Of course, Tong Guan’s performance is so unbearable because of Ding Chunqiu’s secret poison. If it is not his poison, Tong Guan will not be able to fight back.

Ding Chunqiu looked at Chu Yi with great interest, saying, "What other means are there?"
Chu Yi stared at Ding Chunqiu. At the moment, Ding Chunqiu’s breath was very wrong, and it just kept growing.
Suddenly Chu Yi thought of a possible look and couldn’t help looking at the distant rock.
The stone wall is full of traces of time. It seems that at least hundreds of years is a thousand years.
The most important thing is that the stone wall is densely packed with lines of big characters. These big characters are just instantaneous in Chu Yi’s eyes, and Chu Yi exclaimed, "Is this the stone wall of the Northern Ghost Rebirth Method?"
It is also aware of this that Chu Yi has also come over in an instant. What Ding Chunqiu Order has been rising slowly?
It turns out that Ding Chunqiu has obtained the complete Northern Ghost Rebirth Method. In this case, Ding Chunqiu’s accumulation of accomplishments in the Northern Ghost Rebirth Method can be said that once the complete Northern Ghost Rebirth Method is obtained, Ding Chunqiu’s previous accumulation will inevitably erupt.
A horrible smell has risen several times less than before, and the idle people can bear the smell of recklessness.
Ding Chunqiu looked at Chu Yi’s shocked appearance and couldn’t help laughing. "It’s good to say, old fairy, I got the Northern Ghost Rebirth Method and thank you for leading the way."
But they haven’t had a third-generation brother in Minstrel for many years, so all the people in the stone room will die at this moment.
Li Qiushui and Wu Xingyun didn’t deal with it. At the moment, watching Wu Xingyun collapse the stone chamber didn’t help, but it meant doing everything possible to satirize each other
Is wuxingyun mind at the moment did not put Li Qiushui dribbling staring at the gradual collapse of stone heart secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
Unless the stone cave collapses, no one can escape from the stone cave. In the end, there is a dead end, and nothing is chosen to be buried.
However, when Wu Xingyun breathed a sigh of relief, he heard a bang, followed by the sky full of rubble, accompanied by a series of figures from the smoke and dust.
Wu Xingyun is almost able to rush out and smash the one with the strongest momentum in the past.
Ding Chunqiu felt a sense of palpitation to reach out and sweep his hand toward the front, or a burst of detonation. Ding Chunqiu felt that he had played against Wuxingyun for dozens of times in an instant.
Ding Chunqiu felt a surge of terrible forces, which all came from the forces that had just met.
"Ding Chunqiu, you rebel, you really have an ulterior motive when you come to my dimly discernible peak!"
Ding Chunqiu looked at Wu Xingyun and laughed. "Uncle Shi was wrong about Ding. It’s no wonder that Ding found the root of this secret room!"
Wu Xingyun felt the breath flowing in Ding Chunqiu’s body and looked pale. "Ding Chunqiu, you inverse acts actually stole the secret method of Minstrel’s high magical power. Today, I will slay you on behalf of your master, which will save inverse acts from future troubles."
Li Qiushui is staring at Ding Chunqiu at the moment with something of a bad way, "Ding Chunqiu will pay homage to the cliff after I take your head!"
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-six Two ShiShu please way!
Ding Chunqiu previously made such a big noise from the dimly discernible peak that neither Wu Xingyun nor Li Qiushui could have been unaware of it.
But whether Li Qiushui or Wu Xingyun have each other’s eyes, they can’t wait to slay each other. It is the root, so they have no mood to pay attention to Ding Chunqiu.
However, Ding Chunqiu actually stole the Northern Ghost Rebirth Method of Minstrel Gao Juexue, which is naturally a taboo for two people.
In particular, Wu Xingyun’s northern ghost rebirth method hides the dimly discernible peak. Although she said that she did not practice, she had a duty of care.
Minstrel’s several magical powers can be said to have their own characteristics, but the only one, the Northern Ghost Rebirth Method, is Minstrel’s high school, which is beyond the ordinary people’s practice.
A legal person who has practiced the rebirth of the Northern Ghost is the body of Minstrel Zhangmenya, who said that the rebirth of the Northern Ghost has a special position in Minstrel.
Ding Chunqiu, such a traitor who murdered his teacher’s scum, even dared to steal from Minstrel’s high magic, Wu Xingyun and Li Qiushui, but it was better to sit idly by than to stop talking for a while and focus on Ding Chunqiu.
Ding Chunqiu has accumulated for many years. As soon as he gets the Northern Ghost Rebirth Method, he will accumulate and digest it for many years. At this moment, he looks at Li Qiushui and Wu Xingyun with a somewhat disdainful look in his eyes. "Two uncles and nephews will take you to see the master. His old man’s house also asks two uncles to take a message to the master and say that he is blind and can’t read a good material and beautiful jade, but he has to choose Su Xinghe and other wastes …"
"The evil barrier is dead!"
A jiao spent will see WuHangYun figure into a time at the moment a sword palm toward Ding Chunqiu split up.
Ding Chunqiu looked at it but sneered at it. Instead, it was a slap in the face, which was of great significance to Wu Hangyun.
Heard a loud bang Ding Chunqiu body slightly shaking a saw WuHangYun footsteps took a step back, obviously just met WuHangYun didn’t take advantage of anything, it can be said that Ding Chunqiu’s strength is slightly better than WuHangYun.
Watching Li Qiushui see this situation, his eyes can’t help but shrink. He didn’t trust Ding Chunqiu. At the moment, he is highly vigilant and attaches importance to it
However, Li Qiushui and Wu Xingyun seem to be natural enemies. How could Li Qiushui miss the opportunity to ridicule Wu Xingyun?
Listen to Li Qiushui with something of sarcasm toward WuHangYun way "WuHangYun you won’t be busy these years this dimly discernible peak hegemony, how a poor repair so much that even such a traitor can’t punish you, such as worthy brother entrust you to look after dimly discernible peak entrust".
Speaking, I saw Li Qiushui step out with his hands into claws and grabbed it at Ding Chunqiu. "Look at my ghost claws!"
Ding Chunqiu repelled Wu Xingyun with a palm and saw Li Qiushui grab him with a paw. The corners of his mouth showed a sneer and said, "Get out of here!"
Moment to see Ding Chunqiu whole person suddenly like the expansion of a circle gave a punch to Li Qiushui.
Click a see Li Qiushui that one arm a slight shock bone fracture sound, and Li Qiushui to go faster than a flip figure floating down a mountain not far away look full of dignified pitfalls staring at Ding Chunqiu.
"Ding Chunqiu, you really became the Northern Ghost Rebirth Method!"
Although they have never practiced the Northern Ghost Rebirth Method, the cliff has practiced it. Their brothers and sisters have had a competition. Li Qiushui and Wu Xingyun are familiar with the Northern Ghost Rebirth Method. At this moment, two people from Ding Chunqiu can tell that Ding Chunqiu really succeeded in practicing the Northern Ghost Rebirth Method.
Just twice, Wu Xingyun and Li Qiushui, two old Minstrel residents, were killed. Ding Chunqiu’s face was full of madness and he laughed. He pointed to Wu Xingyun and said, "Wu Xingyun handed over Yu Linglong, and Ding Chunqiu can give you a good time!"
Wu Xingyun and Li Qiushui looked at each other in order to see the two figures like ghosts pouncing on Ding Chunqiu.
Two statues of heaven and man joined forces with the strong. Even a statue of heaven and man can’t be careless. Ding Chunqiu didn’t reach the heaven and man’s condition. At the moment, facing Li Qiushui and WuHangYun, they joined forces with each other. Naturally, they couldn’t be careless.
However, the Northern Ghost Rebirth Method is worthy of being Minstrel’s high magical power. Even if it is two people besieging one person, Ding Chunqiu seems to be comfortable and unaffected.
The virtual explosion is endless, and the venue where the three men met has moved from the dimly discernible peak to the place where other peaks passed. The peaks collapsed, and the time fell from the sky and the mountains blew out pieces of smoke and dust.
But at the moment a mess dimly discernible peak will see ChuYi, Tong Guan several people came out from the ruins.
Previously, Ding Chunqiu almost forced Chu Yi to sacrifice millions of fortunes to ascend to the realm of heaven and man, and then slapped Ding Chunqiu to death