To build an empire that we and others expect …

Faced with this situation, Horus decided to make a pretence with chaos for the time being …
After everything is settled, we will kick …
a few minutes later
In a warship on the front battlefield
It was the children who gulped down the wine in the cup, and Riemann Ruth hit the information equipment that he was shaking.
Before he could ask what happened, Horus sounded out of it.
"Magnus violated the emperor’s order prohibiting the study of psionics on Tara to make psionic communication.
He used a psionic spell to make up for Tara’s loss!
Now, the emperor has ordered you to send an army to eradicate Magnus [Magnus Army]!
Soon there will be a team of "Imperial Guards" and "Silent Sisters" to help you. You can dispatch them! "
Hear this command instantly.
Riemann Ruth, who was drinking, immediately froze.
The casual look also directly was stuck.
Although he doesn’t like Magnus, a dangerous force like psionics, he never wants to fight the dead hand.
And "Imperial Guard" and "Silent Sister", two special forces that can only be mobilized by the emperor, let him see the emperor’s determination to be furious.
Especially in "Sister Silence"!
It is a special force that can interfere with psionics by nature.
In the face of their specialization in psionics, Magnus and his army are like natural enemies.
It seems that Magnus is in a bit of trouble this time …’
With a wry smile, the Wolf king put his hand full of wine glass nai response Horus way
"I see …"
At the same time
Magnus has already receive that feedback from his psionic spell.
The whole person directly to become emotional.
Don’t think much.
We’re in big trouble …’
The idea echoed directly in his brain.
Although he still doesn’t know how much trouble he has caused.
But at that moment, the anger of the emperor Narumbi was very murder, but it was still captured by Magnus.
It felt like a deadly Billy arrow that directly broke Magnus’ heart defense!
… what should I do … what should I do …’
When he thought hard but couldn’t find a way.
A strange sound with a hint of banter came straight to his ears.
"I can save you, but you need my help on condition."
That’s from the [crafty] sound.
The mastermind behind this matter
【 Strange 】 I haven’t been ready to let Magnus go since the beginning.
After all, Magnus [Magnus Legion], a game belonging to Chaos God, will be a good force.
Worthy of benefit!
And as he heard it
Magnus body immediately hit a tingle, and his look changed from vacant impatience to vigilance.
In any case, this guy with a malicious voice is obviously not a good person.
"Who are you? ?”
For Magnus, questioning [treachery] still replied in a tone full of malicious intentions, "Didn’t you already meet the scene of our communication in Horus?"
I am one of them. Maybe you can guess who I am? "
Magnus couldn’t help clenching his hands when he heard this.
All kinds of thoughts flashed through my mind.
What you can see that Horus is not right, but the Emperor can’t?