The first floor of the club
Xiao San was just about to sneak away when he noticed Xiao Bao and others were always staring at him.
"Didi Lingling!"
At the same time, the bell rang "Hello?"
"Nothing happened. Qin Yu and Gu Yan showed up in person, and the people in the car had already left." Xiaoyao sounded. "They wouldn’t be so big if they showed up. Let Sun Chengdao send you out and we’ll go."
Small three heard this in the mind instantaneous also steadfast a lot because of Gu Yan and Qin Yu identity there really want to rush to dry to death, who will certainly not show up provoked a fishy.
"It’s okay to go for a walk. You two can take my car." Sun Chengdao hated Gu Yan in his heart, because every time he organized a party, the latter would make him feel ashamed, just like he was born to beat him.
They crossed the hall, led by Sun Chengdao, stretched out his hand and pushed two big glass doors, and hurried to the steps.
"I fuck you!"
A huff rang Gu Yan carrying a shovel from the alley mouth to shovel snow suddenly rushed from the side.
Sun Chengdao looked round immediately to meet the past "Gu Yan you his mama give me some noodles? ! We don’t play anymore. What do you want when we leave? "
"get out!"
Gu Yan pushed Sun Cheng Road with his left hand and swung a shovel with his right hand, directly rushing to Fu Shao.
In the crowd, Fu Shao staggered his arm to block a shovel and shouted, "Gu Yan is not with me!"
Gu Yan also didn’t talk, picking up a shovel and going straight to the top of the skull with little luck.
When Sun Chengdao’s friends saw Gu Yan being so unreasonable, they immediately stopped him.
"Let you start work? !”
Xiao Bao and others looked behind Gu Yan and got to work with them. They immediately pulled out their belts and rushed to press Fu Shao’s head for six or seven punches.
In front of the crowd, the young man turned the steps and was ready to run.
Qin Yu rushed from the left with a plank brick in his right hand across the crowd and patted Xiaosan on the head.
In an instant, the door of Tianfu Club was messed up. On this side of Sun Cheng Road, the human body receded. Gu Yan and Qin Yu tore at each other and Xiaobao were more like a stirring stick. The crowd just lamented the blessing less.
At the moment, everyone knows that Qin Yu and Gu Yan finished because Erzhu couldn’t swallow this tone in his heart, but they didn’t want to kill anyone or they wouldn’t show up themselves.
Sun Chengdao stopped Gu Yan in the crowd and shouted, "Gu Yan, you’re almost done. Zhenyanbei is your home?" !”
"Gu Yan so many people give you face so you haven’t finished? !” A captain from the police station also pushed Xiaobao and others. "If you fucking hit me again, I’ll arrest you, regardless of which unit you are!"
The steps shouted, "Don’t be too crazy, Gu Yan!"! The railway project was initiated by the district, but it still needs the cooperation of the nine fucking districts and the seven. Do you believe that there is no one to cooperate with you in your army? !”
"You are a dick!" Gu Yan took a shovel and patted it at the crowd again.
An off-road vehicle across the road suddenly stagnated. Xiaobai turned to look at the chaos at the door of the clubhouse with a cigarette in his car and frowned.
Chapter 91 I’d like to kill one person for ever.
Gu Yan chose to work hard with Qin Yu in the past. That’s because the other party has been alert and knows that someone is blocking him outside. He can’t get Xiaobai to work hard and now he can’t come.
And the most important thing is that although Xiao San is a lost dog, he is a "peak". He has a long-term boss behind him and the boss of a well-known enterprise in the nine districts. Once something happens, it will cause local dissatisfaction. The party and government in the nine districts resist the military and political occupation. The railway project will directly affect the layout of the home.
Again, no one can do anything, even if he is too military and political. For example, the second uncle of the former Li Yuanzhen incident dared to stand up for him, because there were party and government bosses who secretly started it. The nature of the incident was completely different and the results were naturally different.
But Erzhu is just like Gu Yan, and his mother is just like his own brother. If he doesn’t do a meal, Fu Shao and Xiao San can’t get out.
Steps Gu Yan swung a big shovel at Fu Shao’s head and arms, and even Sun Chengdao in front of him was beaten.
"Damn it, you really think I’m a good temper?" Sun Chengdao was knocked JiYan don’t indiana went to Gu Yan fought a piece.
Obliquely across the street, Xiaobai watched the scuffle and a crowd took a mouthful of cigarettes.
"Qin Yu dragged the mistress out" Gu Yan roared.
Xiaobai pushed the driving door and jumped directly, with a cigarette in his mouth and a huge canvas bag slung over his waist. He walked straight to the other side of the street in wait for a while.
The parking lot was just about to pick up Sangong Xiaoyao. I turned around and saw Xiaobai walking into the middle of the road. He was dazed and immediately stepped on the accelerator.
The steps cursed the sky, and the fight between several people has developed to the point where children in the party and government circles fought with military and political people.
Suddenly, a police captain took out a gun and fired a shot at the sky. "Isn’t it too embarrassing for you?" ! Gu Yan, I’ll tell you again. If you’re not finished, I’ll fucking arrest you. "
The crowd froze at the gunshot.
Road tooth white twist a head to spit out the mouth cigarette expression from canvas bag pulled out of Leighton.
The gun jerked the small white muzzle and suddenly ran "Brother Flash!"
Qin Yu and Gu Yan turned their heads in astonishment when they heard shouting.
Xiao Bai rushed to the steps, tugged at Gu Yan and raised his gun and shouted, "The police officer has an extra mother. No one can stop me from killing you!"
The third girl at the end of the crowd was caught off guard and broke her arm by a shot.
Leighton’s close-range transmission power is no less than that of the thunder blasting against his body. Third, when he heard the gunshot, he bowed his head and saw the left forearm being sprayed directly, dismembering blood and arm fragments instantly collapsing and flying.
Steps dozens of people alpha males.
Xiaobai pulled the bolt again.