And several other sources …

"Those oases seem to belong to the firewood organization?"
"Do you manage ten nine-level oases without a fire organization?"
Ten nine-level oases are not too surprising for the moon master and others.
But with the feat made by these nine-level oases, she couldn’t understand her shock.
This is no longer a feat.
She quietly watching the complex thoughts muttered to herself
"This is … a miracle!"
And at this point,
The broken sea battle continues.
Because the powerful are scattered in oases, and it is also clear that the oasis walls came from the fog when they were built.
Ann, you and others will not be able to make it for a while.
There are a few reinforcements on their way, but when they need a little.
The reinforcements haven’t arrived yet.
However, the crisis of Gu Yue dynasty has been alleviated.
In the distance, several large domains and distant firmaments drove the Heihe River, and a statue of a waiter hit the city wall barrier, which was as hasty as hitting a barrier in the higher world, and a statue of a waiter fell from it.
The evil waiter and high-ranking evil spirits who besieged the defense line of New Moon City were suddenly suppressed.
They played badly.
The strength of each nine-level oasis handle in the broken sea has increased a lot.
One increase, one decrease
For a long time in the past, the Baal waiter failed to attack the new moon city defense line
The high position of the sunrise gradually eased. He took out a crystal of life and swallowed his body. The wound gradually subsided.
Half ring
After a long attack, countless waiters disappeared into the vast fog.
"This robbery is over."
Sunlight falls into the city and coughs up golden blood.
He looked at the sparse oasis with a lot of fog and sky, and he was surprised, happy and puzzled.
"What the hell is this?"
A bold guess popped up in his mind when he was associated with the hasty promotion of the firewood organization
Immediately shook his head again.
"Impossible. This is absolutely impossible."
"Are these miracles that humans can do that ancient gods can’t do?"