This year is really eventful, and the autumn purple fighting swordsmen have made a lot of noise, and this Lan Yunpeng is not a simple person.

Wait a minute. Purple grudge swordsman? A flash of light flashed through the headmaster’s mind. Could these two guys be the same person? Looking at Lan Yunpeng’s back, the headmaster smiled treacherously.
The Moya Empire is bordered by the southern border of the five great powers, a sacred alliance, in the mainland of Sderot, but the two countries have always maintained very friendly diplomacy. The royal family of the Moya Empire attaches great importance to cultivating the country. Over the past 3,000 years, the people’s lives have been very rich and the national strength has been steaming.
Lan Yunpeng and Su Su arrived in Bihu City, the largest city in the southern part of the Moya Empire, on a goblin airship. Just after they got out of Tiangang, a young girl greeted them. She was also beautiful in a refreshing dress. "Welcome, are you here to travel?"
"Yes" Lan Yunpeng nodded and told a little lie. It can’t be said that he came here specially to look for experimental materials, and he and Susu also intended to visit the beautiful scenery of the Moya Empire.
"It’s your first time to come to our Moya Empire, but it is picturesque and has many places of interest!" The girl smiles like a flower. "Do you need a tour guide?"
Susu and Lan Yunpeng smiled at each other, and many tourists around them met their similar situation. The tourism industry of Moya Empire was really not generally developed.
"All right!" Susu thought for a moment and nodded in agreement. It’s her first time here, too. It will be more convenient to have someone familiar to lead the way.
"Great, thank you. My name is Xiao Ya. Please take more photos."
Xiao Ya took two people to find a hotel first. After all, it will be delayed for a few days here. After the accommodation is solved, it takes enough physical strength to have a good rest and find magic materials.
"Xiao Ya, how can you be a tour guide?"
Although she hasn’t been in contact for a long time, this girl is very simple, and her manners and manners all reveal a style of everyone. She can never go out to work because her family is poor, but she should study at school at her age.
"This is a private matter that does not belong to the scope of work, so I can choose not to answer." Xiao Ya spat out his tongue naughty.
It’s really cunning, but it makes sense. Lan Yunpeng’s asking is just curious about the other party’s not saying anything.
"Xiao Ya, can you help me buy something? Thank you!" Susie has made a shopping list and handed over a small bag of gold coins.
"Good" Xiao Ya took it with a smile.
Watching her disappear, Susie said, "This girl may not be ordinary!"
"Huh?" Lan Yunpeng also saw something, but it’s his first time to take the Moya Empire. There shouldn’t be anyone with pockets waiting to drill into it, right?
"It’s not what you think!" Seeing Lan Yunpeng’s absence, Su Su couldn’t help laughing. "Look at her behavior, she may be noble."
An empire, as its name implies, is also divided into many nobles, who belong to the rulers and enjoy special wealth, but how can a noble lady come to be a tour guide? In Lan Yunpeng’s impression, nobles all like lust, dogs and horses, and Wei Fu. Although there are some people who lead an honest and clean life, even if they don’t bully civilians and have special wealth, it is not too outrageous for them to go out to work. Of course, it can be said that someone is ignorant.
Although the Moya Empire practiced the imperial system, it was not the dark feudal empire of the earth. Although the nobles enjoyed the privilege, they would not bully the civilians casually. They were very concerned about the production and living conditions of the civilians, and the young ladies of the aristocratic family would not only enjoy themselves, because each generation of titles would be downgraded. If they were old, they would be eliminated by the aristocratic circle in a short time. It would take outstanding achievements to keep their titles and rise.
It’s not unusual for a noble lady to go out to work and exercise her ability!
That Xiao Ya is very elegant in speech and manners, maybe not just the average aristocrat. Susu shook his head and didn’t continue to think about it. Anyway, they just need a tour guide for each other’s identity, which is not too important.
They had enough rest, but they didn’t move. Su Su talked about getting familiar with the environment, but he really wanted Lan Yunpeng to go shopping.
When love comes, no matter how smart and wise a girl is, she will become a silly girl, and Lan Yunpeng also wants to enjoy the exotic scenery. After all, isn’t it a loss to have a good time here?
Xiao Ya’s identity for the time being, regardless of her profession, she is indeed a very competent tour guide, patiently explaining to the two people, and the girl’s friendship came very quickly, and it took only a while to be as good as her own sister.
"Sister Su, you see this dress is very beautiful!"
126 hate this kind of gigolo.
Compared with making out with Sue Sue, Xiao Ya’s attitude towards Lan Yunpeng is a lot colder, not because of gender, but because of misunderstanding. It’s really embarrassing for Lan Yunpeng to talk about the reason. After shopping for an afternoon, all the expenses are paid by Sue Sue, which makes Xiao Ya misunderstand that he is a gigolo.
It’s natural that two people don’t need to be so clear, but it’s a matter of course to add a person who doesn’t know why Xiao Ya was polite to Lan Yunpeng. However, as time goes by, his eyes become a little strange, that is, he shows contempt. It’s no wonder that boys and girls should go Dutch even if they don’t treat less, so that girls can pay for everything.
I can say that I hate this kind of small white face the most!
Lan Yunpeng feels that he has wronged his grandmother. Is he the kind of person who eats soft food? Before joining mercenaries, if you were willing to ask for help from Yu Lin, Julianne and even Miss Marilyn, the mandala Chamber of Commerce, you would not be stingy, but he never did so because he thought that male Han should grow faster by relying on their own adversity.
Lan Yunpeng shook his head and misunderstood it. It was just a tour guide, and there was no need to explain it to her herself.
Originally, I relaxed and went shopping, but before I knew it, I actually came to the door of the mercenary union. Susu also had some accidents. What a coincidence that Lan Yunpeng looked at each other.
"Let’s go in and have a look!"
Mercenaries in the mainland of Sderot are respected professional practitioners, and many mercenary guilds have become the meeting place of all kinds of information. If they are well-informed, the intelligence departments of various countries are far from it. Naturally, they will go to mercenary guilds to find out information if they want to find test materials.
Sue Sue nodded. Now that we’re here, there’s no need to make another trip on purpose.
"Wait a minute, this is not a museum." Xiao Yayin heard that they were in the wrong place.
"Come on, we’re not illiterate," Lan Yunpeng said very depressed. "This word is clearly written by the mercenary union in Bihu City, Moya Empire."
"If we know what you are doing here?" Xiao Ya is confused. Aren’t these two tourists visiting the Empire?