In the horror of people watching, when Yang Tianyuan walked to the front of the cocoon, he directly turned a golden light into the cocoon and disappeared.

Heaven and earth are finally quiet, and people are relieved. It seems that when something heavy is removed, everyone feels lighter.
Even the black criminal martial arts suddenly jumped up, but their eyes were still shining with crazy color. After seeing them breathing violently for two times, they stared at the golden cocoon eyes and killed them madly.
It seems that the hatred and fear for Yang Tian has penetrated into their bones and reached the point of immortality.
At this time, however, perhaps it was because of Yuan Shen’s understanding that the golden light of the cocoon suddenly gathered in and disappeared in an instant, revealing Yang Tianzhen’s body.
They haven’t white is how to return a responsibility, listen to Yang Tianyi stuffy hum body has changed dramatically.
Black scales first appear on the skin, then the claws, the heads and the horns.
Dragon transformation
Many of these jails are powerful and have seen Yang Tian transform into white at this time. What’s going on?
But this time, the transformation seems to be more powerful, which has brought severe pain to Yang Tian.
At this moment, the black criminal force finally caught the opportunity to pounce on the transformation of Yang Tian.
I didn’t leave my hand. The two of them struggled with serious injuries, but everyone turned into a divine light and crashed into Yang Tian.
sound of crying in pain or suffering
This moment, although Yang Tian is more painful than waking up, how can he attack and howl by them and jump up and clap his hands to hit two black mans?
His mutating palm suddenly burst into dazzling golden light when shooting. Everyone can see that a golden seal flashed on his palm, like an archaic magic word.
This golden seal is the only magical seal left by Yang Tian, and it is the first magic seal in the golden seal.
When the big hand collided with two black mans, the magic word golden seal soared and directly sealed the two black mans for a moment and then exploded in order.
It seems that Yang Tianyi’s enemy has been shaken away when he hummed.
However, the dark and cruel punishment stayed in the ground, and the hidden golden light flashed in the eyes, which also showed strong pain.
Yang Tian threw himself violently outside the baizhang, but he completed his transformation in the middle of the school without stopping.
This is the second time that the dragon has become the first. Compared with it, it seems that it has changed a lot except for the left hand.
But Yang Tianji knows that every scale is now ten times stronger than before, and the physical strength is even more than ten times higher.
Although the physical power is insufficient at this time, Yang Tian still feels that H’s novels are strong, and every inch of muscles is full of explosive power of terror.
According to the memory of past lives, Yang Tian already knows what he knows about the dragon blood, because this dragon is the Archaeosaurus, and the body of Heaven and Earth is the strongest.
Yang Tian is very excited now and urgently needs an opponent to let himself feel a new body.
When the transformation is completed, Yang Tian has shot back before the black evil spirit and the criminal force come again, and the two African claws clenched into fists to strike the black evil spirit and the criminal force separately.
This time, the fist front has no magical power, and the light is hard to shake.
Black evil punishment Wu was deeply hurt by Yang Tianyuan. Just now, it was already hurt by the golden seal, which added to the instantaneous chaos.