Meng Qi didn’t speak.

Yuan Ziyan has a dark sigh in his heart. "If the magic wind world is really hit by people, it will be difficult to give birth to a bloody rain."
When the wind soul woke up, he found himself hanging from a coral tree, with a dark blue sea above his head. Some mysterious force stopped it from leaking out, surrounded by dark red rocks and all kinds of strange things.
An iron chain penetrated his pipa, arms and thighs, which not only made him hang there and move very much, but also nailed him to the Yuan God so that he could not escape the method.
He smiled as if he thought the situation was very interesting.
There is sadness in front of the piano, sadness and sadness. If you lose your parents, you will be hungry in the bird’s nest, and it will be like a lone wolf moaning in a pool of blood.
After the desolation, the piano turns into a light tone, but it makes people cry even more by burying all the feelings in the depths.
There must be some limits for a pianist to grieve over the past! Wind soul thought
He followed the piano and saw a small pavilion in this strange and gorgeous coral garden. In the pavilion, there was a slender woman wearing a goose yellow lace half-arm and a light blue corset dress.
The female hand caresses the strings and is sending her thoughts to the piano.
That piano is made of half-dead phoenix tree, which is most suitable for playing mourning.
The title of the song "Ten Beats of Hu Jia" is Moon Hee’s homesickness and resentment.
Even the Tartars were shedding tears into the border grasses Han envoy heartbroken to return to the guest.
Hearing the sorrow of the wind, the soul thought of his sister and thought that maybe he would never go home again. I couldn’t help sighing
The string immediately broke off a overtone that lingered in my ears.
The woman looked up and looked cold and faint. She slowly got up and floated to the wind and soul.
Wind soul wry smile "so it’s you"
Listen to the wind and the soul has been severely slapped by her.
His face showed several bright red fingerprints and bleeding silk.
Wind Soul smiled. "Even if I hit you in the face, you wouldn’t have such a heavy hand, would you?"
Just after the voice, the female left hand stretched out again and the other half of his face was slapped.
The wind soul is still smiling as if it were interesting.
She is naturally Zhao Wu’s daughter.
"It seems that hitting a woman is really wrong." Feng Soul thought wryly, "It’s easy to get retribution."
Zhao Wu female cold tunnel "you really should be glad that if you don’t keep your life, you are already a dead man."
The wind soul sighed, "You should really regret it."
Zhao Wu asked, "What do you regret?"
The wind soul said, "I regret not turning me into a dead man earlier."
Zhao Wu’s female face was angry and stretched out his hand to slap him again.
Just then a maid floated up in the distance and said to her, "Princess AoBingXin AoGong asks for an audience."
Zhao Wu woman slowly withdrew her hand and snorted when she went out to pass the maid’s side. "Give me a whip and he will smoke it until I come back."
Say that finish and leave on your own
The maid found a whip in the garden and walked to the wind soul with a charming smile. "This is an order from the Princess Palace. Don’t blame me."
Whip away
This whip is not only made of the tails of the dragons, but also hung with barbs, and even the flesh and blood are torn.
The wind soul sighed, "although your princess asked you to smoke, I didn’t say whether it was light or heavy, that is, it must be so serious?"
The maid sneered, "I just like to pull people around, can’t I?"
Whip after whip, it didn’t take long for the wind soul to be properly smoked.
The wind soul shook his head. "It seems that there is a slave like a master. This is true. Your princess likes to break people’s hands and feet and tear people’s ears. Even the maid around her likes to whip people."
The maid stopped there and felt cold in her heart.