Thinking of this, I couldn’t help thinking of a sentence, "I believe there is another me in this world. I don’t know where he is, whether he is before me or after me."

That’s all. Let’s treat this Dragon Tree monk as another Dragon Tree Bodhisattva. If we can’t find it, we don’t have to break the casserole and ask what we should do.
Wu said to the dragon tree, "You should take care of yourself if everything goes against you."
Dragon tree looked at it carefully, smiled and nodded, "Are you leaving?"
Wu Dao "is leaving". He secretly cast a spell "Dragon Tree Body", which can protect himself and warn the dragon tree, but he can come to save it at any time in case of danger.
Dragon tree suddenly said, "The benefactor is no ordinary person."
Wu Wei asked, "From the beginning?"
Long Shu said, "I can see that every time the monks in front of the Dalai Lama Temple have a heated debate, the benefactor will express his approval."
Wu smiled and said, "How dare you?" It’s either enlightenment and boasting that his practice has reached the sky and the technique is perfect. Even if Dragon Tree’s words move his heartstrings, it’s still a problem that Dragon Tree is just a mortal. How can he read his mind?
Dragon tree dignified way "you don’t believe my view is the heart".
Understand the mind and mind? What kind of knowledge is this?
Wu asked, "Are you good at observing people’s hearts?"
Dragon Tree Road "I don’t care much about other people’s hearts" means that ordinary characters can’t get into the dragon tree’s eyes
Enlightenment: "Well, for the time being, I want to ask you. Do you have any basis for saying that Pangu is not impossible?"
The dragon tree said, "naturally, everyone knows that Pangu Heaven and Earth can’t do it, but in my opinion, Pangu Heaven is trapped by heaven and earth, and he can only do it or he won’t get out of the cage."
"Ah?" It’s really shocking to realize that the dragon tree is frightened in my heart. If I didn’t know that he was a mortal, it wouldn’t be a great god who came to enlighten me.
Why didn’t you think that Pangu also came up with this world? What the Tathagata told me was a big misunderstanding. The Tathagata wanted to steal Pangu’s essence and lend it to himself. Pangu alone possessed the essence of nature, and three-thirds of it naturally possessed the ability to make a living, so he woke himself up a little.
Pangu spared no effort to nurture all things on the earth, but also gave up his mother tree, the flat peach, the seven gods and apes, and took out the five zang-organs and five poles to cultivate the five gods and apes, and also created a pulse of Xuan Nv, Dizang and listening to nature. What Pangu looks like is really beyond reproach. The most important one in his pulse of nature should not be disloyal, but selfishness and whether it is true or not are two different things.
If Pangu also thinks of heaven, all his actions have created the Seven Gods Ape, which is more about himself-the Spirit Gods Ape. Is he trying to make heaven by himself?
Wu replied, "Sure enough!"
Dragon Tree added, "Do you have another way to discuss the theory of God-man?"
Enlightenment "What you say is what I think"
Dragon tree nodded and said, "It’s really rare not to meet a bosom friend today."
I laughed and laughed. You don’t know that once you were me and I was you. I realized that "the most disgusting thing about the species of heaven is that bullying is not only the law of the jungle, but also the source of evil is born."
Longshudao "Strength hinders evil from mind"
Enlightenment "in the heart, but the right path and evil thoughts hide."
The dragon tree said, "How can I insist that the world is not you?"
Wu sighed that it was fair to create a pulse, but most of them were ordinary people this day. In addition to creating a pulse, how many people were unselfish? Even the old gentleman always wanted to occupy more flat peaches and alchemy. What’s more, hundreds of millions of mortals are wrong. Although they hate selfishness, how can they endure it because of human nature?
Dragon Tree went on to say, "All kinds of sufferings in the world can only be separated from suffering, and there are birth, illness, death, resentment and hatred, and there is love for parting. Mortals have not yet been fully understood, but they have returned to dust first."
Dragon tree looked up and took a look at Wu. "What do you mean when you say that everything in heaven and earth travels backwards?"
Enlightenment: "There are clouds living in heaven and earth suddenly like travelers, and there are clouds living in heaven and earth to send;" The sender’s return is also a theory. Sooner or later, all immortals and mortals will return to the dust. Which one can last forever? "
Dragon tree nodded and said, "it’s good that everyone has a way to do business, but that doesn’t return to dust?" The ending is contrary to this life! "
"Is that what nature does to make people suffer from heaven and earth?" Wu Wen asked
Dragon tree laughed. "Well said, I want to see if heaven and earth should be like this, but you said it all at once."
Wu couldn’t help but admire the dragon tree for looking for something, but he didn’t try to find it himself. He was a god of nature, and the ape stepped over the realm of saints and ascended the realm of yin and yang. The mighty dragon tree was only mortal, but he had such a great ambition. How can he not be admired?
Seeing the dragon tree in a high-spirited manner, he remembered those worldly monks who argued with him. Compared with him, he couldn’t help but recite a passage in "Xiaoyao Tour". "If there is a bird, it’s famous, Peng’s back is too high, and if the sky hangs down, the clouds roll and the horns roll, and the nine Wan Li is absolutely cloudy and negative, and then the figure is south and the south is suitable. The ghost also laughs and says,’ He and Xi Shi are also? I prance and soar without counting, and this also flies …’ "
The fourth volume The cat was the best Chapter 496 Meet an old friend
In the process of enlightenment, the dragon tree is full of energy, and Gu Xiangdong goes to realize that when he goes far away, he can’t help but feel a sense of dismay. He has a hunch that he will meet this mysterious and simple dragon tree monk again.
Wu naturally won’t measure him step by step like a dragon tree. He shows his figure and flashes out of the Lingshan range. He waves and attracts a white cloud floating in the wind, and unconsciously a light relaxes the bowels and falls to the clouds.
Fang is not an ordinary town, but also a big state capital. Seeing a beautiful landscape in the night, every family has high lights, and the courtyard has been playing all night. The magnificent throne of Zhenlou is magnificent, and the incense and long lamps in the furnace are not extinguished, just like every family’s wedding.
Wu Hun found an idle person in the crowd and asked, "Brother, I’m new here. Is this a holiday or a wedding?" The man laughed. "I can tell from your mouth that you are a foreigner and don’t remember for days?" Son is the Lantern Festival. "
"Lantern Festival?" Wu heard a burst of sadness when he came to this world. Where do you remember any festivals? When this man said that he was inexplicably sad during the Lantern Festival, he felt his tentacles everywhere, but those memories buried deep in his heart seemed to be far away from him.
The ups and downs in my heart still laughed, "This is the boundary, and the people are really rich and happy." The humanitarian said, "This is the Jinping House in Tianzhu, and there is a custom to light a golden lantern every Lantern Festival." The man pointed to the most crowded place, "Where is the most lively golden lantern bridge? I will also go and see it." The man said and left.
The name Jinping House in Tianzhu is no stranger. I remember that the Tang Priest in The Journey to the West once paid homage to the Buddha, but he met three rhinoceros spirits who pretended to be fake buddhas. Now Qi Tianling’s power is almost all over the world. I’m afraid these three rhinoceros spirits are also hiding.
Well, since I’m here, it doesn’t hurt to stay here for a day. If rhinoceros essence still comes to collect lamp oil.
That night, I found a place to live at will, and I got up early the next day to see the landscape of Jinping House. At the beginning of the day, the streets rose noisily and peddled, and the traffic between horses and chariots was very lively.