Zhang Lan finally breathed a sigh of relief after receiving Charles’ successful notice.

The sea water unexpectedly has no cold touch, but a trace of temperature. I think the copper water was heated before and will enjoy this trace of temperature in the future. One hand is wrapped around a blue waist to pull it out of the sea.
Is to wait for the opportunity, Rhett
Juli pulled Zhang Lan and was successfully dragged to the shore.
"Blue, I’m sorry I didn’t help?" Very guilty tone.
"Ah, it’s okay. Red Logan also fell one after another." Zhang Lan had the strength to respond and looked at the helmet falling in the distance. Logan woke up a red by the way.
Do the same thing. Logan was also wet and fished out.
At this time, Zhang Lan has changed Odin’s sacred clothes back to the original exercise. Except for the damp hair, the whole person is warm.
"Hey, that someone told a president that the crisis had been lifted."
Zhang Lan’s mindless remarks made Rhett and his wife all a little strange, but it’s not stupid to watch the live broadcast. There are always people who know the president and send him a call invitation.
And the president himself is watching the live broadcast in front of his head.
"La la!"
A lot of sand fell from the height and more and more. In the end, it started to rain directly, and piles of sand poured down, and a huge shadow appeared. Several people blocked the moonlight above their heads.
This is the Statue of Liberty, which was originally buried in the sand sea-
Out of the sand! ! !
[Please read to be continued]
Chapter 13 Fire Shadow Harry Peter
At this time, the tsunami is already 15 meters high.
It opened its mouth to Peter.
It was like a desperate moment. Peter finally moved!
Originally standing on the sea, Peter has been brought up by the tsunami radian. The whole person stands parallel to the sea level, and the tsunami waist slowly rotates. A little bit of blue chakra erupts from the body and weaves a light blue hemisphere with Peter’s rotation.
[Soft Boxing, Return to Heaven]
Looking back is like a drill bit. The tsunami waist is madly drilling and living. It will bravely push the huge waves around the waist and break them. Wave after wave slaps Peter into the sky, but it can’t destroy or push him away, but it will form a rotating force to drive him to be thrown back. The waves behind him hit together and continuously reduce the tsunami propulsion.
Peter is now like intercepting the dam sluice, cutting the tsunami as high as 15 meters to more than 10 meters, and the huge waves stand in the waves without stopping.
Weakening doesn’t stop at height. Speed, wave number and overall quality are greatly reduced.
The 15-meter tsunami is a natural disaster, a force of nature that can destroy the coastline by 200 meters. Almost all objects are exposed on the ground, and no one will be left alive.
However, some surfers and extreme challengers dare to try.
This is not just a height difference, but a manifestation of several increments of destructive power.
When something reaches the normal limit, even a little more consumption and destructive power will be multiplied.
But even the high waves are not resisted by the three-meter-high soil array wall.
It’s already ready for Harry’s field. He and his shadow stand side by side, and their hands are raw and turning from a person who has not yet mastered Ninjutsu.
As Harry and Harry endure printing and display, the sea level, which was relatively calm before them, makes waves of ripples, just like a poor beast in the deep sea is about to break through the sea.
Zhang Lan slowly inserts the sand blade from Logan’s spine. When the sand blade touches the Edelman alloy spine, it splits to reveal the post-Zhang Blue hand.
Wearing Odin’s sacred clothes to protect the right hand.
Zhang Lan finally felt the will from Odin’s sacred garment for the first time when the hand guard of Odin’s sacred garment came into contact with Edelman alloy.
It asked Zhang Lan whether he could absorb the metal in front of him, showing great desire.
Want to come, if it weren’t for Zhang Lan, the host, I was afraid that it would have been a feast.
Zhang Lan gave it a permission order.
Upon receiving this information, the Holy Garment immediately launched its E-level, and it has characteristics-metal swallowing.
Zhang Lan didn’t know it was like swallowing, but he could clearly see that Logan’s back was undulating, like something was drilling in the muscle and the direction was the same, which was where Zhang Lan’s right hand was.
Is this directly using Edelman alloy as jelly?
This is 5℃ high temperature will not melt the second hard metal on earth!
It can be explained in one sentence that unification must be fine.
Logan didn’t have much pain in this process. After all, instead of pulling out the bone directly, he moved along the skeleton in a liquid state.
Logan now feels more pain because his new bone can’t catch up with the melting speed of Edelman alloy, which leads to his body having strength muscles and other tissues, but the supporting skeleton is not.
Good Zhang Lan has prepared a layer of sand to form a humanoid armor to forcibly fix Logan’s body.
Ten seconds!
In just ten seconds, Logan’s Edelman alloy was absorbed by the holy garment, and Zhang Lan quickly pulled out his hand to cover the outer layer of sand blade, which was stained with Logan’s blood.
First, I was nervous to make sure that Logan’s life signs were very stable, and then Zhang Lan looked down at his holy clothes.
A layer of silvery white streamer holy garments flowed from the place where they passed. The original blue was covered with a layer of silvery white, but the streamer only reached the chest and was almost exhausted. After the streamer paused, it was originally covered with silvery white and jumped up, mainly in the weak points such as the chest, joints and helmet, and then slowly a little sky blue appeared.
This is infiltrated into the holy garments department and replaced the original material. After the replacement, it is still the original blue holy garments.
Zhang Lan can really feel that the holy garments can send a hunger and thirst signal, and it needs more for this metal.
It can be seen that Harry, a ninja, is not skilled at this. The printing speed is not fast and complicated. At the current speed, if he pinches the wrong one, he may not have a chance to do it again.
But Harry’s mentality is very good, and he is slow but steady, and there is no mistake.
【 Water Escape and Waterfall Operation 】
【 Water Escape and Waterfall Operation 】
This is an A-level water escape ninja, even Kakashi will copy it from never beheading again until the ninja is released, and then it will waterfall and attack the other side with water, which is a rare high attack ninja in water escape.