Seeing the appearance of Lotus Fairy, Zhou He, the tenth senior brother, was a little indecisive and whispered, "Sixteen junior sisters have changed a lot since they haven’t seen you for one night."

Lotus Fairy laughed. "Brother Zhou laughed and I’m not the same?"
Xiangyun retorted, "No, you are a little different from yesterday. Although I can’t say why, I can feel it."
Even Xiangyun can feel things. How can I not feel them?
Aware of everyone’s questioning eyes, Lotus Fairy hesitated and said, "It’s really nothing. I have improved a little bit compared with yesterday. It’s all help from afar."
As soon as this was said, most senior brothers and sisters showed relief and obviously believed the lotus fairy words.
Xiangyun also believed in taking the lotus fairy hand and asked softly, "How did Teacher Lu Li help you improve your practice? Can he also help me? "
Lotus Fairy hesitated, "You’d better ask him yourself. I can’t answer that."
Xiangyun asked, "Where are you from? I’ll ask him later. "
Lotus Fairy Road "It is estimated that you are tired and need a good rest when you are still sleeping."
Xiangyun frowned. "Well, I’ll ask him at noon."
Lotus Fairy smiled and immediately changed the subject. "It’s just that several senior brothers entered Zizhulin Day. How can we arrange it today?"
Big Brother Hong Kun said, "It’s a big day. I think they should have a good rest and prepare for it."
Miao Hua, the third senior sister, said, "I agree with the proposal of the master elder brother."
Ye Guhong said, "Take a good rest for several senior brothers. We don’t want to get together as they celebrate and wish them all the best on their day."
Ye Guhong’s words were agreed by most people, and after simple discussion, Ye Guhong decided to play in the forest together to have a competitive game.
This is everyone’s favorite game, which is highly entertaining and can exercise everyone’s resilience, which is beneficial for everyone to repair.
Make up your mind. After breakfast, everyone left the Cuizhu Building and came to Wanzhulin to play an interesting game.
At the same time, something is happening in the small bamboo building where Lu Li lives.
Lying in bed with eyes closed seems to be sleeping, but actually thinking about problems.
It has been more than five months since I came here, and I have lived a simple and simple life. There is almost nothing worth doing except practicing.
The reason why it’s not white to be away from home
But later, he gradually realized that this cultivation of immortality is also a lonely thing, and it is simpler than ordinary people.
Is this a meaningful life?
That moment of immortality?
Or this quiet day?
Think about being apart from the scene.
More than a dozen brothers and sisters of Cuizhu Sect have been practicing for more than 200 years, and the elder brother is still in the intermediate spiritual stage and has never left Cuixuan Peak. Is he going to live such a dull and tasteless life here forever?
If so, what benefits did his two hundred years of practice bring him?
His dream of cultivating immortals is still hot now?
Speaking of the elder brother, I think of his elder brother again. How many of them can leave this emerald peak to pursue their childhood dreams?
Chapter 26 Exchange Method Tactics
A strange smell in meditation caused a sudden departure. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the window with nine senior brothers Yang Lie.
Some unexpected people turned over and sat up, looked at Yang Lie’s back and asked softly, "Why did Brother Jiu come to see me?"
Yang Lie turned to face with a smile and answered, "It’s been more than five months, and it’s my first time to come to your bamboo house. I didn’t expect it to be so humble. Teacher younger brother seems to be obsessed with these things."
Lu Li said indifferently, "I’m lazy by nature, but nine senior brothers laughed."
Yang Lie said, "It’s Purple Bamboo Forest Day. I came here today to talk about something."
Lu Li looked calm without any surprise. "Brother, please sit down. What can I do for you?"
Yang Lie is also welcome to go to the bed and sit at the door to see the mountain road. "I met the elder Cuishan yesterday and heard him say that the younger brother learned the gentle wind tactic and came to ask."
Lu Li said, "Brother, do you want to practice the gentle wind?"
Yang Lie nods, "Brother, it’s this matter that really means something. I wonder if teacher younger brother would like to …"
Lu Li chuckled, "There is no brother who wants me to give it to you for me."
Yang Lie looked a little surprised with a happy look. "It’s said that the younger brother is full of pride. I’m afraid you won’t be so frank with me, but I’m surprised that the elder brother won’t take advantage of you. I’ll exchange you with the fire spirit tactic."
Lu Li was a little surprised and said softly, "Fire spirit tactic? Isn’t brother Yi Muling’s cultivation a tactic? How can there be another fire spirit? "
Yang Lie laughed. "This real identity is that I am a thousand-year-old fire bee born with pure masculinity and proficient in the fire spirit tactic. Otherwise, I will rank first among other disciples." Among our other disciples of Cuizhu Sect, the fourth brother Mu Zhi is the most profound. I am stronger than him and I am not as good as the fourth brother in terms of the second wood spirit tactic. Besides, the fourth brother Yang Ye has served the spirit grass and the second wood spirit tactic is also quite good. The tenth brother Zhou Heshen is not weak in the second wood spirit tactic, which is really not suitable for him. "
Lu Li said with a smile, "Brother, no, I haven’t thought about it carefully. These unexpected qualitative differences will directly affect Xiu."
Yang Lie said, "My body is supernatural and my nature belongs to fire. It’s a pity that the aura of Cuixuanfeng is too weak. Compared with the four peaks of Taiyishan, if Cuixuanfeng has enough aura, I have now become an intermediate saint."
Lu Li asked, "Is the gentle wind tactic good for senior brother?"
Yang Lie said, "The gentle wind tactic is of great help to Zhou He and me, which can enhance our flexibility and greatly enhance our strength. At present, I have temporarily stopped practicing the gentle wind tactic, which can not only improve my agility, but also stimulate the gentle wind tactic to let me enter a new realm."
Lu Li said with a smile, "I’ll tell my brother the soft wind tactic cultivation method." After a long time, Lu Li awarded the soft wind tactic to Yang Lie.
A moment later, Yang Lie remembered the formula and his face was full of laughter. Immediately, he also awarded the fire spirit formula cultivation method to Lu Li.
After remembering the fire spirit formula, Lu Li asked, "Is this what senior brothers were born with?"
Yang Lie said, "Almost. I have some experience in it. Of course, you and I have different constitutions, so we have to be flexible when practicing. We should slowly explore this fire spirit formula according to your own situation. There are quite a few defects. I hope it can help you practice."
Lu Li said, "Thank you for waking up. I’ll be careful."
Yang Lie hesitated for a moment, saying, "One pulse of Jiushushan blazing peak among the three mountains and twelve peaks in Taikoomen is the fire spirit tactic. Of course, their fire spirit tactic is much more perfect than brother’s. If you have the opportunity to enter Taiyi Mountain in the future, you will naturally learn a higher fire method tactic."
Lu Li was curious and said, "Brother is the only person in Cuizhumen who has attended the immortal meeting. He should know a lot about the situation of the three mountains and twelve peaks. Can you tell me something?"
Yang Lie mused, "I don’t really know much about the situation of the three mountains and twelve peaks. As far as I know, Taikoo Men’s cultivation of immortals is based on the changes of Yin and Yang in heaven and earth, such as pole-splitting, Tai Chi, Yin and Yang, five elements, etc. The Yi Mu Ling tactic we are practicing at present belongs to the five elements of wood fire spirit, and there are three masters practicing gold, water and earth."
Lu Li indecision way "Jin Mu fire, water and soil? This is Taikoomen’s cultivation of immortality? "
Yang Lie said, "This is an introductory method, as well as Yin and Yang techniques, Tai Chi, extreme chaos, and many magical methods with amazing power."
Lu Li smell speech smiled and looked forward to it. "It turns out that this is just good and promising."
Yang Lie encouraged, "Work hard. You are a wizard who has never met in a thousand years. You must win our honor."