In addition, after the injury healed, Xu Ren found that his strength and physical toughness have been greatly improved. After all, Zhu tired of the virtual video and gave him unprecedented pressure. Faced with such strong pressure, his martial arts practice has also improved to a certain extent, but the more difficult it is to break through in the future, even though Xu Ren martial arts has improved, it is still far from breakthrough.

In addition, Xu Ren doesn’t know what it’s like for martial arts to break through a threshold, but he’s not in a hurry. Anyway, the reality is not bad, even if he’s not afraid of the fairy gate lords in Lingtai, at least he’s not afraid of the abode of fairies and immortals.
It’s been another month since the calm day, and the little demon leopard and the cicada have completely awakened.
As Xu Ren guessed, although the consumption of the small demon leopard and the chilling leopard was serious, they were actually not injured. After all, it was the taxiing period when the demon clan could kill the small demon leopard. Where would it be so vulnerable?
After waking up, the little demon leopard is much bigger than the average leopard. It looks very powerful, but there is still no sign of taxiing.
However, chilling absorbed several taxiing early days, but it was a taxiing late stage. After Dan, the demon family entered the taxiing late stage, even if she was mixed with people, others would never find her.
Although chilling is now in the late taxiing stage, I am still very respectful when I see Xu Ren, because with the rise of strength, she feels that Xu Ren is unfathomable, especially the vast expanse of spirit. It is estimated that she can’t compare with it even if she practices for two hundred years.
"Young people are young people who act so impulsively. You should know that the big monkey, though powerful, can’t stand the leopard’s mistakes. Don’t be so silly. You fight everything by yourself as if you were the savior of the world."
Cold and respectful, the words of Xiao Yaobao are not respectful to Xu Ren at all, and they are full of blame.
Of course, Xu Ren is not stupid. Of course, I can hear that the little demon leopard is also good at himself. Although he said that he can solve Zhu’s imaginary shadow, Xu Ren thinks this guy is bragging.
"Well, it’s all over and I won’t say it anymore. Isn’t it the best result that you two are all right now? I just don’t know what happened to the wild dynasty. Is there any new movement? "
Xu Ren has been staying in Xuanji Xianmen during this period, and Reagan has never been out. It is also relatively simple to hear some news.
"This is tantamount to asking us for nothing. We just woke up. Besides, it’s not our worry."
Seeing that Xu Ren’s injury had just improved, the little demon leopard asked about the wild dynasty, and there was nothing to be angry about.
"Also for both of you are demon race nature won’t heart these"
Real Xu Ren just words also didn’t ask the little demon leopard and chilling meaning is just a mountain to stay for a long time some boring panic.
"I want to go home and see it, and then go to Xuanwu City. If the Daning Dynasty and the Wilderness Dynasty get better, I really want to go to the Wilderness Dynasty."
It is not a whim for Xu Ren to go to the Great Wilderness Dynasty. In fact, he planned to do so long ago, but at that time, the two dynasties were nervous and his strength was not strong enough, even if he went there, it would be difficult to come back.
Now it’s different. Not only is he not weak, but there are two stronger demon families around him. Plus, the Daning Dynasty and the Wilderness Dynasty are no longer tense, at least on the surface, they are not so tense.
"We have nothing to do. We can just follow where you want to go for a walk. Anyway, staying in one place is not conducive to our practice. If the wild dynasty gets more demon Dan, maybe its strength will rise faster."
The little demon leopard is not a character who can stay here. Now Xu Ren says he wants to walk around, and he is naturally happy.
Chilling, of course, has no more opinions, so this man and two demons decided to go back and forth so happily.
Now Xu Ren wants to leave Xuanji Xianmen, so he is no longer familiar with it, but he didn’t leave Xuanji Xianmen until Su Ladies said goodbye.
Of course, from Xuanji Xianmen, Xu Ren naturally has to bring Shen Tengyun, and now Shen Tengyun is also out of the question. Xiu has just broken through the five aspects of coagulation and understanding, and has already made its mark.
Xu Ren took Shen Tengyun chilling and Xiao Yaobao back to Donghua County first and told his family about his coming and going.
Xu Ren felt that going to the Great Wilderness Dynasty would definitely not come back overnight. It took three years and two years to grow, and it took a year and a half. Although things at home are no longer his concern, his parents will still miss his income and go home to explain it.
In addition, Xu Ren also wants to take a person to the Wild Dynasty this time, and that person is the mulberry enemy.
The Xu family is still the same. Although it’s been more than half a year since he went home again, there hasn’t been much change at home, but the family seems to be stronger.
This time, Xu Ren’s family didn’t stay long, just brought the mulberry enemy, the native of the wild dynasty
Before going to the Great Wilderness Dynasty, Xu Ren went to Xuanwu City first. He wanted to come here to see the old duke Xu Yuanxia.
Xu Yuanxia naturally happy to pull Xu Ren talked for two days.
However, on the third day, Xu Yuanxia received an imperial edict from the emperor of Daning Dynasty saying that the deadly messenger was sent to the wild dynasty.
Xu Ren didn’t expect that he could catch it so skillfully. It’s hard to be sure to escort Xu Yuanxia for a ride.
Although judging by common sense, the wild dynasty should have no intention of harm, but it can’t be completely prevented
Moreover, the Mangcang Plateau is not a peaceful place. Xu Ren has been to the Mangcang Plateau and he still has some experience.
What’s more, there is a mulberry enemy beside Xu Ren, and the Mangcang Plateau is more familiar than Xu Ren. With his guidance, the road to the wild dynasty will be smoother.
Xu Yuanxia was pleasantly surprised to know that Xu Ren wanted his peers.
So Xu Ren waited for two more days in Xuanwu City, and when the monks of Qin Tianjian arrived, Xu Yuanxia appointed one hundred military guards, which left Xuanwu City and rushed to the wild dynasty.
At first sight, the Cangshan Plateau was fine, but it didn’t feel difficult to walk. However, with the deepening of the plateau, weeds were getting higher and higher, and even higher than an adult in the back.
This will greatly affect the speed of Xu Ren and others.
This time, Xu Yuanxia brought a hundred soldiers, but there was a force. They kept waving their weapons and cutting down the weeds in front of one person.
Xu Ren released the spirit-eating worm again, and he didn’t dare to be careless in a place like Mangcang Plateau. In addition, the spirit-eating worm can see a longer distance in flight, and Xu Ren can also use the spirit-eating worm to identify the direction.
In this way, Xu Ren and others walked in the weeds taller than people for seven days in a row
On the first day, the grass suddenly hissed.
"Beware of snakes"
Xu Ren was alert at once when he heard those hisses.
There are not only monster beasts but also ordinary beasts in the Mangcang Plateau, among which snakes and poisonous snakes are the most threatening.
All the snakes in the wild plateau are poisonous. If they bite them unfortunately, the situation will be bad. Even a drop of venom from a small snake can kill a horse in an instant.
Xu Ren is not afraid of being bitten by a monk, but there are also one hundred ordinary soldiers in Xuanwu City in the accompanying team. These soldiers will have no epidemic effect on snake venom. Even if Xu Renyou avoids poison Dan, they can save their lives, but it is still difficult to delay the trip.
Besides, it’s not impossible for Dan to avoid poison. If he can’t dissolve snake venom, these ordinary soldiers will be in danger.
Xu Ren woke up and others immediately became alert.
Not long after, many poisonous snakes with big mouths jumped out of the grass.
There are different kinds of these poisonous snakes, but they all have one characteristic, that is, the venom is deadly enough, and even a big horse can’t survive with a bite.
The accompanying monks reacted quite quickly, and when the poisonous snakes came out of the grass, they attacked.
The sword gang beheaded the snake and cut it into several sections.
However, even if the poisonous snake was cut into several sections, the poisonous snake head still pounced on the Daning Dynasty mission with his mouth open.
Seeing that the snakeheads were about to bite the Daning dynasty mission, the number of frozen gas poured out instantly and the snakeheads were frozen into ice lumps accurately.
Xu Ren was finally relieved to see this situation, but he also knew that when victory did not mean that the crisis was over, there must be a bigger crisis approaching them.