Night Yang first said that his father, eldest brother and master looked at this matter very lightly, and looked at her as if she were eldest brother.

The answer of Yeyang made people feel a little shocked. When the former Chinese woman heard the length of the night maple, she immediately jumped up. Now the word can be used to express the Chinese woman’s reaction. Jackie Chan asked Yang Er, did you have any expression on her face when you talked about your big brother?
Yeyang recalled no, but after I finished, her mouth seemed to smile. When I wanted to ask her what she was laughing at, she said something coldly to me.
What is Jackie Chan’s light road?
Yeyang made a cold war and said that she said that eldest brother was missing a hair, and no one or family could escape her palm.
The people present made a cold war when they heard the words of Yeyang. The Chinese girl is really qualified to say such a thing. Even if she can’t escape Xiaosheng’s imprisonment now, no one knows if her ability will suddenly escape and find herself when she grows up the day after tomorrow.
Jackie Chan said, "Alas, your eldest brother ruined our life for Chinese girls." Jackie Chan continued, "Yuechen, didn’t you say that the four gods have never left the temple since Xiao Sheng closed? This news is not reliable.
Yuechen said that I have never left the temple, and I still know it.
Night Yu said that they didn’t come in two places at once?
Did Yuechen say that although the four gods are one level higher than me, I still know that this aspect can be ruled out when I am busy.
Tianfeng chimed in and said, well, now is not the time to discuss this issue. Now, everyone can’t let us be sworn enemies in the temple. Even others know that we are looking for Maple. I believe everyone knows about this matter. The less people know about it, the better. Maple’s decline will temporarily give up the pursuit.
Tianfeng said seriously, Xianer, I know you are worried about Fenger, but you are as worried as everyone here. Fenger is my son, and I feel sad.
Fine son cast a glance at the day the wind said aunt wind I know.
My heart, don’t stay with me for a while. My heart, don’t go. Night maple said with tears on her face
Wake up, big brother, wake up, big brother, wake up, dream, get excited, grab your hand and say happily.
Eldest brother eldest brother finally woke up later, worried that tears held Yaqi happily and said
When I saw Ye Feng in bed with tears in her mouth, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Eldest brother woke up, Brother Feng woke up, and everyone was tightly around the bed, looking at Ye Feng with tears in his heart.
Ye Feng didn’t disappoint everyone, but he opened his eyes. When he saw that everyone was nervous around the bed, his expression was instantly cold. A super energy swept through the crowd. Suddenly, he didn’t guard against all the people being swept away by his super energy. Everyone crashed through the wall and flew backwards. It was only after three walls were smashed that they stopped.
Night maple jumped out of bed with red eyes and growled, "You killed my heart. You all go to hell. Purple energy is like an arrow. Purple energy quickly turns to dust."
People don’t beat their own people at night, but they know it’s time to avoid it. If they still want to talk at this time, then I respect him, a brainless fool. You’re dead.
Everyone is experienced in combat, and they have already put a defensive barrier or quarrelling to protect themselves when they fall to the ground. My little girl was so frightened that she didn’t know how to protect her, and then she jumped out of the window with a rush.
The cold war cast a ten-level fire magic on Ye Feng and then teleported everyone.
Big Brother Twelve Music is going to go into the hotel to find Night Maple Two Music and Three Music. Hold on tight. Twelve Music says don’t go in. Brother Feng may have been stimulated and become like this. You are going to die if you go in to find Brother Feng.
After a loud bang, the five-story hotel collapsed, and I didn’t know what happened in the hotel. The passenger clerk announced that his life had come to an end with the collapse of the hotel
Haha, it’s you who killed your heart. Night maple slowly rose from the ruins and cried while beating energy.
Seeing the cold war, Ye Feng came without saying anything. He immediately sent a large magic to Ye Feng, but in the middle of the magic, he was blocked by his dream father. The dream father fell to the cold war and said that none of the cold war brothers would hurt more people. Ye Feng was stimulated in a coma, and now he is in a state of madness. Destroy these two words in his eyes.
The cold war looked around at the collapsed houses of people who were injured by night maple energy and said, then there is no way to stop him? He will be finished if he goes to this city for an hour.
Dream father shook his head and said that there was really no way to stop him until he was sober.
Dream heard his father’s words and came over and took his father’s hand and said, is there really no way for father to save big brother?
The dream father touched the dream head and said, "I told you just now, don’t be sober. It will be fine when he has finished venting."