In the end, I realized that the immortal left by a hundred-foot-tall building was right at the top of the building.

Hesitant about the incarnation of Baiyun Tower, but the hand brushed one side of the handrail, and the gray sand and gravel fell one after another, and a delicate jade box fell from the handrail.
The agent took the jade box and opened it. After a little while, he knew the income of Baiyun Tower and immediately saw the reason why Ziyan came here.
This side is unknown to the real Buddha after the war.
When the flower on the other side of the god breaks, it directly pulls this small world into another.
How many traces of buddha magic War are left in this extremely chaotic time?
Due to the change of the big rules, the original abundant aura source has long been exhausted, but the small world of Terran has got rid of the dependence on aura and taken the road of natural energy development.
This small world’s aura is cut off, and it doesn’t suppress the monks too much, but the display of avatar skills consumes self-cultivation.
I’ve also seen the Baiyun Tower in Jueling, and this is even more exaggerated. It seems that the extremely dry desert only has its own aura, and the monks will break away when they arrive at this body.
If it weren’t for the purple jade box tightly sealing her immortal knowledge, it would have broken away.
The immortal knowledge of Ziyan followed the residual breath of flowers on the other side. Although it has not been explored for a long time, the harvest is really small
In the thought of Buddha, Ziyan found the message of flowers on the other side of the fairy.
As the Buddha said, the normal flowers have indeed collapsed, but if they are different, they should be able to find the complete flowers on the other side.
And if you want to go to different Buddhism, three means are feasible.
First, we need to break the virtual avatar and tear open the positive barriers to escape the big ones with our own strong strength.
Second, with the help of the other bank’s flower power, they are fleeing to unknown places.
The last means is to enter the Ganges River sand.
After knowing the way forward, Ziyan immediately stayed in the immortal body and went to Hengsha Lingtai, where she was finally trapped.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and fifteen Thousand Faces Method
Knowing all kinds of reasons, Baiyun Tower was filled with emotion.
It turns out that there is really another world outside the heavens.
Standing on the top of a broken high-rise building, looking at the ruins of the setting sun, the mind is full of excitement.
The other side of the world may hide the unknown truth.
However, Baiyun Tower is no longer interested in exploring the truth and goes to the other side alone.
Read Baiyun Tower and look at the jade box in the palm of your hand. There is an old book left by Ziyan quietly.
There are six bronzing characters, the Tathagata Sutra.
And the cover of six big characters seems to have been scribbled by children, and the handwriting is very messy.
Opening the book is also described extremely badly.
Through the complicated ink, Baiyun Tower seems to see a tongtian avenue, which is the path that Buddha once walked.
It seems that the Buddha has been trapped in this period of time. Without spiritual power, he is weak, but his life has been opened up a new way.
Just like this, the Terrans were born in the spirit, but they also found a way to explore the stars.
It is the crystallization of Terran wisdom to transport objects in the vicinity of high-rise buildings or flying in the sky.
Feeling that Yu Baiyun Tower suddenly turned white, Yan Yan left this true meaning.
Ziyan must have realized something, so she woke herself up with Buddhist techniques.
This true Buddhism must be the achievement method, and this other side is just like an ordinary copybook in the eyes of mortals.
Everyone has his own fortune and walks differently.
Go ahead … Foot of the road!
After the practice of God, I felt the Buddhist skills and the Baiyun Tower became more and more aware of my own road ahead.
Put away the jade box and the Tathagata Sutra.
The truth is true and far-reaching, but it is the way of others
There are thousands of roads, and after all, people are the most suitable.