There is a lot of talk in China, especially some literati and Jianghu people. The State of Jin is going to attack the Han family in the north. This is not a trivial matter, but unlike the situation in the State of Jin, the names of other countries in Ning Caichen are not very good, and I don’t know who gave him a brand of killing gods. For Han, a large group of people gloated that Ning Caichen’s name was not so good here. Similarly, Han’s foreigners did not like it. It seems that they were asking for their own death to provoke Ning Caichen.

Chapter 51 Korea
"Coson Ning, the thief of asaps, is a good name. These barbarians outside are uncivilized and dare to spy on me. The great China will not destroy them one day sooner or later." Chu Jianye Xiang Yu will save the cup and drink it off. "Coson Ning is determined to destroy asaps Korea this time, but it has become Coson Ning’s fame. I’m afraid Ning Caichen’s name will shine …"
"Are you going to deal with those barbarian countries?" Concubine sits next to Xiang Yu and fills the glass in Xiang Yu’s hand. "On the combined strength of the barbarian countries, it is almost the same as asaps. If you have a heart, you can also destroy the barbarian countries like Coson Ning and bring the whole barbarian into my land of Jin …"
"It’s not yet time." Xiang Yu shook his head, but there was a deep flash in his dark pupil. "Now my heart is Ji Bu Liangfeng’s news. After all, if I can win the title of Three Emperors and Five Emperors, one person will be enough to push the celestial pole realm. I have been stuck for decades, and I have been hoping to make further progress, but I can’t get anywhere in the past few decades. This time, the real dragon will appear. I feel that it will be a rare opportunity to break my present strength and even if I can’t prove it, I can reach the former Ying Zheng realm."
Xiang Yu’s eyes are deep, and there is blazing light in the depths of his pupils. Compared with Wang, he is most eager for strength. His strength has been stagnant for decades. He is eager to break through again. Will he have a chance? He will not give up. The concubine next to him will rest her head on Xiang Yu’s shoulder-
"It is said that the real dragon body is the real dragon Jingxue in the treasure, and Long Yuan is a great medicine to strengthen the physique and strengthen the body. It can help break through the physical limit. Long Yuan is a divine medicine. Even an ordinary person can be called a master and don’t know if it is true …"
"Hearsay can’t be true, even if Dragon Blood and Dragon Yuan really have such miraculous medicinal properties, it is not something that ordinary people can bear."
Xiang Yu smiled and concubine didn’t speak. Xiang Yu smiled at one another, but Xiang Yu moved his eyes for a moment, but there was a trace of obscure brilliance flashing across his eyes.
"Destiny ha ha he ning jin really put himself on the same day? What am I, a rebel and a thief? I’m Ziwei. I’m the real God. None of you are me! You are all rebels! Wait for me to unify the day one day, and I will kill all of you and I, and you will not live long in Xiang Yu … "A cold sound started in a palace in Chang ‘an Palace, Han State.
"When Coson Ning asked you to live longer …" "After two years of silence, the State of Jin finally couldn’t sit still?"
The movement of the State of Jin has led to some major conquest of Korea, which has touched many people’s nerves. However, there has not been any substantial wave in China. At most, there has been some discussion. After all, Korea is a foreign country and is located in the northern border. Even if it is destroyed by the State of Jin, it will not have much impact on the whole pattern of China. Moreover, the strength of the State of Jin is expanding day by day. In addition to Ning Caichen, the State of Jin is also a master, and there is a faint trend of being the first power in China. Anyone will touch the eyebrows of the State of Jin if necessary. Therefore,
However, on the other side of China’s calm, the whole asaps is jittery, especially when it is learned that Zhao Yun’s army has arrived in Liuzhou, and the whole country of Gaoli is in turmoil, not only the people are in panic, but also the whole Korean court is in turmoil.
"Damn it, Coson Ning, you are deceiving others too much!"
Jin Chengfu, an early thatched cottage in Korea, was very angry and almost completely rude. In the main hall, the ministers of Korea in the Manchu Dynasty were all silent, and no one dared to speak out. I was afraid that I would touch Jin Chengfu at this time, and there was more anxiety. What should I do if the army of Jin called and besieged their Korea?
"Putian Murphy Wang Tu rate soil bin Murphy Wang Chen He Ningjin root is just a sophistry. When did the Han clan live here for generations and become his territory of the State of Jin? It’s outrageous. It’s pure fiction. He Ningjin points just want to invade my territory of Korea and insult others. Is Coson Ning very good for me?"
Jin Chengfu has finished the era, yelling at the court, and almost swearing. Many ministers and military commanders are the base heads. They can’t hear the facts, and they can’t taste the ambition of Ning Caichen wolves. The so-called list is just an excuse. Everyone can see that Ning Caichen is trying to occupy their Korean country, but knowing how to punch the truth, Jin Chengfu’s gaffes are just weak in front of the Jin State of Korea.
Scold for a long time, perhaps tired. Jin Chengfu has some strength to sit in the dragon chair and look at the princes-
"Tell me, what can you do?" Jin Chengfu’s tone slowed down. After all, he is a strong martial art avatar. He also knows that just being rude can’t solve the problem. "Now the Jin army is pressing into you. What do you have to do with General Fa Li?"
Jin Chengfu looked at a middle-aged military commander. This is a military commander in Korea. His name is Seung-joon Lee, and he is a powerful martial artist.
"According to the report, the leading general of the State of Jin is Zhao Yun, that is, the silver armor general around Coson Ning in the past. It is reported that this person just broke through the realm of martial arts avatar some time ago."
"I’m asking you what’s wrong with the law, not who’s your opponent’s coach?"
Jin Chengfu looked Seung-joon Lee straight in the eye, while the latter was a numbness in his scalp. I have a fart to deal with it. The strength of the state of Jin was there. A few years ago, Coson Ning came to the city alone and beat their entire Han family to death. Nine Wang Jinzhan was forced to hand it over to Coson Ning and killed them in front of them. In that year, a Coson Ning beat their entire country of Gao Liguo to lift its head, not to mention that Coson Ning had already entered the extreme state of Jin. There are several such strengths. How can they resist Korea now? Countries are Jin Chengfu and Park Shao, two statues of budo avatar, and Park Shao, the strong one, is still in his later years. He was beheaded by Ning Caichen at the beginning, and almost half of it was the strongest Jin Chengfu, but the first-class budo avatar level. What did they resist the state of Jin?
"Say what about you? Tell me what you think. You are all dumb!"
Seeing Seung-joon Lee’s silence, Jin Chengfu couldn’t help but yell again. He didn’t know how many times he was rude, but in the face of Jin Chengfu’s big face, many Korean ministers kept their heads down one by one.
Silence is silence except silence.
Because they don’t know what to say, everything looks pale in the face of absolute strength. Many ministers hold their heads down and dare not look at Jincheng Fu. There is a shame to eat Junlu, but they can’t share their worries with the monarch. It’s more a panic. The state of Jin called.
What will happen to them? Two years ago, when Ning Caichen hit the city, it was like an emperor posing as a high-profile trampling on their entire Korean capital. Their old king died in nine years, and Wang Jinzhan was delivered up by themselves to watch Jin Zhan being beheaded by Ning Caichen. Although it was persecution, it was a great humiliation!
Every time I think of what happened two years ago, everyone in Han’s family will feel sad and indignant. Their whole Han’s family has been trampled by Ning Caichen. This is sorrow and humiliation. They have great hatred for Ning Caichen, but it is more of a fear. Coson Ning has made a comeback after two years and it is more rapid than the last one!
Two years ago, they were trampled on by Ning Caichen alone, making it even worse. Now the enemy has become bigger and stronger, but they are even weaker. They can be like this in the face of strong Jin.
"Let’s make peace."
I don’t know how long it took before a sudden sound rang in the hall and then I saw a figure coming out of the crowd.
Chapter 52 Korea to kiss
This is an old man with one arm, white hair and thin face, and his eyes are a little cloudy, just like an old man who is about to step into the yellow land. All eyes are on this man, who is the general of Korea, Park Shao, a veteran in his 200 s and the only martial art avatar in Korea except Jin Chengfu!
However, at this time, Park Shao-sample makes people feel sad and worried. When they enter their later years, their bodies are thin, their eyes are deep, and their left arms are arm-length. That was when Ning Caichen cut off a sleeve.
The "old general" looked at Park Shao-hua, and Jin Cheng-fu felt a pain inexplicably. This is his one-yuan veteran of Korea, a veteran of the two dynasties, who is over 200 years old. Korea struggled all his life and made great achievements in fighting in the north and south, so he should enjoy his old age, but two years ago he was cut off by Coson Ning, and his old age was not smooth.
"I am sorry for the general!" Jin Chengfu looked up and sighed to see Park was sour in his heart.
"Those who fought in the battlefield were not guilty. When they joined the army less, they had already thought that there would be today." Park looked calm and bowed down to Jincheng Fu. "It’s the old man who let us down. Those who know that enemies are like tigers and wolves are ambitious to kill our people and destroy our city, but they can’t repel enemies and protect our people …"
"Coson Ning’s ambition is like a wolf, humiliating me. Every time I read this, my heart ached …"
"Can you protect me at the end of Korea’s territory, causing the enemy to invade our city and humiliate our people?" Park looked at himself and swung his left sleeve. "If you can change your broken body at the end of the year, don’t mention an arm, even if you let the end die now, you won’t frown, but now the enemy is strong and I am weak, even if I fight for the last soldier in Korea, can I fight for all the blood of my Han clan?"
"Qiu Kouqiang is no longer something I can resist in Korea. Think twice. It doesn’t matter if I’m humiliated. Even if I’m blamed for my life, I’ll make a comeback. If I’m robbed of my whole Korean family because of resistance, I’ll become a real sinner in Korean history."
"Make peace with me, Han!"
When it comes to the end, Park Shao bowed deeply to the Dragon Chair Jin Chengfu, but it can be clearly seen that Park Shao’s turbid eyes are already red, and the words of glittering liquid flowing and peace are so dazzling and terrible, or from his mouth as a general of Korea!
Most of the time, death is not terrible. It is a humiliation. It is even more unbearable to suffer in the heart when you are alive. Jin Chengfu sat in the dragon chair for a long time and didn’t speak. His lips trembled slightly and he looked at Park for a long time and couldn’t speak. He wanted to scold Park for being less greedy and afraid of death. He couldn’t scold him because he was less Bai Pu.
"Is there really no way!"
Jin Chengfu is a bit decadent. This is the second time that he feels so strong. The first time was two years ago when Coson Ning entered the city and assumed a high profile and looked down on them. His father died and his favorite heir was sent out by him to Coson Ning to watch the gold exhibition being beheaded by Coson Ning in front of his face …
This is a kind of grief. My father died in battle, and his heirs have to be sent out by himself to the enemy.
"A man should stand tall and defend his country, but I can’t protect him. Now that Qiu Kou has killed me again and still can’t do anything, can you really make peace?"
The most unbearable thing is to know who the enemy is, but to bow and scrape to the enemy.
"I can ask you to give me a sin!"
Many ministers of Korea growled, and there was a feeling of sadness, family hatred and national hatred. For the whole Han family, Ning Caichen was their greatest enemy, but now the enemy called, but they were pale and found themselves so strong that they didn’t even have any resistance. What a sadness it was to expect to survive through summation!
"Come on, get up, even if you want to give me sin, you should give me your own sin first. I can."
Jin Chengfu waved and sighed. Some people rely on the dragon chair. It seems that the whole people are dozens of years older.
"Make peace!"
"I’m afraid the Jin state will not stop easily when it comes to the situation. If you want to make peace with each other, you may not agree!" Park Shao-do
"I wonder what the general has planned!"
"I heard that Coson Ning loves beauty. Last year, he also returned to the state of Jin to choose a concubine. At the end of the year, he will suggest that Princess Jin be married to both sides and relatives in Coson Ning." Park Shaodao.
"You are so bold to be presumptuous and simple. He Coson Ning killed my father and beheaded me. I love to invade my territory and humiliate my people. You also asked me to give my daughter to the other party to pray for the other party to stop!" Jin Chengfu shouted out his gaffes. In addition to his life, he had a daughter Jinyang, also known as Princess Jin, who was also his only daughter. She was very beautiful and beautiful, and she always had the reputation of being the first beauty in Korea and the only princess in Korea!
"Huixian also grew up at the end of the plan to let Huixian and the princess marry together in the past …"
Park Shao once again claimed that Jin Chengfu was silent this time. His eyes were fixed on Park Shaohui Xian Park Huixian, that is, Park Shao’s only granddaughter. Park Shao’s meaning has been very obvious. Korea can survive this national crisis. He doesn’t mind sending his only granddaughter out. Park Shao is like this. What else can he say?
The silent court fell into a dead silence for a long time without a sound!
"I am accurate!"
Koryo Tiger Town This is a Koryo city bordering Liuzhou, which is the closest to the border of Jin State. But at this time, Tiger Town is embroidered with the word "Jin" and the banner is hunting in the wind. This is just an attack on the city during the day. It is more appropriate to say that it is an attack. Because the army has come all the way, there is no resistance. It is an embarrassing problem that when they get the news, they run away far away. Almost when they enter a city, the base of the city is that most of the troops and people run away early …
"It’s too much to talk about. I’ve never talked about mom in so many wars. Are these Koreans all grandchildren?"