Trying to get rid of my heart and feeling a thousand colors quickly gave Cang Ao a bowl of rice to divert his attention.

Eat quickly, Qianse, and bring the bowl to him.
You haven’t told me that I won’t pick it up if I can’t afford it.
What an awkward person.
Well, I’ll tell you what, put a thousand colors in a bowl, look at him and say
I’m not satisfied with some rules in the palace.
Is it for the queen mother?
No, it’s that the empress in the palace can’t abide by the rules of the palace without the permission of the emperor. What empress can allow people to go to the palace, but she can’t just go to the palace
You want to stretch away from the palace and frown again at once.
See, she knew that he would do this when he got to the palace.
I don’t want to leave the palace in a hurry to appease him. I just want to visit some Japanese palaces.
I was relieved, but his brow didn’t stop stretching.
What are you doing in your palace? Just tell Guo An what you need.
Emperor, some things are impossible for father-in-law Guo. It’s better to say that the horse will arrive at the anniversary of my brother’s death. I want to go to Bukkoji to set up a memorial tablet for him and give him incense.
A proud look at her in silence and sigh for a while. Do you have to kiss her?
Well, he’s my only family. Who else can I go without?
Looking at a thousand sad expressions, Cang ao held her in her arms and pressed her head.
Ok, I’ll allow you to go, but I have to go with you.
Really? I looked up happily but didn’t want to hurt Cang Aoba.
Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Does it hurt? Thousand colors quickly rubbed his hand.
Cangao whined and spat, and a word hurt.
It really hurt him.
Thousands of colors rubbed him even harder, and at the same time apologized to him for being careless.
Give me a blow.
Right, when I was a child, when I stumbled, my parents blew themselves, so it didn’t hurt.
Immediately thousand color put his mouth to his place and blew it gently.
A girl with a unique fragrance blows on her skin and immediately recovers.
Teng Teng grabbed her by the collar, lifted her up and sat her on her leg, then kissed her hard.
Well, I can’t breathe
A thousand colors pushed him, but he didn’t push him.
Push again or not.
Very not only let her go, but also gasped for air.
Scold lightly, eat quickly. Are you hungry?
Cang ao sticks out his tongue and licks the corners of his mouth sexily, looking at thousands of delicate and charming lips and eyes getting deeper and deeper.
I’m really hungry, he said in a dumb voice.
Shit, run
Where did Cang Ao allow her to escape? She immediately grabbed her and pressed her into her arms and kissed her hard.
Thousands of colors lament in their hearts that I am not food, I am not food.
The first temple in Bukkoji is located at the top of Nanshan Mountain.
The first mountain in Nanshan capital is located in the south of the palace.
In the highest attic of the palace, you can see the magnificent buildings of Bukkoji and vaguely hear the deep and distant bells and drums of Bukkoji.