Gang Shou said a lot and directly threw out the blueprint that Shu Mao once described. If the news just now was a drop of ice water in the severe winter, now Shu Mao describes these as a green seedling in spring!
Onogi said in a lonely voice, "If Shu Mao lived in Yanren Village, I would spoil him like this. He is the ideal heir!" Onogi was sad in this sentence! He is because there has been no qualified successor who has been occupying the position of Tuying. At this moment, Onogi is so envious of three generations.
"With such a magnificent blueprint, I suggest we have a toast!" Onogi directly end up the glass.
Mifune has been in tears for many years, and he hasn’t been touched, but this time he was really shocked and moved by Shu Mao’s idea. If such a picture is really realized, what kind of picture will the world be like? At this moment, Mifune suddenly looked forward to seeing that little guy! I look forward to seeing this picture come true one day!
Lei Ying opened his mouth. "Good!" A good word blurted out from his mouth. Maybe there is such a simple word "good" at this time to clearly express Lei Ying’s mood.
"This this ….." Chirabi kept shaking when he heard this description, but he thought, "If this is the case, can I have a solo concert? And the audience is still five big countries? " At this moment, Kirby’s heart was also captured by that boy.
"Sure enough, I knew it would be great to be seen by me. Jiraiya, why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?" Orochimaru also came to the fun, which finally made him understand what he meant. It is true that his pattern is too big to attract others’ attention, including him!
"Will you stop planning yourself if I tell you?"
"Isn’t that enough?"
"Let’s drink!" Shui Ying also stood up with a small glass in her arm. Before drinking at this moment, her face was flushed, which was moved by Shu Mao’s description.
I love Luo suddenly remembered Shu Mao, the first time I saw him and Naruto remembered the scene when he was rescued, and I thought of the picture of everyone living together in the village. Maybe he wouldn’t have to be so tired at that time! He will be happier, too!
Everyone picked up their glasses and drank them. At this moment, their hearts were not separated.
Three generations are very happy to finally share their secrets with the former "enemies", and as he expected, these "enemies" have been "recruited" by Shumao blueprint! What could be more exciting than this?
After a toast, Gang Shou continued
"Don’t we konoha really can deal with xiao that’s impossible! The place where their 10,000 ninjas appear is a nightmare. We konoha can’t do it, and neither can you. Only when we unite can we defeat Xiao!
What’s more, our top combat capability can’t participate in that battle, because there is also a desperate uchiha madara’s younger brother who guesses that if they really receive all the bijuu, it is also possible for ten tail to resurrect, isn’t it? At that time, all we have to face is ten tail Gabby, whose combination is so small that we may have him. We don’t know the cards. Do you think we can really be alone? "
This is the naked reality of reality. That was just a blueprint, and it was just a blueprint. Before drawing that blueprint, they had to face such naked reality!
"We are white!"
"If we can survive this war, maybe we can see the blueprint, and even we can witness the blueprint, can’t we? Guys, we have to work hard. What is the future like? My brother has helped us draw a picture. Whether it can be realized depends on our own efforts, right? "
At this moment, people feel unprecedented excitement and joy.
"Lord Huo Ying, I really have something to do with Lord Mifune."
"Let Mifune’s adult speak!"
"Oh, well, haven’t we already formed the ninja joint army in the first world war? I thought it would be a bit inappropriate if we wore the respective village guards, so I redesigned a guard. That’s it! "
Mifune took out a forehead guard engraved with the word "forbearance" from her arms and handed it to the filmmakers.
"Yes, this will really help us to mobilize the army and let everyone know clearly that we are all in the same camp. We have to face the enemy and be our common enemy!" Three generations immediately affirmed this amount of protection.
"yes, that’s what we want to say."
"It’s really good. Well, the first thing for our Coalition forces is to cooperate with Mifune’s adult to build such a large number of shields. What do you think?"
"By the way, after returning to the village this time, we will reach the meeting spirit. From now on, the world is our ninja joint army stage! Everything is to defeat Xiao! "
"No, you have to punish yourself. We are all the great blueprints for the future, aren’t we?" Shui Ying walked over and said.
"Haha, it’s my fault. I’ll punish myself!" Onogi said and immediately had a drink.
"It’s really cunning to want to drink my wine and make excuses in a roundabout way!" Jiraiya left the mouth.
"Ha ha!" This childish picture will amuse everyone!
Chapter 316 Three Endurance Fairy Mode (1)
This night, several filmmakers stayed in the third generation room for a long time until it was a little white, and then they left one after another. Although it was so late, several people were so excited.
It’s also the first time that Gang Shou discovered that his teacher was so talkative. It’s the first time that he saw three generations reprimanding Fang Qiu. Before, the three generations in front of them made him feel like a gentle elder, but tonight, the three generations seem to be incarnated as future guides. Gang Shou knows that this is not the change of the three generations themselves, but the guidance of Shu Mao to complete the change.
Everyone was described by Shu Mao, and the picture was captured. As Shu Mao told her before, the long-term war made everyone tired of war. People are eager for war to bring peace. When they have the opportunity to touch the hard-won peace, they will become more excited than ever and start to make efforts, even if the price is huge, but it will drive them in that direction.
Shu Mao said this just when he was moved by him. At that time, Gang Shou didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence. But now that he saw the filmmakers, Gang Shou finally understood what Shu Mao said. Obviously, the filmmakers were driven to pursue such a "miracle". No, Jiraiya and orochimaru have become such people for three generations.
Back to his room, they all didn’t sleep, but made the same decision and went back to the village!
Mifune also understands why they want to go back and let people do it directly. After all, it seems that Mifune will make such a decision if he hears their room talk just now.
At first light, the villagers of Konoha got up almost three generations ago, and returned to Konoha with three forbearance. It’s nothing to take care of Konoha’s body and roots with Gang Shou, and it’s natural to say nothing when orochimaru snakes are on their way.