Besides, they are not familiar with the road conditions here, and if they drive to the town police station, they may be intercepted by the other party.

Besides, they have no evidence.
Obviously, this is not the first time for the other party to engage in these retaliation things, and it will definitely not leave any evidence.
JiShuGong eyes "KuangFeng do you hurt? Can you hold back? It will take another hour. "
"It’s not a big problem"
He even smiled, but that smile made people feel very distressed. "My hand should be broken and my head should be a skin injury."
Ji Shuxin was so painful that he brought into tears when he spoke.
"It’s all my fault that Congcong made a perfect seam himself but didn’t expect this layer."
"Ji Shu, don’t take everything to yourself. It’s hard enough for you."
Mo Kuang-feng stretched out his unhurt right hand and gently touched Jishu’s shoulder.
"It seems that you have to take care of me for two months …"
Ji Shu held back her tears. "What’s the matter? I can take care of you for a generation."
Mokuangfeng smiled gently.
Xu Gang held out his hand from the back seat and tied it tightly to Mo Kuangfeng’s left arm. "I don’t think the wound outside is likely to be broken, but it won’t bleed too much."
Seeing Qian Guijun’s surprised expression, Xu Gang added, "When I ran the pole before, my brothers were often injured and hit by a car. We will deal with some emergencies."
Ji Shu drove to the maximum speed limit of 1k/h. Fortunately, the road here is straight, and there are few people and cars, so the speed can be increased.
From time to time, she glanced at Mo Kuangfeng from the corner of her eyes.
He is closing his eyes, leaning back on the nose of the car seat and closing his lips high towards the front.
Those bright red blood congealed on the side of his face, which looked beautiful and distressing.
Ji Shu really wants to know why Mo Kuangfeng followed him to this town.
At that time, she didn’t tell Mo Kuangfeng about this matter because she knew that Mo Kuangfeng was busy with a big scientific research project line recently.
Besides, she could go back to Wushi in three days, so she told Mo Kuangfeng that she was going back to Wushi to deal with the former second landlord.
Mo Kuang-feng is lying limply now, and Ji Shu doesn’t want to ask everything until he gets to the hospital.
Jishu and his party sped along the lonely northwest national highway, and no one spoke again.
Luo Qianqian occasionally sobbed to break the silent world.
When we arrived at the emergency room of the hospital, people immediately pushed Mo Kuangfeng in.
The doctors signed a lot of papers for Ji Shu, and then the operating room lights came on.
Xu Gang also suffered a skin injury and then went to report it with Luo Qianqian and Qian Guijun.
Different from the small town of Germany, it is a medium-sized city in the northwest, and the law and order is better at night, and there are many pedestrians and vehicles on the road.
It’s a relief for them. Those people dare not expect anything here again.
Ji Shu has been guarding the door of the operating room.
An hour later, Xu Gang and them returned to the hospital.
"The police station said that I would go to the town to send someone to make a record. I said that Zhou Cuifen’s family did it, but the police comrades said that they could ask them to assist in the investigation if there was evidence."
Qian Guijun shook his head. "At this point, people estimate that everything has been dealt with. Who can tell that they have beaten people by washing those farm tools?"
Criminal investigation technology is still underdeveloped, and Ji Shu also knows that if those people refuse to admit it, there is nothing they can do.
Jishu suddenly thought of something.
Her watch!
That watch is evidence.
She was excited.
"Hurry up and tell the police comrades that they know that the watch is valuable and will definitely not throw it away. If you can find the watch, you can prove that they robbed!"
Xu Gang eyes also flash up.
"That’s right!"
Qian Guijun: "What if they insist that they picked up the watch?"
Xu Gang expression dark a "this is"
"That depends on the police comrades questioned the first black Hu Dahan estimated difficult but others? Maybe someone else will confess? Or in case there are witnesses, it is not easy for them to explain things. "
Ji Shu’s eyes are more worried that Mo Kuangfeng will pick up after these people.
So others went to the police station again.
Jishu waited at the door of the operating room for four hours and finally waited until the "in-operation" light went out.
The doctors came out pushing Mo Kuangfeng.
"The operation was successful, but the follow-up depends on the recovery. The comminuted fracture of the radius is very serious. This person can really stand how painful it is. It took an hour to come to the hospital to hear that you were robbed, right?"
The doctor shook his head and pushed his glasses as he spoke.
Ji Shu briefly introduced the situation, and the doctor said, "It seems that you will stay in our city for a while. The patient is not suitable for discharge for the time being, and the patient needs to rest, so it is pushed to the ward and the patient’s family can accompany the bed."
Jishu nodded. "I will watch him tonight."
She looked down at Mo Kuang-feng, who had not yet woken up and was lying quietly in the hospital bed. He was usually alive, and now he seems to be hibernating.
Ji Shu held back his tears and touched his face, and his face was cold and cold.
"All right, let’s push it to the ward," said the doctor.