Li Xuandao scoffed and his eyes sparkled with dangerous light. "I’m going to make you pay for what you said today, loser, let alone three strokes, even thirty strokes. Can you endure me?"

Li Xuandao body movement like flash brazenly flapping.
His body skimmed over the void, leaving a long scar for a long time, just like splitting the whole void in two.
Yaohua Chen’s face turned crazy and he stamped his foot, and the whole person flew up like a string.
He and Li Xuandao’s explosive figure almost passed by, but Li Xuandao flew in to stir up a strong wind, which made the flame on Yaohua Chen’s body go out indefinitely, as if it could go out at any time.
Yaohua Chen’s heart is so terrible that only the aftermath is so powerful. How horrible is it to be hit head-on?
I was thinking that Li Xuandao’s figure had already smashed Yaohua Chen’s position just now.
Seeing the sudden collapse of Fiona Fang’s 100-meter-long ground is like being struck by a meteorite, which instantly raises several terrorist cracks, and these cracks constantly spread outward, instantly including more than a dozen swordsmen and robe brothers.
Bang bang bang.
Yaohua Chen horrified eyes more than a dozen sword robe brother instantaneous extinction.
His body shook slightly and he almost fell.
"Why is it so powerful?"
Yaohua Chen gasped slightly and couldn’t believe his eyes.
After fighting just now, he deeply knows that those monsters are not only powerful, but also invulnerable and very difficult.
Li Xuandao with a punch aftermath will he have a headache a dozen monsters all shattered.
This is really the six levels of strength in the mysterious realm?
Yaohua Chen gasped deeply and suddenly remembered the title of Li Xuandao.
Young enemy!
This style and domineering really deserves to be called the enemy.
"Now can you know which of us is an ant?"
Li Xuandao jilted to jilt his right hand and looked at the sky indifferently. Yaohua Chen looked like that shocking blow just now. It was a trivial matter in his eyes.
"Li Xuandao, don’t be proud!"
Yaohua Chen although fierce expression body trembling slightly insincere way "not strength point what’s the big deal? I’m too white to cut the sky with a sword, and no matter how strong you are, it’s hard to stop my sword. "
With that, Yaohua Chen took out a golden sword from Gankun Ring.
He held the hilt in his hands and held it high, giving off an overwhelming momentum, like a sword to split heaven and earth.
Li Xuandao look cold, far away to meet Yaohua Chen Jianfeng without flashing.
"Li Xuandao is dead!"
Yaohua Chen’s eyes flashed a bit crazy, like pushing a mountain to split the golden sword with difficulty.
Suddenly a swaying sword light fell from the sky and shot straight towards Li Xuandao.
At the same time, the bright sword mans suddenly rose behind Li Xuandao.
A sword with radiant handle suddenly tears the darkness and carries all the momentum like lightning!
Chapter 19 Blood refining practice resin hall Lord
Chapter 19 Blood refining practice resin hall Lord
Feel the sharp edge behind you. Even if you don’t look back, Li Xuandao can guess what is coming from behind.
Flying sword!
Above all instruments, only saints can forge magic weapons to fly swords!
Li Xuandao secretly surprised that the magic weapon can be different from the multiplier, which is neither fish nor fowl. This is a serious weapon of saints, and it is difficult for ordinary fighters to course.
He doesn’t know what Yaohua Chen can do to motivate the magic weapon to fly the sword, but it doesn’t matter anymore.
Li Xuandao also don’t look back out of his right arm backhand caught like a flash magic weapon fly sword was firmly clamped by his two fingers, even though the magic weapon fly sword handle is still shaking and struggling to fly out of Li Xuandao’s hand.
However, Li Xuandao’s two fingers are like iron tongs, and he can escape from his palm with a magic weapon, such as flying sword and resisting.
Made a magic weapon to fly sword before Li Xuandao slowly looked up.
He looked at the sky and couldn’t look straight at the sword fern. He gently raised his left hand and pointed it at a distance.
A white dragon with a thick arm suddenly bared its teeth and ran into a dazzling sword.
It’s like a thunder day exploding, and the wind suddenly blows.
The sword mans and the dragon annihilate the diffusion force at the same time, and directly cut off the towering ancient trees of more than ten meters in Fiona Fang.
"How is that possible …"
Yaohua Chen stared at the figure at her feet in disbelief.
The magic weapon flying sword is his final card. With this flying sword, he doesn’t know how many formidable enemies he has killed.
However, today, the magic weapon of flying sword suddenly lost its fierce power
It is easily caught by Li Xuandao’s two fingers before it can exert its due power. If he drives the flying sword, he can’t move, just like Li Xuandao’s two fingers are a magic weapon in the cage of heaven and earth, and it is difficult to turn over the flying sword.
"Don’t give it to me?"
A deep and remote cold sound suddenly exploded in my ear.
Yaohua Chen couldn’t help shivering, just to see Li Xuandao stretching out his left hand in his direction.
Yingying holds.
The crazy collapse of the gas around Yaohua Chen is like an invisible big hand suddenly grasping his body, and then this big hand surges and grabs Yaohua Chen’s body and falls directly to the ground.