Ji Shu and Tang Qing, looking back, turned out to be Cook!

Wang Peiwen nodded toward Ji Shu.
Obviously, Wang Peiwen arranged for Cook to see this wonderful play.
This is what Cook can say.
If several investment companies can form a consortium, there will be more and bigger investment projects.
Jinxi is just one of many family investment companies in the world wealth map.
Only by uniting can we incite more wealth.
Being able to conclude a consortium agreement with Shulman is a rare opportunity for Jinxi’s future development in Shanghai and Asia.
In this way, Jishu’s contacts are actually easily obtained.
Cook shook hands with little Shulman, who said he was looking forward to meeting Ji Shu again.
Cook was embarrassed, but it was not easy to laugh.
Wang Peiwen pushed the corners of his glasses to move imperceptibly.
A week later, the rich people have already found the door.
It’s not Wu but Wang Yunfa, the former investment manager of their company.
"Xiaoji, what do you think?"
Manager Wang is respectful.
Ji Shu was a little surprised. "What about Wu Jingli?"
"You really don’t know?"
Ji Shu ha ha smiled and said, "We haven’t been rich recently. After all, Wu Jingli hurt us too much."
"You know what? Little Shulman wrote a letter of complaint directly to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, which made a big deal. Although little Shulman also had no evidence, Wu Shuo did promise verbally that he could not be brought to justice, but the leaders attached great importance to it and were very angry. "
He sighed and went on to say, "We attract foreign investment, but we either get rid of it after profit, but we develop together. Now the country is in short supply of investment, and Shulman’s investment brings real dollars. Can leaders not pay attention to it? So Wu was transferred. "
"ah? Ha ha ha "
Jishu didn’t want to hold back her smile. It was a little happy.
"He didn’t eat any big punishment and was transferred from Shanghai to the northwest to do a project. In fact, this is a kind of demotion. I was transferred at the beginning. It is estimated that he was also a trick. I was transferred back as soon as he left. Do you think this project should be closed to us?"
Jishu nodded. It would be very pleasant if you joined manager Wang.
This project is worth ten thousand dollars in an instant.
"And now all the projects in Shanghai, big and small, know your name. They all say that Ms. Jin Xiji’s eyes are hard to provoke."
Manager Wang speaks sincerely.
"Hahahaha, I am willing to invest in this hotel, and the price of 10,000 US dollars is acceptable."
Manager Wang seems to be relieved.
"Thank you so much. By the way, there is an interesting news. Plot No.48 is also our government tender for Furun’s construction. I decided to bring it."
"oh? Isn’t that to build a park? "
Manager Wang nodded
"Because this park is next to our hotel project, I think we would rather not make money and post money to use this project. Can’t the hotel add value if we make the park beautiful?"
This manager Wang really knows!
A five-star hotel is next to a big park, and this room can sell for hundreds more.
"You say Ms. Ji what flowers do you like? The leader said to build a flower theme park. I refer to it. Haha. "
Manager Wang has a hint of flattery and wooing.
However, Ji Shu answered simply, "Cherry blossoms are planted now, and after several years, the cherry blossoms will still be dancing on the riverside, which will definitely attract many people!"
Cook is also ready to leave Shanghai.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to stay, but that there is no him here.
Everyone is looking for Jinxi’s signature figure, Ji Shu. Looking for Jinxi is looking for Ji Shu, and he doesn’t get into root cutting.
Not to mention that Wang Peiwen seems to care nothing, but in fact he is very popular.
"Asian women are terrible!"
Cook finally told his former colleague, an American, after drinking.
"That little Shulman just saw the color. I think he is interested in that woman named Jishu. He actually said he would like to talk to Jishu, but he wouldn’t talk to me!"
His American friend has red hair and rosacea and works as a consultant in an American enterprise.
"I’ve heard about the little Shulman, Larry. Don’t talk nonsense. Isn’t this Ms. Ji helping the little Shulman in the Furun project? That thing is known in the foreign enterprise circle. The foreign enterprise circle in Shanghai says that it is big and big, and it is small and small. "
"Hum! Who are you helping! " Cook shouted
Cook killed another glass of beer. This bar near Huangpu River is full of foreigners, mainly foreigners.
Two people sitting in the open-air bar watching the night river view.
"You know, many people want to poach her now. Although it’s a dispatch system, Houhai will definitely let talents flow freely. That’s the general trend. Everyone wants such talents, especially our foreign companies need such talents if they want to share a piece of Shanghai!"
"So what!"
Cook’s face turned red and drunk.
"how about it? You don’t want to give a bonus to your right-hand man, but you are jealous of your man? You are now the director of Jinxi Asia, but that’s because you are lucky and qualified, not because you are better than these young people! Wake up, Larry! The times are changing! "
A gust of river breeze blew over the river, and the night was charming. Cook suddenly became a little sober.
There was an envelope on Ji Shu’s desk the day after Cook left.
She opened it and read it quickly. She was very surprised.
It’s simple and rude. A thank-you note was signed by Cook.
The letter says that Ji Shuyin was awarded a $10,000 bonus by the company’s Asian headquarters for this project! The company wants her to make persistent efforts to climb the peak.
Because it is not convenient to distribute cash because of the dispatch system now, the company temporarily wrote her a check from the Bank of America.