From this point, it can be confirmed that the ownership of this immortal crew club is probably completely above these three organizations.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-one At rest
That guy just said that he could join this crew meeting … This not only didn’t make Kelan feel happy, but filled his heart with doubts. Even if he was neutral in the Leviathan incident and the turmoil in the East Ninth District, he knew very well that it was absolutely impossible to elevate his position to the "Big Three" only by this credit …
Can it be said that this immortal sailor will have discovered his secret? Trying to woo yourself in this way?
No … No, if the immortal crew really has the power over the Big Three as he guessed, there is no need to win over a small person like himself, and he needs an order to choose from two choices: obedient and forced. Oh, by the way, if he is determined enough and moves fast enough, he may still have a chance to shoot himself.
Perhaps it is a good choice to find an excuse to escape to the wilderness before they do so, but Koran has no idea how long he can live alone in the wilderness
Many estimates of the exile organization in the wilderness have been controlled by the heresy. After seeing what these guys did, Koran would rather choose to join the Ark than join their camp.
But then again, assuming that the undead crew already knows their secrets, they have neither contacted themselves nor taken measures against themselves, and even let themselves leave the ark to carry out outside. Aren’t they worried about running away?
If you put yourself in the other’s shoes, the first step for Kelan is to put yourself under house arrest … Even if you don’t restrict personal freedom, you must always be monitored by the Security Bureau, let alone go to the wilderness. Even if you are behind a house, you must follow a large group of agents.
We can talk about the conditions slowly. If we can’t really talk about it properly, we will take coercive measures at last. If Ark really does this, Kelan doesn’t resent that he chose to keep a secret because he was worried about the roots of Ark, so he didn’t talk about the conditions patiently. After all, there are precedents for similar things. When it comes to the future fate of mankind, the official attitude of Ark has always been a little unstable.
"Forget it … let’s leave this place first." Kelan thought, if the other party really wants to take compulsory measures against themselves, it is estimated that it would have been done long ago and nothing would have happened until now. In this case, it is better to keep the status quo and sit tight …
Koran quickly reached the 22nd floor along the fire escape. Except for the ladder where he and Victoria sat, the highest number of stops in other ladders was the 22nd floor.
As soon as he ran out of the stairs quickly, the ladder door opened automatically … Although this scene looks a bit like paranormal, Kelan is not surprised-since the undead crew can remotely control the Victorian prosthesis through a cable, it is nothing for them to open a ladder door, but if I had known they were willing to help this little favor, Kelan would have gone directly to the 29th floor and waited for another ladder.
He jumped into the car directly, or even the button to return to the first floor had been pressed for him, and the whole car quickly landed before it was closed, as if for fear that Kelan would not escape from the East Ninth District.
"This group of guys seems to be quite reliable …"
When Kelan rushed out of the Arasaka Tower, the whole suspension structure of the East Ninth District had disintegrated, and a large number of building debris kept crashing to the ground, which was a doomsday scene.
"PSST … this is troublesome …" Looking at the seriously damaged neighborhood in front of Kelan, he couldn’t help but take a breath-if something fell from the quilt during the evacuation, it would be difficult to leave a corpse.
At this moment, he suddenly felt that the palm of his left hand seemed to itch and clenched his fist. However, unexpected things happened-all the surrounding scenes were transformed into gray and white, and the burning flames and falling debris solidified the whole world there … including Koran himself became a frozen picture.
But Kelan’s consciousness was not fixed like his body. He watched all this in horror, but a few cries of men, women and children rang in his ear. Every scream was like a heavy drumstick hitting Kelan’s consciousness. He was suddenly surprised and everything was back to normal. Those screams also disappeared immediately.
"What’s going on? !”
Koran indecision may look around. At this time, the surrounding things have changed back to their original colors, and the wreckage that was originally "frozen" has also fallen to the ground.
Just that scene gave him a feeling of deja vu-a similar situation happened when Koran made the "Holy Word" kill Arasaka Yuyi, as if the whole world was still.
Is it that someone nearby launched the "holy word"? But …
"Wait a minute …? !” Kelan suddenly remembered something and suddenly raised his left hand-I don’t know when the palm of his left hand was stained with a pool of black liquid leaked from those fleshy hoses … Now these black liquids have almost been absorbed by his palm, leaving a little bit left on the skin surface.
"This thing should be not long ago when killing purple inflammation …"
But he didn’t expect that these things could be directly absorbed by human skin …
Kelan shook his left hand a few times and didn’t feel strange. When he clenched his left hand into a fist and then put his attention in the middle, the "time-stop phenomenon" just appeared again!
Along with the arrival, there was a sense of oppression like scalp numbness and mourning and mountain call tsunami. Koran felt a needle-like pain in his head and quickly got out of this strange state.
"This can’t be the ability of things in that iron coffin … it’s against the sky if it can really stop time?" Even though he is a hunter who has seen many strange visions, Ke Lan still feels that his world view seems to be slowly collapsing … Shouldn’t this ability be mastered by gods in fairy tales?
Is that thing in the "Iron Virgin" a … God? !
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Special treatment
But when you think about it carefully, Kelan feels that this ability doesn’t seem to be really static.
He has seen a cartoon called JOJO’s Wonderful Adventure before, in which the villain Dior body double’s ability to "smash Wald" is to stop the surrounding time and let himself move freely when he is still … But when Ke Lan launched this ability, even he became a part of being still.
The only thing that keeps normal is his thinking consciousness.
And there is another situation besides time-stillness that can achieve a similar effect-"thinking acceleration"
This concept is not difficult to understand. For example, a person’s thinking speed has suddenly increased by 10,000 times, and the process of thinking that originally took one second to complete has been forcibly shortened to 10,000 seconds. However, when he feels the outside world from his subjective perspective, the flow speed seems to be 10,000 times slower … When this multiple reaches a certain level, it is no different from "static time".
However, no matter whether this ability is "static" or "accelerated thinking", it is always equivalent to giving Kelan a "pause button". When facing some unexpected situations, he can press this "pause button" to think about the best countermeasures and then cancel it.
Although those whining and unspeakable oppression will bring great burden to Kelan’s spirit, as far as his current state is concerned, he can persist for three or four seconds at least … Many times, it is enough to change the ending of a thing by thinking three or four times more.
Like now-
Koran once again launched this ability, and immediately in the middle of the day, those falling objects were all frozen there, and then he drew an "safety route" in the block according to the falling point and sequence of these things.
To remove the stagnation, Kelan rushed straight to a red trash can 30 meters ahead to the right and stayed next to it for two seconds. After the first half of the advertising board hit the ground, he jumped over the advertising board, then turned right, bypassed two air cushion vehicles and piled into a self-service supermarket.
This is the first leg of the journey. Although the track surface of the self-service supermarket has been broken, the deformation of the two main steel bars is not too large, and it will not be broken for a while.
Kelan swung his butt and smashed the vending machine window. He took out two cans of sports drinks from the inside and poured them into his mouth.
For Kelan, who has used a variety of stimulants, it is nothing to add a little "effective substance" base to sports drinks, but it is good that there is a lot of sugar in this thing to supplement the energy and water needed by the body.
While drinking Koran, he silently counted to ten, and then he threw the can and kicked the other side door of the self-service supermarket.
Static ability to start, observe falling objects and dangerous routes, and draw a route-the second time to transport this skill, Ke Lan’s proficiency has been significantly improved. Before his brain felt the tingling, he had already lifted the static state and rushed towards a target point.
So stop-and-go Kelan finally managed to escape to the edge of the East Ninth District in a thrilling way, and this ability pair was also reflected at this time-the last few times left less than half a second every time, and even without starting skills, the state consciousness became blurred, and at the same time, it was accompanied by a hangover and a faint headache. It was like a drunken man who almost bumped into a burning custom shop.
Okay, by the time we get to the periphery, those frame structures have been damaged by July 7th. Although the road conditions are terrible, at least we don’t worry about something falling overhead.