Jiang feng said slowly, but also dare not neglect tongtian Xuan definitely run spiritual force constantly wandering around.

The seal of heaven releases a huge breath and rises to the sky.
"brush! Brush! "
Two weapons, one black and one red, appeared in Jiang Feng’s hands at the same time.
At this moment, everyone held their breath. Jiang Feng and Ye Long have never used weapons in just a few wars.
"It seems that this battle has a look! ?” Stand borne fighters said slowly, "you look at the two of them who can win! ?”
"Jiang Feng brothers can win! ?” It’s Qingkun. He’s more sad. He didn’t even go in the top ten in the fight just now.
However, he has been very satisfied with this achievement.
"I don’t think I’m more optimistic about Ye Long than Jiang Feng. That’s called unpredictable!" Someone tongtian fighters said slowly
"Why don’t we make a bet! ?”
Must be to the gambling game. Many people are interested in it.
"Gambling! How to gamble! ?” Qing Kun looked him straight in the eye and said
The man smiled, "just bet on a thousand things! ? I hold Ye Longsheng down! "
QingKun was hesitant but the last grind a stamp said "good! I bet Jiang Feng wins! "
"It’s boring for you to gamble. We’ll come, and I’ll bet on Jiang Feng!"
"Jiang Feng is not as good as others. I bet Ye Longsheng."
"Hey hey! Sorry, I also bet on Ye Long! "
All the big banks can’t stand the temptation to bet on gambling.
They are not worried about being cheated in this gambling game.
Chapter 669 Messy Jiang Feng
This game can be described as unparalleled, attracting several people’s attention.
Arouse everyone’s enthusiasm than excitement. It’s time to witness the miracle.
"Ye Rong Er is my who all don’t want to rob with me!" Ye Long anger monstrous hold hands pike Tuan Tuan spiritual pike rise.
"That depends on whether you have this thing!" Jiang Feng drank a cold drink.
Body spirit force also rises, one black and one red, and two long swords are harsh and sharp, and the spirit force pavement attacks in all directions.
Ye Long drink a xuanhuangli with pressure.
"Hey!" Jiang Feng felt that his body sank and a strong pressure came down, making it difficult to move slowly.
Earth heaven mark! ?
Jiang Feng’s brow wrinkled slightly, so he couldn’t react "swish!" A Ye Long suddenly and violently swept out his pike like a crazy python and headed for the lifeline of Jiang Feng.
"swish! Hey! Hey! "
I’m afraid I really have to stumble. Good Jiang Feng is ready.
Besides, he has an unusual physique, and people can hide everywhere, and there are still many places pierced by fierce pike.
"Not good!" Ye Feiyan called out nervously.
Ye Rong Er also a face of worried color don’t Jiang Feng to lose! ?
"Give me to die!" Ye Longgen doesn’t give Jiang Feng a break. Every shot pierces the void and screams sharply.
Have been torn out of tiny black silk.
Jiang Feng a short body to avoid pike hand LianXi sword thrust to Ye Long also dare not neglect immediately cast a comeback to block the attack.
"It’s stinging …" Flaming aura was bursting.
With the fierce collision between the two people, the movement was a little slow, and Jiang Feng gradually adapted to the gravity coercion and was able to cope with it for a while.
"bang! Bang! Hey! "
Two swords and one shot constantly hit layers of spiritual force vibration.
"Fucking thing!" Ye Long glared at the body and became more dignified. "A thousand times gravity!"
With a roar, Jiang Feng’s feet suddenly sank, and the slate should be crushed and the stones should fly.
The veins stood out on his forehead, and sweat dripped down his forehead.
"Damn it! This contains fairy energy! " Jiang Feng gritted his teeth and had immortal energy bonus. Jiang Feng was also caught off guard.
"It’s good to know. Now kneel down and kowtow to me and admit defeat. I will spare you!" Ye Long a face of sneer at.
He not only won the first prize, but also humiliated him in front of Ye Rong Er.
Yuzryha Rong Er knew that he was the strongest Jiang Feng at the end of the day, but he was defeated by others.
"Let me throw in the towel! ?”
Jiang Feng a face of disdain the same operation Tongtian Xuan definitely break free from the control of fairy essence.
"I don’t know anyway! I’ll see how long you can hold on! ?”
Ye Long sneer at one hand pike suddenly stabbed in the past with exhausted spirit force.
Jiang Feng hurriedly dodged, but in the end, he slowed down and was plunged into a blood hole.
"Ah … he is in danger! ?” Ye Feiyan looked surprised.
Since she knew Jiang Feng, she has never seen Jiang Feng suffer a loss and fall into Ye Long’s hands today.
Not only are they in the stands, but all the fighters in the sky are laughing.
"Qing Kun! You can want to be willing to bet on losing Jiang Feng’s strength, but it is better than ghosts and gods or Ye Long. "
"Don’t go back on your word!"
Many people have woken up and bet on Jiang Feng fighters’ face, which is somewhat ugly. A thousand-year-old spirit is not a small sum of money.
They are also treasures in their eyes.
"It’s hard to say who wins and who loses. The result hasn’t come out yet!" Qing Kun looked at them and said slowly
Many people scoff at the current situation.
Jiang Feng is under control, and if he continues to lose, he will lose.