A good sword pushes the blame so high that the moon is merciless and the mouth is extremely sharp. The scribe listened to a change of face, but he still endured the anger and went to the stage.

The gongs and drums went straight to the sky and slowly knocked on three sets. Everyone seemed to be more nervous than the Taiwanese, and they looked like they were gone but timid.
I was allowed to meet the tall and straight man in Tsing Yi, and the sound of fuels was rather vague because of his mask, and the sword was full of clouds.
You don’t have to allow yourself to be as elegant as falling in love with the moon. I won’t let a long hair on my forehead and my right hand slowly row to my side, and a feminine blue light diffuses in.
Well, Gu Zhongyun’s heart suddenly rises slightly, and when he looks up, he stomps on his feet and leaps high to swing a rotating aerosol.
Looking up at the moon, I saw Gu Zhongyun rushing straight for several weeks in the middle, and the cold light flashed to the hand with a triangular sword.
A pair of women can’t hold the moon for two months, and it’s strange to take a sentence. Suddenly, when the right hand turns and holds a piece of blue light, the light quickly discolors and forms a long pure white sword, and it is held by the moon and dances in the wind, making it sharp and breaking the wind.
See the moon also leaps and leaps and rushes to Gu Zhongyun’s face. Two swords touch together loud and clear. See the blade joint constantly cutting and finely sparking. At that time, the two people are even in the middle.
This green rose lift up your little face pouting way is not exciting at all.
Don’t worry, put out Cang Lan and smile. It will stimulate Qingluo to carry a horse.
At this time, I saw that the sword blade on the moon was cut by a metempsychosis, and Gu Zhongyun’s sword blade made a bang. Just as Gu Zhongyun turned around and still resisted the moon, I saw that Lan Yue held the sword in his right arm and suddenly lifted it, so that when the left arm rushed into a piece of black brilliance, it was more intense, and the sword mans flashed and broke.
In a wave of wonder like lang, the moon took a handful of the white sword, the black sword with the same length, and the twins immediately sent a double sharp shock wave, and a group of sword light hit Gu Zhongyun’s face head on.
Drinking Gu Zhongyun was taken aback, but after all, the noble family didn’t panic. Immediately, they spun and flew up to take the triangular jianfa door in their hands, and the three blades were several times longer, like a huge mace flying in Gu Zhongyun’s hands.
The moon smiled coldly, and the howling of the strange owl was frightening. People saw that he skillfully waved his black and white double swords and flew for nine days. He took two pieces of wind and two swords turned into wind in his hands, and the swords screamed and flickered.
Burying souls on three sides and drinking two people who are also sword-dancing styles to strengthen the offensive, each made a strange move. Seeing Gu Zhongyun’s inverted figure, he still danced the triangular sword into a ball of flying fog and drank it straight.
The wind rushed to the thunder, but I saw that the figure of the moon was still. I turned my hands into a sonorous one, and immediately added several times. A black-and-white fusion of firm but gentle roared and rushed. With the rotating force, I could break the firm but gentle. Changhong, this strange person, seems to be something different.
Well, even people with swords rushed to Gu Zhongyun and felt that the wind had fallen. When I saw that the firm but gentle light was lighter than the hidden strength, it was suddenly two points when I rushed to my eyes. A black wind thundered and a white light came up. The wind was surrounded by Gu Zhongyun on both sides.
Gu Zhongyun, with a squint and a sharp turn, lifted the triangular sword in his hand and saw that the three-sided blade immediately flashed with silver light, and the three-sided firm but gentle shocked the wind like a blue cloud, and resisted the black and white firm but gentle waves on both sides, respectively, and rushed to the moon like a water dragon.
Although the feeling be nasty, its momentum is still unabated. The silver firm but gentle triangular sword instantly resisted the black and white sword light on both sides, but it didn’t stop sending gears to make mistakes. Generally, it was forced to retreat at the sight of cutting. However, the firm but gentle way that went straight to the moon was full of gas when Changhong arrived nearby. Suddenly, a crack loomed into a long cloud, which seemed to bite the moon.
Drinking the moon seems to be casual, but I can’t let him go. He rolled over on his back and hooked his leg like an arrow, setting up a strong spirit. He slammed the black sword in his hand with a bang, and it sounded like thunder. In order to explode in the middle, the silver dragon collided violently with the black light, and for a while, it expanded a piece of flying clouds and swayed the battle flag all around, which seemed to tear at any time.
Suddenly, I listened to Gu Zhongyun’s heavy drinking, waved the triangular sword repeatedly, crossed the wrong silver light, and instantly drew it into an obscure but complicated and gorgeous spell. When Gu Zhongyun saw the flash of sword light, he stabbed the triangular sword straight into the spell. In Guanghua, the Chinese secret pattern immediately split into several pieces, covered with a large sky, and roared into a sword array.
The momentum is not reduced. The black and white firm but gentle has already forced back Gu Zhongyun’s first wave of firm but gentle flash. generate blew away to a higher place with the intention of controlling a wider range, and the firm but gentle dragon was forced to come to Gu Zhongyun by a sword stab.
Jian Hai Feng Tao rises from Gu Zhongyun’s eyebrows, and his eyes twinkle like uh guano. A thousand epees are raised in the rain, and every spell is shot in the light and shadow. For a moment, it seems that the sword front rainstorm brings up a fierce storm and tightly surrounds the moon.
You see, you see, I saidno. Yes, how can you take advantage in front of the man of the sword and the man of the wind? A piece of alarm rises and falls again, and I can’t help but frown and look up and see Qingluo, a god.
However, the extraordinary true qi can exert a recruit of martial arts to this extent, and destroy Cang Lan’s thought, Wan Jian, when it rains, I have seen Mo Qingfeng do it to this extent.
Destroy the surging billows in the heart and stop thinking about it. Look up and see the situation in the middle. See the situation suddenly reverse. The sword and rain fall wildly and cover the shape of the moon. The two pieces of black and white shock wave surrounded by Gu Chongyun also weaken and let Gu Chongyun try to rush.
See Gu Zhongyun backhand will lose the three-edged sword to the shoulder and climb high from the top of the red silk. A huge brush dipped in thick ink flew up and a shadow of ink spun around in the red silk pen.
Just after a stroke, Gu Zhongyun suddenly felt forced by a cold wind behind him, and immediately turned his body. When he saw that black and white melted firm but gentle, he immediately turned, still forcing his face and dragging a long mist behind him directly into a sword rain.
This kind of situation can also be used to recruit Gu Zhongyun to be surprised again, but it has a good chance of winning. With a cold smile, the giant pen will be thrown into a high piece of ink, and the sword will break the wind and quickly draw the black and white shock wave from the central government.
Who knows that just drawing a layer of firm but gentle Gu Chongyun immediately surprised his eyes and didn’t fly back, so he was stopped by a lean hand and clung to the meridians.
See that split into two black and white firm but gentle rapidly faded turned out to be a mysterious smile on the moon, and half of it sneered at the sword.
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This scene is amazing. When all the people have not yet reacted, they will see that Lan Yue has pulled Gu Zhongyun over his head and threw it directly like a thing.
Er, Gu Zhongyun was really caught off guard for a while, but he was thrown away without waving his triangular sword, while he took the moon and swung his arm and grabbed the giant pen tightly.