At first, Lin Feng was afraid that the kidnapped scientists would not cooperate, so he promised to take the scientists’ families to the war fortress to reunite with them and send them back to Lida Democratic Republic as soon as the research was successful.

Under the promise of windson’s parents, these scientists temporarily dispelled doubts. Windson heart still some worry. Afraid that they wouldn’t work hard, I didn’t expect that when they saw the advanced equipment of the Academia Sinica in the laboratory, they all seemed to have taken stimulants. Can’t wait to launch a study to let windson some dumbfounded.
"Is this the plane tearer?" Windson curiously looked at this instrument in front of him. This instrument is divided into two main parts. One part is a central controller with the size of 2 cubic meters, and the other part is a metal skeleton that is folded together. When opened, these metal skeletons can form a ring with a diameter of about 30 meters.
"That’s right. This is our research achievement in the past two years. It is based on the sealing technology in the large data storage that Xiaofeng got from the bottom of Lida Academia Sinica." Lin You stood straight in front of this instrument with some joy and some regret in his eyes.
"father. Is it possible to meet the earth with this instrument? " Windson asked with some surprise. It’s been two years in the blink of an eye, and finally I see the hope of going back. Why are the parents’ expressions so complicated and not as ecstatic as I imagined? Vaguely windson felt that things were not so simple.
"Ha ha ….." Lin You smiled. Shook his head and explained: "This instrument may be able to bring some help to our return. But in fact, there are still some more critical problems that have not been solved. The road to our return is still very long. "
"What are the key problems not solved? What is the use of this thing? " Windson asked anxiously.
In the past two years, Lin Feng has focused on cultivation. The True Solution of Jiu Zhuan Gan Yuan has been cultivated to the fourth level. Yuan Ying is also half the normal size. To tell the truth, this degree of practice surprised windson himself. With Yuan Ying, the degree of absorbing and transforming aura has increased tenfold. Even if Yuan Ying only provides a small part of the transformed true yuan to then, it is enough to greatly accelerate the growth of then. Coupled with the practice of Soul Sutra, Lin Feng’s realm grew rapidly and complemented each other, and Lin Feng broke Dan several times faster than he expected once a year. Now windson has confidence and Jinjiao at the beginning of the first world war, of course, can overcome is still a problem.
However, it is precisely because of his devotion to spiritual practice that Lin Feng didn’t pay much attention to his parents’ research. It’s not that he didn’t want to pay attention. It’s just that scientific research is a long and rigorous process, during which he may experience hundreds and thousands of failures. Lin Feng understands this truth, but he doesn’t want to let the countless failures affect his mood, so he deliberately avoided his parents’ research.
"Let me tell you." Tess looked at the instrument in front of him tenderly, just like looking at herself.
Generally, "the key problem is still those two points, which I told you before, that the large and concise energy penetrates the space barrier, and the second is that there is no spatial plane landmark."
"What?" Windson frowned and asked, "That in the past two years-"
"Don’t worry, listen to me slowly." Tess understood what Lin Feng wanted to ask and immediately interrupted him with a wave of his hand, explaining: "Although this instrument is called a plane tearer, it is not a finished product yet, and it lacks a plane penetration function. Now it can’t directly tear the space barrier between planes, but can only play the role of expanding and stabilizing the plane channel. That is to say, it must penetrate the plane before it can work. If you want to penetrate the plane, you still need the concise and powerful energy I mentioned. As long as this energy can penetrate the space barrier, even if it only penetrates a point, this instrument can tear and expand this point and finally form a stable plane channel. In theory, this instrument can expand a point to a channel that a mecha can pass through! "
"Is it really difficult to form this concise and powerful energy?" Windson asked.
"It is difficult but not impossible." Chen Ling, who didn’t speak at first, suddenly said, "Son, you should know the research direction that your father and I were good at before. When I was on earth, your father and I were both famous experts in energy weapons research. Now, with the help of Tess and the advanced sealing technology for reference, it is still possible to complete the plane penetration function of this instrument, but the most difficult thing is the problem of the spatial plane landmark. Without the correct spatial plane landmark, even if we complete this instrument, it is impossible to open the channel to our original plane in countless planes. "
"Is there really no way to solve it?" Windson unwilling asked.
"no!" Tess said neatly: "According to our research, there are countless planes in the universe, but there is actually only one space barrier between parallel planes. That is to say, as long as we break through this space barrier, theoretically we can connect all parallel planes except the upper and lower planes. In this case, the corresponding spatial plane landmark must be set on the bit plane tearer before opening the bit plane channel. Without the spatial plane landmark, the opened bit plane channel will randomly lead to any parallel bit plane! "
Lin Fengwen was silent. If you can only open the plane channel randomly, it also means that every time you open a channel, you have to send someone to explore it. So it is impossible to find the plane where the earth is located without thousands of years. Lin Feng may be able to wait for such a long time, but his relatives and confidantes on earth can never afford to wait.
As windson thinking, the space around seems to suddenly fluctuate, and the instruments in the laboratory are also sensitive to capture what crazy flashes. Windson a surprised spirit force in an instant gathered in the fluctuation point of space, although windson didn’t foresee any danger, but I still speed up the operation of the real yuan to prepare for the sudden change.
Gradually, a hazy shadow appeared at the fluctuation point of space, which was not big or almost the size of a palm. With the appearance of the shadow, windson felt a wave of soul that seemed familiar.
"What’s that?" Although the instrument changes in the space laboratory have attracted the attention of many researchers, some people have seen the sudden shadow.
The shadow slowly became clear, and finally appeared in front of everyone was a strange creature with brown skin, horns, a long tail, bat wings and a small fork.
The palm-sized eccentric creature turned around and immediately flew towards Lin Fengfei. His mouth cried "Haw" as if he were very excited.
"Oh my god is a little devil! Be careful, son! " Chen Ling suddenly screamed, his hands tightly holding his face, and his pale figure quickly rushed towards his son.
Lin You moves faster than his wife. At this moment, he completely forgot that his son is much more powerful than him. See strange creatures fly towards Lin Fengfei he want to also don’t want to immediately flicker in front of the windson vertical palm into a knife a face of alert.
"Father and mother it’s okay! It’s my friend’s pet and won’t hurt me. " Windson moved to hug his father’s shoulder in front of him, and let the little devil fly to his shoulder with his other hand on his mother’s arm, waving a small fork and screaming "Haw".

Chapter 185 Orphanage
Feng is the first person in the whole lab to see the little devil clearly. Isn’t this the "flying" that the goshawk gave Long Linger’s pet? Now that it’s here, does that mean that the goshawk and Long Linger have successfully survived the spiritual robbery? Thought of here, the surprise windson suddenly didn’t notice the fright that the arrival of the little devil brought to his parents, but then he was moved by the way his parents tried their best to stand in front of him, and his eyes were slightly red and his nose was a little sour.
"Son, is this … true?" Chen Ling asked, patting his chest, which was heaving with strenuous exercise.
"Of course, I really don’t believe you!" Said the windson will split the little devil really obediently flew to his hand, blinked his two small eyes and looked at windson’s parents curiously.
"You smelly boy scared your old man!" Seeing that the little devil really didn’t look dangerous, Lin You relaxed and punched his son on the shoulder and asked, "Is this little guy really your friend’s pet? How does it look exactly like the legendary devil? What is the origin of your friend who has such a pet? "
On one side of the Chen Ling also tightly staring at windson waiting for his explanation, you know the devil is one of the most horrible and evil things in the legend of the earth. Not everyone has the ability to keep it as a pet. Is it the fairy friend my son said last time?
"Father and mother, I’ll explain to you later. This little guy has brought some news. I’ll ask him first." If you want to explain the origin of the little devil to your parents, you have to talk about the underworld, which will not be finished for a while. By contrast, Lin Feng cares more about the situation of the goshawk and the dragon shine, so he ignores his parents’ fierce eyes and silently communicates with the little devil with mental fluctuations.
"You mean that the second brother of Goshawk and Linger have indeed passed the spiritual robbery smoothly?"
The little devil nodded hard.
"Have you found the shine of reincarnation?"
Nod again.
"That shine woke up yet? Which plane is she on now? Is it on earth? "
The little devil shook his head first. Then scratching their heads is obviously don’t know which plane the earth is in, but this does not hinder the communication with windson.
"Oh. Shine hasn’t awakened. What did you say? Shine is in our present plane? " This time, windson suddenly cried out in surprise, which attracted researchers who had long noticed the little devil around him to come over aboveboard.
However, Lin Feng was oblivious to staring at the little demon and seeing it nod affirmatively again, Lin Feng cried again: "Then where is she now?"
The little devil decisively turned the small fork in his claw towards bsp; "You mean just leave us the nearest life planet? Oh, my God, isn’t that Tran Star? What a coincidence! "
It’s really a coincidence that Lin Feng never thought that in countless parallel planes, Long Linger was reincarnated on Tran Star. Is this the fate between brother and sister? But whether it’s fate or coincidence, Lin Feng still appreciates God’s arrangement to make him meet Long Linger so soon.
"Son, can you tell us the origin of this little thing now?" See windson and small demon communication come to an end Chen Ling immediately stare at windson asked. Cold light sparkled in his eyes. If you don’t tell me. I want you to look good. Lin You also on one side with a pinch pinch fist.
It’s a pity that windson still has no time to answer parents’ questions. The urgent task now is to find Long Linger. Take her and her family to avoid any accident.
"father. Mother can’t say now that I have something important to do when I go back to Tran Star. When I come back, I will give you an account honestly. " Before saying his word, Lin Feng and the little devil disappeared into the laboratory, and then his voice came from a distance: "Father and mother, I will bring you a beautiful and lovely goddaughter when I come back. Now you should continue to finish that plane shredder!"
Chen Ling listened to her son’s words and became more curious. But her son had already run away, and there was nothing she could do. She stamped her foot and pinched her husband’s waist severely.
Lin You asked in a low voice, "My wife is a son. Why are you pinching me?"
"Didn’t I learn it from you?" Chen Ling of course.
Lin You was furious and waved his fist in the direction where Lin Feng left and shouted, "The smelly boy must teach you a good lesson when he comes back!"
Windson manipulated the "purple
Once I flew to Tran Xing, this time the arrival of the little devil not only made Lin Feng feel a little helpless about how to return to the original plane, but suddenly I had a vague idea. It’s just that I still need to find Long Linger first and then think about it when I come back.
After signing a series of unequal agreements with the United Nations of Tran Star, the war fortress left the outer space of Tran Star and settled in the orbit of a planet next to Tran Star in order to avoid the strong deterrence of "Enemy at the Gates" causing the other side to rebound.
However, the widening of the space distance has no effect on the communication between the two sides. Pirates in the war fortress often organize Tran Star tour groups to visit Tran Star, and the United Nations in Tran Star also sends a certain number of scientific researchers to the war fortress every year to "study" according to the agreement. Of course, at windson’s behest, the trainees sent by Tranxing in the past two years are mainly experts in studying spatial plane …
It can be said that after a certain degree of contact and communication, the two sides have a better understanding of each other. It is no longer a secret that "Ziguang" belongs to the fortress of war. Moreover, at the suggestion of parents, in order to make up for the loss of Lida Democratic Republic, Lin Feng selectively copied a copy of the sealed technology in the large-scale data storage, returned it to Lida Academia Sinica, and gave those researchers who had been kidnapped to Lida Academia Sinica an account in the name of a group of advanced experts.
With these contacts and exchanges, "Purple Light" can fly freely in the atmosphere of Tran Star, and no country dares to play the idea of "Purple Light" aboveboard.
Under the guidance of the little devil, "Purple Light" landed in the territory of the Arcaya Empire.
I have to say that fate is a wonderful thing. The last country that Lin Feng contacted in Tran Star was in the Arcaya Empire. I didn’t expect Long Linger to be reincarnated here.
Put away the "purple light" and turned a street to appear in front of Lin Feng. The floor space of a 3-high building is not large. The building made of red bricks has been pitted on the surface, as if it were an old woman who had faded her color and was sad.
There is a big copper nameplate hanging on the door of the building, which is covered with verdigris. On the nameplate, there is a line of big characters-Xiuling Town Orphanage in Arcaya Imperial City.