Jiang Qianfeng named his son Shang, Ziya and Jiang Ziya.

Jiang Ziya was finally born! )
Chapter seventy-five Qing Ye fate Jiang Ziya as an apprentice.
After Jiang Ziya was born, he went out fishing and hunting with his father at the age of five or six. At the same time, he had a quirk, that is, he liked to sit on the edge of the fishing shore and fish. Sometimes, when he fished for a whole day, he didn’t even move a minute after his father Jiang Qianfeng tried to persuade him. At first, people in small villages felt weird about it, but over time, people in small villages were not surprised.
Ten years later, Jiang Qianfeng and his wife died one after another. Jiang Ziya felt that life was too short, so he left the small village, hoping to find an immortal and learn his immortal method, so as to be immortal and immortal.
After years of wandering and bumping, I couldn’t find the legendary immortal in people’s mouths. Desperate, I decided that I had no chance with the immortal, so I went to Songjiazhuang, my righteous brother Song Yi, who became a sworn friend when I wandered around the rivers and lakes for several years.
However, after a long time, I started my heart again, unwilling to be so mediocre all my life, and wanted to visit Xianshan again to study fairy dharma.
Time flies, Jiang Ziya is nearly 30 years old. On this day, he is planning to bid farewell to his brother and go to visit the fairy mountain. Suddenly, the sky drops the breath of Xianrui, the extraordinary splendour ripples, the flowers and rain are colorful, and the people of Jiang Ziya and Songjiazhuang are surprised. When they look up, they see a Taoist wearing a purple palace crown, wearing a Luo Lanyu suit and a colorful warm jade waist riding on an animal.
That animal, born with a jackal, has a dragon-like head and a green tail, and its end is fierce. People in Songjiazhuang have never seen such a way, and they all bow down and kowtow, even Jiang Ziya.
It was Qing Ye of Qinglian Lingshan who came riding a yazi.
Qing Ye, as a person of later generations, naturally knew that Jiang Ziya was the man who presided over the deity, and after two years, he would worship the gate of the Yuan Dynasty. Based on the strong luck of the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower in heaven and earth, he figured out where Jiang Ziya was, rode a yazi, and earned it before the Yuan Dynasty.
When Yazi rode on the cloud and slowly stepped off the ground, Qing Ye came down, took a look at nearly 100 people in Songjiazhuang, and then said, "Wait till you get up." Then Jiang Ziya and Song Guzhuang found themselves uncontrollably held up by a force, and they were even more in awe of Qing Ye.
Jiang Ziya had white hair. With the memory of past lives, Qing Ye recognized Jiang Ziya at a glance among nearly 100 people, and then asked, "Who are Song Yi and Jiang Ziya?" Voice is not big, faint, but hidden tianwei, song makes and Jiang Ziya heard the fairy named himself, are nervous, I don’t know is a blessing or a curse.
Song Yi people and Jiang Ziya hurried forward to bow down and see the ceremony. After the ceremony, Song Yi people carefully asked, "I wonder why the immortal came to my Songjiazhuang?" Qing Ye glanced at the Song Dynasty stranger and said with a smile: "Without it, I have a mentoring relationship with Jiang Ziya. Today, I want to take it into my family." Jiang Ziya heard that the immortal had to accept himself as an apprentice. To his surprise, Youzi felt foggy and unreal, just like a poor farmer suddenly dropped a big treasure in front of him.
Qing Ye asked with a smile, "Jiang Ziya, would you like to worship me and be my disciple?" At this time, Jiang Ziya was sure that the immortal really wanted to accept himself as a disciple, and quickly bowed down: "Disciple is willing to meet the immortal master." I can’t help crying with joy. I want to know that I can worship the immortal to practice the immortal method, but his lifelong wish, now, finally I can see the sun and the moon.
Qing Ye said with a smile, "As a teacher, you are the leader of the Heavenly Religion. You are called Violet. Get up. Since you are in my door, I will give you the name flying bear." Jiang Ziya and Song makes heard that Qing Ye was the leader of Tien-jiao, but they were shocked. Why did you say that? It turns out that after Qing Ye sent Dong Wanggong Yangming, a disciple of his family, down the mountain three hundred years ago to preach the morality of Tientsin, after three hundred years of development, Tientsin is very famous in the lower world, and it is said by the world that the leader of Tientsin is the father of the Terran, the violet saint, and the teacher of the three ancient emperors.
Saint, that’s the highest existence between heaven and earth!
Jiang Ziya was so happy that he forgot the north, and bowed down to Qing Ye to pay tribute to Ann. Song makes led Song Guzhuang to bow down again and praise the sage’s Ann.
Ye Qing said, "You don’t have to be polite." Then he lifted everyone up, and his fingers waved into everyone’s body with a clear light, saying, "It was just a fairy breath, but Paul and others have never suffered from illness in their lives." After listening to this, Song Guzhuang felt like he was floating in the air. It was another time to pay homage to his safety. Qing Ye couldn’t help it. Then he said to Jiang Ziya, "You will come back to the mountain with me to practice Buddhism. You have no years to practice. I don’t know how many years you have gone this time. What can you say to your brother now?" Jiang Ziya respect should be, and then, with the song makes narrative goodbye, song makes see sworn brother can worship into the saint’s door, naturally happy for it, but I don’t know when to see Jiang Ziya, and sad.
When the two men finished talking, Qing Ye rode his yazi with Jiang Ziya and drove away in the clouds. Song Guzhuang bowed down and down.
When Ye Qing took Jiang Ziya back to the mountain, the Zixiao Palace sounded a sigh, and Yuan Shi of the Yuxu Palace in Kunlun was uneasy, so he transported Pangu Zan to do self-calculation. When he learned that the deity who should have worshipped himself was robbed by Qing Ye, his heart was angry: "Qing Ye, you robbed my disciple and stopped me to explain my fate again and again, and I will never rest with you."
It is said that Jiang Ziya followed Qing Ye behind him, and when Qing Ye lowered the clouds, he saw that Qinglian Lingshan was a fairy home: full of auspicious gas, purple mist and rosy clouds, cranes and deer swarming away, apes coming and going, pine and cypress clouds and valleys, exotic flowers and exotic grasses, Baoge Qionglou, Cai Feng both singing in the air, Qingluan dancing against the wind, and occasionally taxiing fairies and beasts patrolling four rooms.
See where Jiang Ziya forgot himself.
Qing Ye said with a smile: "Qinglian Lingshan, Fiona Fang is hundreds of thousands of miles, and there are millions of demons on all the hills. Naturally, it is different from the mortal world. You will get used to it when you practice here." Jiang Ziya’s face turned red: "Let the master make a joke. Ziya has been visiting Xianshan for several years since she was born, but she has never seen such a fairyland." Qing Ye did not say anything about his five disciples, but Jiang Ziya remembered them one by one.
Arriving at the main peak and entering the main hall, Qing Ye summoned Shijie and Lu Ya, who had stayed in the mountains and closed their lights, and asked Jiang Ziya to pay homage to the master again, and then met them one by one.
Shi Ji and Lu Ya couldn’t think of why the Master accepted a common child from the mountain as a disciple, and they looked at the six younger brothers’ bones and bones. They were dull and had no fairy roots, but they couldn’t get the status of immortals after taking a lifetime. However, since it was the meaning of the Master, they dared not be rude to the six younger brothers, and they were worshipped by Jiang Ziya, and they were also busy reciprocate.
Qing Ye didn’t know what these two disciples were thinking when he saw the look of Shijie and Lu Ya. He said, "Your sixth younger brother started late and has no foundation. As brothers and sisters, you should protect him more. You should always remember the friendship of the same family whenever and wherever. The battle to seal the gods will start, and your sixth younger brother will need your help when it arrives."
Shi Ji and Lu Ya should be respectful. Qing Ye gave them a few more words, so they retired from the hall and went back to the abode of fairies and immortals for meditation.
After Shi Ji and Lu Ya stepped down, Qing Ye looked at Jiang Ziya. According to past knowledge, although Jiang Ziya had the intention to cultivate immortality, his foundation was too low to be cultivated as an immortal, and he could only enjoy the blessings of the world. However, Qing Ye actually accepted him as a six-disciple, which naturally would not let this happen. First, he used great magic to gather the spirit of the fairy to wash his bones and muscles, and then he took the jade liquid and nectar for him.
In such three years, Jiang Ziya was abruptly promoted from an ordinary person to an immortal realm, and then Qing Ye passed on "Chaos Tactics" to let him practice well.
(Eighteen days after I sent the signing agreement, I finally changed it to A. Jiang Ziya said, "Taoist friends have copper coins, so reward a few. The more rewards, the more powerful I am, and the more exciting the battle of sealing the gods." )
Chapter seventy-six Zhou Wang’s poems on obscenity exhibit literary talent
After Jiang Ziya was established as an immortal, Qing Ye hit the Jade Qing with a rocky mountain, and preached again, so that the disciples such as rocky mountain, Lu Ya and Jiang Ziya and the demons in Qinglian Lingshan could listen to the lecture.
If so, this sermon is thirty years. Jiang Ziya has been practicing in Qinglian Lingshan for more than thirty years, and his way has reached the early stage of true immortality.
After Tai Ding’s death, the Shang Dynasty gradually declined, and then passed through Zu Geng, Zujia, Yan Xin, Geng Ding and Wu Yi to the Shang King Di Yi. Di Yi, the king of Shang, had three sons, the eldest son Wei Ziqi, the second son Wei Yan and the third son Shou Wang Di Xin. Among the three sons, Di Xin, the youngest son Shou Wang, was intelligent since childhood, and he was born with divine power and liked martial arts. Di Yi asked him to worship Wen Zhong as a teacher and prepare him to succeed him.
It’s just that the world was in chaos at that time, and there were revolts from time to time, and a surname Wen Zhong was away all the year round, lacking discipline for Di Xin. Therefore, although Di Xin’s martial arts were extraordinary, his moral character was low, so that he was confused by Fox Da Ji and became a tyrant in Zhou Wang, which ruined the land of Shang Dynasty for 600 years.
Di Yi, the king of Shang Dynasty, collapsed after 30 years in office. He entrusted an orphan with Wen Zhong, a surname, and made King Shou the son of heaven, named Zhou Wang. In the seventh year of Zhou Wang, in February of the spring, Chaoge suddenly received a report against Yuan Futong, a 72-way warlord of Beihai, and so on, so Wen Zhong, a surname, made a personal expedition to Beihai.
One day, Zhou Wang went to the temple early in the morning and gathered hundreds of officials and civil servants, but he saw: the golden hall was full of auspicious lights, the former civilian commander of Baiyujie was majestic, the golden stove was sprayed with jade incense, the bead curtain was high with Cai Feng pictures, and the blue musk deer were stacked on top of each other.
Zhou Wang looked at the civil and military officials, and he was very satisfied with the king’s anger. Since he boarded Dabao, although there have been princes who revolted from time to time, there are a surname Wen Zhong and a martial arts king Huang Feihu in Chaoge, which are enough to settle the country and make it prosperous. Moreover, the concubines in the three palaces are virtuous, gentle and virtuous, all beautiful, and feast every day, which is better than a fairy.
Zhou Wang asked the driver: "If you have a memorial, you will retire." Thinking about the harem beauty, Zhou Wang only felt feverish, but he didn’t mind staying in the golden palace.
Zhou Wang had just finished, when he saw a man in the right class coming out of the class, prostrating himself on the golden steps, holding his teeth high, and shouting at the mountain, "I dare not play something." Zhou Wang was not happy to hear it, and the body of the beauty in the palace in his head was suddenly broken. He said angrily, "What do you say?" If it’s not urgent, it’s not too late to go to the DPRK tomorrow. "
Shang Rong saw that Zhou Wang was unhappy, but his face didn’t change color. He said, "Tomorrow is April 25th, the day of the holy saliva of our Terran. According to ancient legend, our Terran was made by the Holy Father and the Virgin Mary. After the three emperors of heaven and earth in ancient times, the Terran had rules. Every emperor of past dynasties had to go to the temple to worship the Holy Father and the Virgin Mary soon after he went to the court, in order to be healthy at all times, long in the country and smooth in the weather.
Hearing this, Zhou Wang became interested, but he was surprised: "Is there such a thing? Why don’t I know? " Shang Rong said, "The worship of the Father and the Virgin Mary has never been publicized by kings in previous dynasties. I am afraid that the Father and the Virgin Mary will not like it, but the Prime Minister is responsible for the sacrifice, so your majesty does not know it." When Shang Rong finished speaking, the king of Zhenguo Wu Cheng came out of class and said, "This is a big event, and your majesty has to go to incense."
Zhou Wang had to ask the driver to announce that the next day, the son of heaven would take a chariot and take two classes of civil and military officials to the temple to offer incense.
The next day, Zhou Wang was engaged in ostentation and extravagance. He saw 3,000 fighters, 800 body guards, and officials from the civil and military dynasties accompanying him. They were so scared that every family burned incense and set fire. Every family tied carpets and bowed down to the roadside to show their grace. Zhou Wang rode on the dragon chariot and looked at the people who bowed down by the Shang Dynasty roadside, which made him very satisfied.
Fortunately, the Temple is not far away, only a few hundred miles away from Duchaoge. After arriving, Zhou Wang got off the dragon chariot, but when he saw the temple in front of him, it was gorgeous, about 100 feet high, with auspicious clouds and colorful colors. He entered the temple and went to the incense burner to pay homage to the civil and military officials. Zhou Wang couldn’t help but watch the splendor in the temple. How can he see it: the golden hall was colorful, the golden boy was right, and the jade girl was right, each holding its own banner.
Zhou Wang was sighing and hissing for the scenery in the temple. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, rolled up the curtain, and revealed the icons of violet saints and Nu Wa Empress. The violet saints wore purple and gold crowns, dressed in jade rings and sage-like clothes, while Nu Wa was beautiful in appearance and graceful as life, that is, the fairy of Ruigong descended to earth, and the goddess of the moon temple was not comparable to the next life.
When Zhou Wang looked at the icon of Nu Wa, he couldn’t help but feel it, which frightened all officials. The Prime Minister Shang Rong hurried forward to persuade him, "Your Majesty, Nu Wa is the virgin of the Terran, so don’t blaspheme, or it would be a disaster to be convicted of being a saint!" At this time, Fei Zhong, the admonition doctor among Zhou Wang’s minions, took advantage of Zhou Wang’s favor and stood up and shouted: "Bold business, your majesty is the real dragon emperor, and the world is in total control. It’s already a courtesy to come to worship the temple. As a courtier, you only have rare saints in your eyes. Do you know the crime if you don’t treat your majesty in your eyes?"
It is a great sin to disrespect the ceremony of the monarch and the minister. As a loyal minister, Shang Rong quickly knelt down and said, "Shang Rong dare not, your majesty can distinguish clearly."
Zhou Wang waved his robe sleeve: "Hum, Shang Rong, don’t you think that I dare not punish you because of the arm of the third generation and the minister who entrusted orphans?" !” Shang Rong was in a hurry to proffering flaming, but I didn’t dare to shout, and the ministers such as Zhen Guo Wu Cheng Wang also came forward to advise him. Zhou Wang didn’t calm down, and then asked the driving officer to fetch Four Treasures of the Study, so that he could write a poem on the powder wall of the temple:
Feng Luan Bao’s tent is very beautiful, full of mud and gold makeup. Qu qu yuan shan Fei Cui; Dancing sleeves reflect Xia Shang. Pear blossoms bring rain for beauty; Peony cage smoke is more attractive than makeup. But enchanting can move, get back Changle to serve the king.
Seeing this, Shang Rong of Shouyang couldn’t help but go forward and remonstrate: "Nu Wa Niangniang is a saint, the god of ancient times. Your majesty wrote this poem to blaspheme the sage, fearing that the people of the world would see it. If it gets out, it will say that the son of heaven has no moral politics and cause criticism. May your master wash it with water." Zhou Wang was furious: "I am the statue of Wan Cheng. Now I see Nu Wa’s peerless appearance. Why not write poems to praise her and show her literary talent?" !” When he said that he was angry and returned to the DPRK, the civil and military officials were all silent.
Let’s talk about it. On this day, Nu Wa went to Huoyun Palace to see her brother Emperor Fuxi and returned. She got down and sat on the treasure hall of Nu Wa Palace. Then she looked up and saw the obscene poem on the powder wall. After counting it with her fingers, she understood it and denounced: "You are a good Zhou Wang, who dare to insult me by mentioning this poem in front of the four senior brothers. It’s really hateful! I want to enjoy the country for 600 years, and I will give you a reward when my luck is exhausted. "
It turns out that one of the most important reasons for Nu Wa’s great anger is that Zhou Wang actually desecrated her by writing this poem in front of the Temple Qing Ye. If Qing Ye knew, what would he think?
Nu Wa called Caiyun Tonger to bring the golden gourd, took off the reed cover, and pointed with her hand, and she saw that the gourd had a white light, as big as a line, four or five feet high, and there was a banner hanging above the white light, which was full of inspiration. It was that trick that Nu Wa used great magic to recruit the banner, and after a while, it was
Nu Wa paid Caiyun: "Demons from all over the place retreated, leaving only the fox demon in Xuanyuan grave to wait on them."
The other demons retreated respectfully, and the fox demon went into the temple to pay homage, bowing down and saying, "Nu Wa Niangniang’s life is boundless." Nu Wa said, "The fox demon heard the secret message: When the luck of the soup is dark, when you lose the world, you should go down to the palace behind you, confuse your heart, enjoy the wealth of the world, and you can be my disciples when you succeed in the future." The Millennium fox listened to this exultation, kowtowed and thanked, and went away in the breeze.
Qing Ye, who is hundreds of millions of miles away, is preaching in Qinglian Lingshan. His mind is moved and he suddenly stops: "This sermon is over. Let’s go back and realize what we have gained." When the millions of demons retreated, Qing Ye looked at the direction of Nu Wa 33 days away and said, "Alas, martial sister, the battle to seal the gods is about to start, so why should you get involved?"