Although they didn’t explore the whole place, they all felt that they could leave.

Lin talked with the mediator carefully when she brought it back, and Lin found that … it has very interesting characteristics.
It seems to be looking forward to finding a perfect solution to the dispute.
A solution that satisfy all living thing.
But if the law satisfies all living things … then it will support the Chinese side and constantly remind the other side that the event is over.
Generally speaking, it will support the side of the Star Alliance.
If it is the Star Alliance, it will support the random side.
Because of the painful bus consciousness, it decided to leave the alliance to help the creatures.
Although the fuel has not been found yet, I decided to look outside.
Repeat its anger when the bus realizes that it is still in its original position.
Lin can detect these emotions at present, and there is nothing informative, but Lin has left some arms here to study for a long time, so she may know something.
"Ready to launch"
There is a relatively simple way to get away from this.
That is, this platform hides’ collapse bombs’
There are two such bombs hidden in this platform, which is quite a lot.
It is said that this kind of collapse bomb is’ small’, that is, it can collapse.
For this kind of large can play a’ hole’
This is what they expect.
Now Xiaozhou’s brain and the soldiers seem to support launching one out … but now there is no actual command.
All decisions are the result of mutual discussion among soldiers, and of course they prefer to follow Lin and the mediator’s advice.
Although Lin didn’t think it was necessary to wave so much, she didn’t stop them.
The platform has moved to the’ safe’ position, and the missile well has been aimed at the’ weak’ point.
After everything was ready, the collapse bomb was launched from the platform and hit the target very quickly in a short time.
A dazzling light can be seen on the platform screen.
This is the first time for Lin … to see the collapse bomb explode directly.
The strong light caused by the explosion seems to have a strong attraction effect, and the floating stones around it all gather towards the center of light at this moment and disappear completely.
The platform also flew towards the center of the explosion, but it was not attracted to it, but arrived at the speed after the explosion of the platform.
The rapid sprint slammed the platform into the light … All the horizons were covered by strong light at this moment.
This lasted for a few seconds, and then the screen appeared … the stars shone.
"We are out!"
The whole communication suddenly resounded through the cheers of the soldiers, and the stars outside were the normal virtual scenery.
Seeing this scene again made all the soldiers extremely excited. They all cheered. Even Xiaozhou brain appeared … a little excited.
The cheering atmosphere lasted for a while, and then finally a soldier who was a little calm said, "What are we going to do next?"
Indeed, this is a big problem.
At first, it was decided to leave first, but after the real divorce, many problems arose.
For example, to prevent the capture ball from attacking, they can’t come out and rebuild the league.
But I don’t know where to go.
And development is also a problem … but this problem seems a little smaller at present.
Lin found that they came out from a place that was once the territory of the Star Alliance.
There is still a lot of waste here … a lot of it should be profitable.
But the main thing is that there is one here … There should be a lot of resources on the tumbling side.
After discussing it for a while, they decided to … go to the roller and collect resources.
After all, now everyone is very happy that they are not troubled by many problems ahead.
"ah! ! !”
But … When the discussion was over, there was a sudden scream in the communication.
This scream came from every soldier, and they screamed exactly the same as when they were in pain before.
Lin fuqiu also felt a similar feeling.
This mainly comes from the just-exploded entrance and exit.