When he came to his senses again, there was a kind of enlightenment in his heart, knowing that the pure Yang who had never appeared from beginning to end had really left.

Fu Su walked to the door and looked out. At this time, it was only in the middle of the month that people asked and learned that he had been escorted by many servants and was alone in the back hall for about two quarters of an hour.
Tonight, it’s strange to be in a dialogue dream. Years of deep and vague experience have passed in less than two quarters of an hour.
Looking around at these quiet words, reverence and fear, the guards and servants watched the vanilla trees grow in the court.
The corridors on both sides are quiet, and everything is shrouded in clear moonlight.
Fu Su suddenly felt that these people’s vegetation, vegetation and houses all have a strange similarity. Once the war swept through, they all had the ability to drop petals.
Is it true that if you stick your roots deeper, you will become heavier and more determined to withstand the wind, fire, waves and frost?
Zhao Gao’s figure came from one side of the corridor, and his voice broke up. Fu Su’s heart has not yet been divided into feelings to precipitate those floating thoughts.
Fu Su gave him a look. "Huh?"
Zhao Gao’s eyes are slightly different, but he still keeps his usual attitude and respectfully says, "The official is worried that the public security crisis will come to watch when he hears something moving here."
Fu Su looked at Zhao Gao for a while and looked away and said, "It’s nothing here. Taoist Chunyang came to the appointment."
Zhao Gao lowered his eyes and said, "Oh, I think Chunyang has already offered a complete immortality. The judge here congratulates the public first."
"I want my father to find another way to live forever, but the Taoist priest said that it was not the right time yet." Fu Su waved and said, "You don’t have to worry about this matter, and don’t let your hand disturb the Taoist priest."
Zhao Gao bowed his eyes and said, "Yes, since this is the case, the officer will be excused first."
Fu Su nodded to see Zhao Gao back away and then suddenly stopped him.
"Father asked you to teach Hu Hai how to learn from imperial laws and Hu Hai?"
Zhao Gao is facing Fu Su and retreating. At this time, he doesn’t have to turn around and say, "Although the tenth is young, he is talented and has a deep appreciation of the imperial statutes, and even he once praised it."
Fu Su took a few steps to Zhao Gao, looked at his nose and mouth, paused and said, "Good, you should be more concerned."
Zhao Gao said, "Officials must do their best."
Fu Su will hand Zhao Gao shoulder took a turn to look at the courtyard moonlight, "the night is deep, you go back and rest early."
"Thank you for your kindness."
After thanking Zhao Gao, he left the corner of the corridor and stepped out of the moon setting completely. When he turned around, he glanced at Fu Su.
Fu Su returned to his original position and changed his head to look at the moon.
Zhao Gao stepped into another courtyard, feeling strange and lingering.
Walking along the path paved with broken bricks in the courtyard, he suddenly said, "Try to investigate Chunyang’s whereabouts. His sword has something extraordinary, and you can also trace his background and origin from this aspect."
When he said this, there was a servant who seemed to be sweeping the floor not far away. After hearing this, the servant immediately turned away from his posture and stepped on the ground. It turned out that he was also a trap killer pretending to be a trap killer.
Zhao Gao moved on, and the six swordsmen came behind him in the shadows.
"Have the scrolls from the Little Sage Village been delivered to the Yin and Yang family?"
The Six Sword Slaves really just replied, "It has been delivered and taken over by the Master Xing Soul himself."
All six of them were shot down by pure sun before, and the lake looks absolutely injured. At this time, it seems that they are all exhausted. This kind of injury recovery ability far exceeds that of ordinary swordsmen
This situation is not only due to their deep manpower and abundant precious medicine, but also because every candidate had experienced cruel training when the net organized famous swords to select sword owners.
Their physique has been repeatedly injured, and all kinds of venom and drugs are different from ordinary people.
A few answers Zhao Gao has come to his residence.
The room was lit with lights, and there was a lamp on the table at the door. On each side, there was a lamp burning the smoke of the net’s secret ointment, which made the whole room brighter than the bright moonlight outside.
Six swordsmen stood outside the door respectively.
Zhao Gao sat beside the case and read all kinds of information delivered today.
Although there are many abuses in Qin Huang’s decrees, he is definitely a diligent person. Even though he seems to have shared a lot of efforts in seeking immortality in recent years, he often reviews the throne at night until the moon sets.
Zhao Gao can climb to such a position around many dissenting Confucian, so it is not uncommon for him to stay up all night.
However, after returning from Fu Su this evening, Zhao Gao felt a little uneasy.
Part of this strange feeling may be due to some subtle and unutterable places revealed in Fu Su’s tone and posture, and more may be bred from the unknown.
Zhao Gaocai has read ten pieces of information, and sometimes he feels that he can’t remember the key points after browsing one piece of information. It is an unprecedented thing for him to look back.
After a moment of silence, Zhao Gao put his information in his hand and went to his bed. He decided to take a night off and spend the night breathing.
With the operation of the skill, Sen’s air conditioning calms his mind, and his heart is difficult to know the source. He feels suppressed and his temperament becomes quiet.
The house lights are fading.
Outside, there is a cornice in Sanghaicheng, a moonlight shining city.
Changed into a black suit Fang Yunhan let loose his long hair and set up the cornice tip.
Fu Su’s meeting this evening turned out to be unexpected.
His mind is different to deceive Fu Su and others, so that they can see the gourd but not him.
It is convenient for him to fall asleep by creating a mysterious atmosphere unconsciously. Fu Su creates a dream.
Fang Yunhan discussed with Liu Qingshan when he was in Daqi. According to Liu Qingshan, in their practice, the warrior spirit is firm and pure, while the warlock spirit is soft and delicate. This is a qualitative difference. If you want to practice both, you are often unable to please.
However, if one road is high enough, it is not difficult to learn from the simulation of another road.
At that time, Fang Yunhan, who rescued Qi Huang, took over the channel of Liu Qingshan’s dream, and realized the mystery.
However, just like the martial arts practitioners who left the official begonia to stab the heart and practice martial arts, if they didn’t kill people, it always seemed a little strange and complicated.