Thunder suddenly sounded outside the teaching building, the ground trembled violently, and the floor seemed to collapse at any time.

Countless dark clouds came out of nowhere, blocking the dim sunlight in the winter morning, and the surrounding light suddenly dimmed.
HuangFuZiYan suddenly face a change, rapped out: "It’s Ouyang Yinghong … you go quickly, I’ll try to hold him off for a while, he is surrounded by a strong man who transcends Yuan’s infancy, and you can’t beat him!"
"Chen Han, come out quickly. Do you still want a woman to help you out?"
"Ha ha … you little puss-head, even the heavenly king Lao tze can’t save you today!"
"The whole city of Tianhua has been banned and blocked. Even if you have a summons, the news will not reach Tianlong. You will die today!"
Numerous students screamed in panic, and there were also many boys with more courage who quietly ran to the corridor to look at several figures suspended in the high sky.
Fix the truth!
When Ying Zheng sent an existence beyond ordinary people’s thinking, the kind of person who has the ability to change the world has hidden the truth in the mortal world for more than 2,000 years and finally surfaced.
Chen cold ignored HuangFuZi smoke urging, slowly walked out of the classroom, jumped straight from the fifth floor, head up and look at a full face of OuYangYingHong proudly.
"Oh, our coward has finally become a man. Congratulations …"
Ouyang Yinghong has a bright smile, and now he has been forcibly promoted to the later stage of then by the ancestor of Ouyang’s family with rare elixir, which can be described as high-spirited to the extreme.
With a reserved smile, he pointed to the four men around him and said, "See? My ancestors sent me four out-of-body experts. This young master knows that there is a guy named Canxue around you, but he is afraid to come, because he will only die if he comes. Tianlong? Haha … Tianlong is still reorganizing, and no one can control you. Today, everyone who knows about it will die, so no one knows that I killed you. "
"Bastard! Do you want to kill me too? " HuangFuZi smoke sharply reprimand angrily to.
"My little princess, how can I kill you?"
Ouyang Yinghong immediately changed his face, but although it was flattering, it was not as humble as before: "But you are the only one who said that I killed Chen Han, which is not evidence at all, is it?" Or, kill him and then erase your memory, erase your feelings for this waste, and even I can let four masters forcibly tamper with your memory and make you fall in love with this young master. What do you think? "
"Don’t you dare!"
"What do you think I dare not? You are just the little princess of the Huangfu family, but now the ruler of the Huangfu family has changed. If I remember correctly, it seems that the favored one is from the top of Kunlun Mountain, definitely not you. Being able to marry me is a blessing that you have cultivated for eight generations. Have you not seen the truth yet? "
"Dare to ask what the four predecessors are?" Chen cold suddenly gentle smile.
"At the beginning of OBE."
In the middle of two OBE’s and the early of two OBE’s, his smile became more gentle: "Thank you for putting up a ban covering the whole city of Tianhua, otherwise the younger generation would be worried about being discovered. Four out-of-body masters, if they are all in the late stage of out-of-body experience, I have no confidence to leave you. Fortunately, it is only the early and middle stages. "
The four of them changed their faces one after another, and Ouyang Yinghong was also frightened, but soon came to her senses and laughed: "Blow! Blow it, you little bitch, and I’ll let you know what life is worse than death when you’ve blown it enough! "
"By the way, master Ouyang, you seem to have sworn not to be my enemy, right?"
"Oath? Haha … It’s not a blood oath. Does it work? I kill you, kill all the people who know this matter, and have no influence on Ouyang’s reputation. Do you think a nonsense oath can bind this young master? "
"I see."
Chen cold gently made a snap of his fingers, and light and shadow swept across the sky and appeared on the spot.
There are all experts in Yuan infant period, and the total number is as many as 26, of which two-fifths are in the late Yuan infant period. There are six people who don’t even know Chen Han, but they are only unfamiliar in appearance. Of course, he knows that it is a post and Qin Yang who disguise themselves through face-lifting techniques.
Chapter 103 Beyond extermination
Through spiritual knowledge, people who fix the truth can easily find people they once knew from the sea of people. In some ways, face-lifting is useless to those who fix the truth.
However, Qin Yang and others were not practitioners before, but became experts in Yuan infant period overnight, and their strength must be hidden.
Prior to this, Ouyang Yinghong was also not a person who fixed the truth in the then period, and could not confirm anyone by breath. The four people he brought had never seen Qin Yang before, and how did they know their original identity after changing their faces?
Two out-of-body experiences in the middle and two out-of-body experiences in the early, this force is really strong, and residual blood is absolutely unstoppable by one person.
Unfortunately, Tianlong sent 20 yuan baby masters, or on the South China Sea, Chen Han made a temporary agreement with Xiang Kuang. Back to the Chinese people, these twenty people were temporarily transferred from Tianlong, and Ouyang Yinghong didn’t know it at all. He thought that Chen Han was only a master of residual blood.
There are many masters around Chen Han, but some of them are shady, such as more than 30 thousand people hiding in the Forbidden Fairy and Precious Towers and desperately practicing with the help of massive natural materials and treasures, such as Qin Yang and others who use easy-to-let techniques. As long as they are discovered and determined to be promoted to such cultivation in a very short time, Chen Han will immediately become the target of all forces.
Similarly, there are many forces that can be made public openly, and residual blood is one of them. The whole world knows about their robbery together. Tianlong’s masters can also let people know that these people are masters of Yuan’s infancy and will not arouse others’ doubts at all.
"Twenty-five Yuan-infant practitioners, eleven of whom reached the late Yuan-infant stage, are these the reasons?"
In the middle of OBE, the man sneered, and Jing Mang was called out with a flash of flying sword. He also had the quality of a Chinese spiritual weapon. The practitioner on the top of Kunlun Mountain was really not in the same class as the secular world: "If there are only these people, you can go to die. One person in this seat is enough … Fairy songs and nine tricks-breaking the end of the world!"
"Twenty-five people are enough for you. Let’s go!" Qin Yang changed his voice and shouted loudly.
"Lao tze eighteen people? Xiao Sumi returns to Yuan Jian array! " A post has also changed its tone, and even the Panlong golden gun has been replaced by a flying sword with a handle.
There are five people in the Wolf Team, but he is the only one who can truly trust Chen Han completely. The other three people, after all, have undergone early brainwashing education, and their loyalty to Tianlong is too high to really be used by him. On the contrary, Xiang Lang, although this guy grew up in Tianlong, his identity determines that he has less brainwashing education, and he is impulsive and will never betray his brother.
This is also the fundamental reason why Chen Han let him know some secrets and promoted him to the later stage of Yuan Ying. It turns out that he did not expose the secrets, even Xiang Kuang did not tell him.