Whether it’s unpleasant or unpleasant, whether it’s suspicious or suspicious, it has to be suppressed during the war.

"The eye of the planet shows that there are no three-person alien elites in our vicinity for 300 kilometers," Yan Lie said.
"Then kill three people" Xu said without hesitation.
Yan Lie’s request for Xu Retirement is now implemented very well.
Just as the flight is changing direction, the spacecraft suddenly has its communication request access.
"Communication Request of Mars Base in Huaya Region"
"Xu tui Yan Lie, I’m Feng Xuanbiao"
"Hello, Colonel Feng." At this time, Feng Xuanbiao, who should guard the Mars base in Huaya Region, suddenly made a concession and made a retreat. There was a bad feeling.
What happened to the Mars base in Huaya region?
"Good Colonel Feng" was named, and Yan Lie was very excited.
He is not playing soy sauce.
"I have a new identity to tell you. I am now the commander of the second Mars base in Huaxia District."
Xu tui Yan Lie stared blankly at the same time, but in an instant she thought of some situations. Xu tui and Yan Lie flashed a trace of ecstasy in their eyes!
Huaxia district is going to assault the construction of the second Mars base.
Then the second Mars base in Huaxia District will definitely not build the first source energy surge channel, and it must be the second source energy surge channel.
Xu tui has vaguely guessed Feng Xuan’s heading.
"Feng colonel I white have what thing you say directly! We can do it! "
Slightly sensational’ Huaxia’ four words Xu retreat didn’t not bashful to shout out.
Yanlie is excited to swing his arm.
"Well, in view of the situation, we are going to try to assault the second Mars base in Huaxia District.
However, the second source of energy overflowed the channel, and the war circle was a little confused because you elite departments left to pursue and expand the results.
Because it involves several elite students in its major joint zones, it is inconvenient for our troops to intervene strongly.
We need your help to help us clear the field, and then we will settle in and build it in an emergency.
In addition, we hope that you and your teacher will help us defend during the construction of the second Mars base.
Of course, you are still a student, not a soldier. Huaxia District will reward you separately … "
"Feng colonel I know! We are now returning immediately, "Xu said.
"Don’t need to worry! Just help us clear the scene in three hours.
We also need all kinds of machinery construction troops to transport when they arrive, "Feng Xuanbiao said.
Hang up the communication and Yan Lie looks at Xu’s retreat. "Now?"
Xu tui’s answer is decisive
Just as Yan Lie turned around, the spacecraft Phobos military channel suddenly sounded a harsh warning.
"Emergency units pay attention to all units pay attention to the planet eye detected a transient overrun force fluctuations into Mars.
Attention, all units. Planet Eye has detected a transient over-limit power fluctuation and entered Mars. "
This alarm let Xu retreat YanLie glances in the eyes have emerged in horror.
There is a possibility that the overrun force will enter Mars.
That is, there is a genetic evolution, and the strong energy tide entered Mars.
At present, the situation is definitely not that the blue star gene has evolved into Mars.
That could be an alien invader’s genetic evolution and killing into Mars!
Nine times out of ten, it was the genetic evolution of alien races that the strong made reinforcements and entered Mars.
But the problem is that in the past hundred years, there has been no genetic evolution in the tidal period of Mars.
On whether the alien race or the Terran gene is changing, the strong will enter the tidal period of Mars energy.
There has never been an exception.