That’s an unproven idea.

Outside the ice hell, his hell also came with him.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-two Freshmen
"What’s the matter with you worried?" Ye Fei asked.
"It’s okay" Gu Qingshan shake head a way
Guess is guess after all, there is no need to talk nonsense.
But now we should speed up our efforts to improve our strength.
Mountain villa
Gu Qingshan put himself in his room.
Tide sword swinging knees.
"Come" Gu Qingshan light way
As soon as the sword buzzed, it sank into his body.
It flew into the sea and stood side by side with the sword
Gu Qingshan notes that everything is normal for a moment.
Finally, he can fully collect the tidal sound sword into the sea.
Almost at the same time, several lines of firefly appeared in Gu Qingshan’s sight.
"You have been able to integrate two long swords into your own knowledge of the sea."
"Sword Fairy Awakens Er Ru’s Arm (Completed)"
"Face-to-face release is tempered"
"The target triggers two flying swords to rehearse the common sword tactic part he has mastered."
Gu Qingshan frowned after reading it.
Not counting the secret sword, I know more than 1000 kinds of ordinary sword tactics.
I’m afraid it will take days and nights to finish this even if they are put to use one by one.
He thought for a moment and asked, "Can I wake up without relying on you and me?"
The system issued a response.
"This is the last part of your past life memory. If you are willing to give up this memory, you can turn it into energy and wake up immediately, otherwise you must wake up by means."
"The last part of past memories … are these sword tips? Or is there something important I haven’t remembered yet? "
"It’s a sword tactic" replied the system.
Gu Qingshan rest assured.
He asked, "How long will it take for the whole sword fairy awakening to be completed?"
"The remaining nine times, your strength is estimated to take two months to complete."
Nine times!
Two months!
Gu Qingshan almost planted from the bed.
It’s true that it takes two months to recover the sword fairy, and it’s already very short.
But it’s still not enough
In the real world, hell is imminent.
The SHEN WOO world itself is heading for a world that has never been stronger.
How can you wait for two months!
It is estimated that the daylily will be cold after all the work is done.
I am going to improve my strength now!
Gu Qingshan thought for a moment and asked, "Can’t you bend the rules? For example, let me make another breakthrough on my own, and then you will return the sword and tactic department to me? "
The unified tone is particularly serious. "Only this time you can’t break through by yourself."
"Because your sword fairy once killed a timeline fiend in the future, and that fiend had the fate of the world at that critical moment."
Tong continued, "This is the time to mark you. Once you lose this mark, terrible things will happen."
"will it be like this?"
Timeline is a measure of the state outside the real world. If you go back to the past from the future, the instantaneous world in the future will lose your mass and energy.
"But when you appear in the past, the laws of the world will determine that you are still you according to your status."
"It will pass that node, and you will arrange a position to ensure the overall mass and energy conservation of the real world."
But if you lose this state, the law of marking the world will not recognize you, and it will judge whether you belong to the special world according to the current timeline.
"Once this happens, not only will the laws of the world deploy corresponding countermeasures for you, but the laws will also respond to it when it comes to the past and the future-maybe ghosts and gods will find that you are a person with no destiny, and maybe there will be a second you in the world."
"The second me?" Gu Qingshan qi Dao
"Yes, it’s similar to you-because the most important trace you left disappeared and you didn’t die, which made the world lose one of your energy quality. The world law will immediately recreate one similar to you, ensuring that the overall quality and energy of the world will not be disordered."
"In addition, the disorder of the laws of time will cause powerful demons to note that this is their favorite thing."
"They will find you."
Gu Qingshan said, "According to what you said, can you mark me as my strength realm and memory at that moment when I killed the demon?"