"Well, that’s the truth. Knight A is always accompanied by death like the wind. When you go to one place, you kill another." Fang Ning agreed. "It seems that this little gray ant really has some unique talents. Besides looking for treasures, it can also see death and black cat Tom’s partner really complement each other."

Uncle didn’t answer the phone at all, so the gray ant was already scrambling to climb a pair of tentacles and kept swinging in one direction
Actually, no, it means that the knight-errant armor has flown in the direction when it crawled.
"The meat flew away" sand dunes Sha Ermu wait for a while looked at.
"Sorry, brother," Sha Da suddenly changed face and a knife was inserted into each other’s chest.
However, for a moment, the chest turned into a mass of sand.
"Eldest brother, you and I won’t prevent this? Come on, I think it’s just the two of us who want to breed. It’s just that we haven’t played your idea and would rather play this strong idea … "Sha Er suddenly appeared a few steps away and looked at his brother coldly.
"Hum, that’s what I thought," Sha Da said coldly.
So the last two of a prosperous ethnic group fought …
Chapter nine hundred and thirty Send conditions
Grey ants guide Qinglong all the way straight.
The distance is indeed far enough, and the flying speed of Qinglong has been flying for more than five hours, which shows that the world is vast.
You know, Qinglong has a speed of 1 kilometer per second, and one hour is 36 thousand kilometers, and five hours is 100 thousand kilometers, which is exactly 20 times that of Westward Journey.
And this is far from the edge of this world. If there is no gray guidance, I will go through it myself to find similar places. I don’t know if I will go through it …
We met in ruins of the city, with dilapidated buildings everywhere.
It is a little more popular at this time.
"There are ghosts!"
"What are you calling yourself a ghost?"
"Ghosts are also afraid of evil spirits!"
"It must be the earth. Let’s go and have a look." Fang Ning said with great confidence.
"Give me your crap. You can’t speak Chinese if you’re not from the earth …" Grandpa scorned. "But I’m too busy now to take care of their destiny."
"…" Fang Ning suddenly realized that the big ye Ma was going to treasure hunt. How could he have time to save people?
"Aren’t you afraid of losing your chivalrous value?" He woke up and said
"If you don’t come here, you’re not ordinary people. Since you’re here, you have to be conceited about your life and death. I’m not their father. Where can I manage so much?"
Then the mini Qinglong root ignored those sounds and fell straight into the ruins of the city and came to the broken wall.
Grey ants suddenly jumped anxiously from the dragon body and crawled back and forth on the dark potholed wall in a rash.
"Well, what did it say?"
Grandpa waited a while before he was depressed. "It said the meat flew away …"
Fang Ning was not surprised and nodded. "This is normal. After all, it’s not a dead thing. Since people are discovered by black cats, they must be transferred."
"Don’t be sarcastic. What should you do now?" Uncle adamant4 way
"Cold salad or mobilize the masses to find it together," Fang Ning said casually
"That’s a bad idea. There are four things that know everything when you start. If someone finds me first and can’t grab it, isn’t it a meat bag that beats a dog and never comes back?" Uncle angrily said
"yes!" Fang Ning had a brainwave, clapped his hands and said to the uncle, "I have a way to find that guy …"
"say it quickly"
Then Fang Ning said something to the uncle "like this" and "like this", and then the uncle was relieved
"It’s good that you can still send a show when you have been raising for nothing in recent years." Grandpa was gratified.
"You say that like my father …"
"No, I’m not as lazy as you."
"Get out of here."
At the same time, a group of transvestites and ghosts are gathering back to back near a pond, and their faces are heavy and some people are trembling.
There are many layers of strange monsters all around the world, and they are surrounded by them.
Fortunately, there is a thin layer of light blue water curtain around them, which is closely protecting everyone and blocking these monsters.
These monsters desperately attack the water curtain that prevents them from eating meat, or scratch or bite or spray or spit or rush or bump, but the water curtain looks weak, but it is still, except when one monster attacks.
This monster is one of the giant sludge monsters.
This sludge monster is located in the direction of the pond. Compared with other monsters, it is hundreds of meters high and stinks with sludge. It is simply a giant.
It is covered with human heads, skeletons and animals, and I don’t know how many lives it has swallowed.
What’s even weirder is that there are many bricks and blocks on its head, and I don’t know what aesthetic this is.
However, aesthetics seems to be more bizarre to the deceivers.
Every time it attacks, it throws a brick on its head at the water curtain, and then the water curtain shakes violently for more than a long time to calm down.
Throw every brick like a boomerang and automatically return to the mud monster.
And every time the brick is smashed, it will attract a fierce attack from the object.
"Fat ghost, you are a ghost yourself. You ghosts have similarities. How do you think to deal with these ghosts?" If the wind on the side of a fat giant ghost said
This fat ghost has been to Tianmen every time, and he has also been instructed by Chivalrous Armor … That means that the other person can’t be an evil ghost.
This is very important, which is one of the reasons why Ruofeng consulted the other party.
"Er, the appearance is similar, but the quality is different. We ghosts are born by obsession and still yearn for life; However, they are devoured and destroyed, dragging all the living along with them. Conventional means are not a threat to them. After all, they belong to the dead. Unless someone can release great vitality, it will be difficult to win the battle. "The giant ghost thought hard and reluctantly replied.
Look at it, it’s a powerful breath, and it’s also a lake-level strong ghost. This is the benefit brought by the second visit to Heaven. Jane’s heavenly heart absorbs vitality and has a passive bonus
If the wind heard that nodded slightly silently in my heart.
As the fat ghost said, shemale ghosts and demons are still alive, and even ghosts have a trace of yang, yin and yang to reconcile their lives.
And these monsters are all dead, and they all reveal strange and horrible deaths.
Looking back at the early situation, if the wind can’t help sighing deeply, or is greed causing trouble?