the manufacturing tower makes them manufacturing bodies.
And those thin lines … to be precise, most biological manufacturing towers in the ocean of thin lines don’t make manufacturing bodies. I don’t know what this is.
However, the thin thread has somehow produced such a fusion, where a large number of manufacturing organisms are collected and studied
The fusion body is outside the activity, not in this cave. What did they perceive recently that made the fusion body drill to the ground?
At present, Lin doesn’t know what they perceive …
But Lynn and I have found something interesting here.
"This is where the miracle sanctions hit …"
Two pompoms floated through a pile of debris and then reached a … big’ entrance’.
This place is an entrance with a diameter of more than 30 meters and a green luster.
Lin can feel here is sending out a very powerful … similar cohesion’ power’
Lin looked at it for a while and then decided to let the pompoms … float into the entrance.
While waiting outside did not come in.
If there is any danger, Lin will die if she can get another one.
So it will be a little hesitant.
But Lin went in and found that there was no danger inside.
It’s just that … the state of fluffy balls has become a little strange.
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and five Ports?
"Here? Here you can’ watch’ the virtual boundary, but you must pay some price. "
"The price is very simple. You just need to give me half of your bodies."
"Won’t die there is no such thing as death …"
This seem to be an interesting place.
Lin He recently drifted into an’ entrance’ in the wreckage of the fusion body.
After entering here … Lin found that some changes have taken place in the fluffy ball body.
Although the manufacturing body of pompon was newly built by the manufacturing tower not long ago, it was a’ solid’ rather than a semi-transparent state when it was built, which may be due to the’ blueprint’ of its own body being input to the manufacturing tower.