Xue Ba, the yellow dog, hides in a few big stones not far away. His ears are high and his nose is twitching from time to time, paying attention to all the strange smells.

The black dog, Barrett, dives into the grass and is ready to attack at any time. The sparse grass in winter can’t completely hide his vigorous black figure.
Qiao Shan and others didn’t shy away from Chivalrous Man A when discussing the plan. Their voices fell into Fang Ning’s ears.
Qiao Jiang’s speech is the longest, and every sentence is orderly. The purpose of the attack has been determined, but if we ask for the enemy, if we meet the enemy, what will happen? If we respond, we need to make plans one by one.
They just got the enemy information, otherwise they wouldn’t have waited until the war to make this preparation.
After listening to it for a while, Fang Ning felt that it was a pity that the map of the central part of China had not been put down, otherwise what strange things could be seen at a glance, and it would be impossible to investigate the truth again. When the time comes, Uncle Tong will directly find a door to brush his brain, what plans, cooperation and response are all floating clouds …
It seems that in the later period, it is necessary to ask more people to "fly" and let Uncle Tong do a heroic daily work in China, so as to prevent some evil spirits from sneaking in here and making trouble and affecting their future plans.
If you don’t wake up yourself, you will never think of this because you lack a strategic view. It will be a lot of waves to brush up the efficiency first, but there will be many benefits later, and the current embarrassment will not appear.
He thought about it and asked Uncle Tong to call aside the yellow dog and ask, "Xue Ba, can you find out where the enemy is like the pest killer?"
Xue Ba, the yellow dog, rubbed his head with his front leg. "The venerable one didn’t get an enemy object, and I can’t help it, but I can finally smell that there should be a faint dead breath mixed with many creatures nearby. It should be that a large number of creatures have died, and a large number of dead things have been absorbed by some kind of spell."
Fang Ning heard that his heart was still. No wonder it was so quiet nearby. He asked the yellow dog to wake Qiao Shan and then went back to hide.
After thinking about it, Fang Ning quickly ordered Uncle Tong to take precautions. This time, it may not be so simple. No wonder Qiao Jiang has to be so careful to make a response plan.
"If I had to wake you up in every battle, I would have been cold …"
Fang Ning know weight at this time can’t go to the big ye is honest, "is a good academic residue alarmist …"
He went back to thinking about strategy. This is the field where he can study God.
At the same time, it can make people cold, and the danger is approaching step by step.
A very high mountain top is more than ten kilometers away from Fang Ning, where the rocks stand, the weeds are yellow and the cold wind is whistling.
At this time, there are three people looking at the top of the mountain in the direction of Fang Ning and their floodplain.
There was a tall yellow-skinned man in this group, who looked at it for a while and then scolded with anger.
"Hate all blame rose you didn’t disguise good finally didn’t cheat this damn knight-errant! If I had known, I shouldn’t have touched his servant. None of us here can hold him back! There are only three hours left, so much effort has been wasted and so many lives have been consumed. Seeing that Anderson and his team are about to invade successfully and obtain technical information, do you really want to watch the failure? !”
A middle-aged woman with flabby skin and plain appearance who looks more than 4 years old flew into a rage when she heard the news. "Lei Jue-dong, who are you angry at?" The knight-errant A will pounce. First, you greedily caught Zheng Dao. Second, Anderson, they will brag about the technical garbage before exposure! "
"Both of them and the old niang didn’t half a minute. I went around pretending to avoid those missing spiritual powers being discovered prematurely. I have helped you win for seven days and seven nights. What else do you want? !”
"I don’t believe that there is a way for the knight-errant A to be really magical." At this moment, a short and thin old man stopped the two.
He knocked on a rock and smoked two cigarettes. He said slowly, "There are three people here, and Anderson will send a big ghost named radish to support us later."
"It is said that this is their action. A sniper was hired specially for this operation. He has ten years of battlefield experience and once had a 22-meter sniper record. There is still a gap from that world record, but it is also very powerful."
"We will consume JingXie to give him the blessing ability. This world human science and technology will add our spell power. We have done experiments in South America earlier and can launch a 20-kilometer death sniper knight armor. Even if it is a real dragon, it may not be able to resist it."
LeiJueDong first nodded and then frowned. "Does that ghost understand us? None of us can speak bird language. It’s not easy to come in once. Anderson, they all know Chinese, so they didn’t bring an interpreter. "
"Now they are too busy to come in person. If they find us a bird translator temporarily, they have to consider the final killing."
The old man thought for a moment and said, "Don’t worry about this Anderson. He said that if the radish has any international Chinese Band 5 certificate, it will be almost worse than his oral English, so there should be no problem in communication."
Lei Jue-tung just stretched his brow. "That’s ok. I’ll see about him later."
Rose questioned, "We didn’t cooperate with this ghost guy in the last actual combat, which was also a year ago. This operation has accumulated strength and hasn’t moved this matter again. Although it has the effect of a spell, how high can the success rate of breaking defense be?" The other party is a real dragon. "
The old man put a long pipe. "Even if you can’t succeed, you will be able to deter them if you hit the knight-errant armor and show that our death sniper has a long range and great power!" They can move forward carefully and explore slowly, which will allow us to delay the last three hours and then it will be done. "
The three of them were talking about a mountain road at the top of their mountain. A middle-aged white man with a heavy box was struggling to climb the steep mountain road, and there was a giant mouse in front of him to lead the way.
Three people on the top of the mountain suddenly stopped talking.
"People should have appeared, and it took me a long time to pick them up." The old man said that he would flicker away from the top of the mountain.
After a while, the old man appeared on the mountain road and separated the man with his box and his hands without any effort. Then he said to the giant mouse, "Go back and tell your masters that this matter is over, even if they are even after returning the favor."
The giant rat seemed to understand people, nodded and ran towards the mountain.
The old man flicker again and later returned to the top of the mountain again.
He pointed at the white middle-aged man and the heavy box with a cigarette rod. "Are you the radish?"
There was a flash of doubt in the eyes of the white middle-aged man. His right thumb pointed at himself and said in a slightly stiff Chinese, "Are you asking me, old man?"
"Nonsense" Lei Juedong came over and patted him on the shoulder. "Is there anyone else here to ask?"
The white middle-aged man nodded. "If you don’t bring that’ big’, it should be me. My name is David Robert. I like my surname in Chinese. Former gentlemen can also call me Robert David or just Robert or David."
"Three names won’t do. Do you call radish extra white from now on?" The old man said impatiently that he knocked on the pipe. "Did Anderson tell you what to do?"
Robert shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, whatever you want. Anderson said that if I wanted to kill a person or demon at your command, I would have someone help me cure my terminally ill baby daughter and send us a lot of money."
The old man was satisfied with this. "Well, radish is very big. You are an obedient guy. Whether your daughter can survive depends on your performance for a while. You should know that we are not ordinary people. If you dare to fool us, there is nowhere to run."
Robert, standing at attention, straight and solemn, said, "I will definitely follow the orders of the gentlemen."
Look at each other. The well-trained old man nodded and whispered to him at the same time.
Old man, "This guy is obedient. If he can reach the strength of our previous test subjects, he will be kept for another time."
Lei Jue-dong "can change a sniper at a time, and the sniper power can never reach the limit."
Rose, "I decide whether to kill you or not. Anyway, I have camouflage hands and can’t contaminate people’s lives."
After the old man and his two accomplices secretly discussed it, they issued an order to Robert, "Well, radish is very big, so don’t be surprised when you see anything for a while, don’t talk, just listen to our orders."
Robert did not move. "As you wish, sir!" "
He did what he said when he saw the short and thin old man suddenly shaking and thin, and he did not move.
Seeing the old man’s body burst into a black fog gives people a feeling of horror. After the black fog came out, he jumped into Robert’s eyes. It was not fast, but Robert didn’t even blink when he hid.
The old man seems to be a weak man. When he coughs continuously, he retreats to one side and sits on a rock. He no longer talks, but waves to Lei Jue-dong.
"Well, now look at the direction of the top of the mountain." Lei Juedong waved to the other side and pointed to the direction of the knight-errant. "Can you see it clearly?"
Robert approached the past and looked at it in the direction of the other finger. His expression was very amazing and excited. "It’s a magical spell. It’s impossible to see my sniper rifle with a high-powered scope so far away, but now it can be seen clearly with the naked eye! Anderson really didn’t lie to me. You are absolutely capable of curing my poor daughter. "