Without talking much about Nezha, he also returned to the Heavenly Palace.

At this time, Jinyin Ertong also came to resign. They had already finished their return to the pocket palace.
Wu Ming also said goodbye to him.
According to the cloud head and tiger force, the three leaders should meet up.
"Congratulations, brother!"
The three of them came together to congratulate Wu Ming, and they also reciprocated one by one and said that they were lucky.
I am grateful for the fact that the three people just helped.
Congratulations on holding another banquet called Immortal Meeting.
Are you happy?
In front of Lingxiao Temple in Luo Tian.
Nezha stepped forward to pay back the money.
"The two magic weapons of the Lion Tuoling Mountain have been captured and taken to the demon-slaying platform for your decision."
The Great Buddha closed his eyes and asked, "Do you have any opinions?"
The immortals in the temple expressed their opinions, but most of them discussed how to kill them.
The gods of the fire department will burn to death, and the days of the thunder department will be chopped to death, and all the true gentlemen suggest a knife chop … each argues.
Just then, the official You Yiling came to report: "Began to play Guanyin Bodhisattva in the South China Sea."
A little while later, a jurchen came to the temple with a bottle and gave a seat to the great Buddha.
Only then did the Bodhisattva say, "The poor monk came here to ask for personal feelings."
The Jade Emperor nodded and said, "Please speak, Bodhisattva."
"Just now, I saw the gods rushing to the demon-cutting platform with two demon gods, but they were going to be put to death?"
Before driving, You Sheng Zhen Jun said, "It is those two demons who have been injured for years and are about to discuss the punishment."
Bodhisattva lowered her eyebrows: "Amitabha deserves to die according to this statement, but the poor monk can’t bear to ask for mercy for them, and hope that the Great Buddha will be gracious."
"What did your family say?"
Li Tianwang immediately said, "If the Bodhisattva is merciful, give the second demon a chance."
The natural status of avalokitesvara bodhisattva is respected. Since she speaks out and asks for help, it is not good for everyone to brush her face.
The Jade Emperor nodded at once: "With great efforts, the Ghost King will detain the two monsters outside the Tianmen and take them away when the Bodhisattva leaves."
Avalokitesvara immediately crossed her hands and thanked the Buddha for his mercy.
"Haha, compassion is a bodhisattva, not me."
Huanghuaguan saw off the guests, and it was finally a lot cleaner.
Yuan Daniu, Yuan Shi, Yuan Shoucheng and Yuan Tiangang all came to congratulate the ginseng doll, the flower maid and the old tree spirit.
"How does it feel to be immortal?"
Ginseng virgin lifted up her head and blinked her eyes and asked
"Stupidity must be the magic edge of Shou Tianqi."
While ginseng tong disdain way
Wu Ming smiled and touched two towering buns: "Where is it so easy? It’s just a scattered fairy. It’s still a long way to go."
"Speaking of Shou Tianqi, today’s view is one of our own. Let’s have a grand event. Go and get some refreshments."
Yuan Shoucheng said with a smile, "What your master said is very true. My brother and others are just about to congratulate you."
Then it was busy and renovated, and the banquet was placed in the front yard, so you could see the beautiful scenery of flowers and bamboos.
The atmosphere is more harmonious without outsiders, with everyone holding Wu Ming and taking a seat.
It seems that Wu’s name hasn’t changed much since he became immortal. In fact, it’s just scattered immortals. If you don’t become a true immortal, you will have three disasters, like a long sword hanging around your neck.
These days, I will see four flower maids carrying fragrant tea in a short time.
It’s not good to see two red dates in the cup.
"Where is this jujube?"
An old man with an old face and a beard mopping the floor stood up and said, "This date was made by our two last year. Seventy-two of them are very sweet. On weekdays, I don’t want to give up this gift to congratulate you on your immortal."
Oh, I forgot that one of the two tree spirits in the view is a jujube tree, and the other seems to be a jujube tree.
Although it was enlightened by Wu Ming, it was still rooted in their front and back yards on weekdays.
"Since jujube has this spirit of being original, you shouldn’t be stingy with it, so let’s share it."
Seeing that he reached out one big flat peach after another, he appeared in his palm.
"Wow, these peaches look delicious!"
Two ginseng dolls sniffed a face of intoxication
People don’t know which fairy mountain the Taoist priest picked the peach from, but it’s the spirit root of the Queen Mother.
Wu Ming’s hand strokes evenly, and each piece is divided into one piece.
"Master Xie"
"Xie touts/Lord-"
Wu Ming nodded and motioned for everyone to eat.
The flat peach club took three for themselves, one for the younger sisters, and this lunch was a gift to the audience.
Let’s call it a year-end bonus. I have to say I’m stingy
Everyone will share the flat peach, and the entrance is a sweet taste, and everyone will praise it.
Wu Ming didn’t say anything about this purple peach. According to the land, mortals ate heaven and earth, lived together for a long time, and although they suspected that he was bragging, they must have lived for thousands of years without any problems.
He threw the peach pit at the corner of the well and made a pit to pour into the well water. Although it won’t grow into a flat peach, it can also be picked into a spiritual peach to quench your thirst and entertain guests.
"Master this peach?"
Although Yuan Shoucheng didn’t know the flat peach, he practiced for many years, but he could perceive that his life span had increased a lot for no reason.
Wu Weiwei shook his head and motioned for him not to say it.
He doesn’t want to make the outrageous news that the audience of yellow flowers are all good people who have been cultivated for generations. Eating a piece of his meat can make you live forever.
I always feel that Zhenyuan invited Tang Priest to eat ginseng fruit with bad intentions, and offered you a cup of tea and gave it to this ginseng fruit …
In the middle of the month, everyone cleaned up and went to rest.
Wu Ming also went back to his room to sit still and didn’t practice. He was thinking quietly.
Finally an immortal!
It doesn’t seem so difficult to think about this immortal robbery, but then he shook his head.
This time, it was a bit lucky that the four strange monks had a special history and dragged him into that place in great secrecy.
If it weren’t for the sudden explosion of the furnace, the four of them would be swallowed up and burned to ashes, even if the other ones were not safe from this fate.
Then he took out a flat peach and stuttered a few times. Suddenly, a big stream of essence poured into his body, and his flesh and blood seemed to glow.
His immortal body seems to have improved a little and saved decades of penance!
No wonder the teacher asked him to eat after he became immortal, otherwise it would be a real wave to increase his life expectancy.
Plant the peach pit after eating the peach.
Once again, carefully experience the changes in your body and refine the body of the lion camel king and the demon king Peng together with the collected monsters.
A huge source force poured into the body.
When the breeze flies into the sky