For the first time in more than 400 years, he experienced such a big scene. He sighed slightly in his heart.’ Although he can’t break through the second-class wizard, he can at least spend his old age. Now it seems really a bit hanging …’

It didn’t take long for him to lose his mind. In an instant, he changed his mind and immediately became happy. He thought,’ I don’t seem to lose anything to participate in this kind of thing at the end of my life. Anyway, I enjoyed it long ago. I didn’t expect to see the real big scene before I died!’
At that time, I felt that I was caught in self-satisfaction by making a fortune!
The mentality changes very quickly, which is a typical example of bipolar inversion!
Look at it from a different angle from the disaster from the sky to the happiness from the flying!
Look aside, Char is puzzled. I don’t know why he is so happy, just like picking up money.
[Five-level wizard of Silent Heart College-hawthorne Kaiya has made outstanding contributions due to extremely important news. The wizard world’s Supreme Council has awarded 15 special contributions]
Lawn ignored the message of portable com.
Watching the wall of Wutuo Margo descend slowly in the sky.
Although hawthorne was a little surprised, he quickly accepted the change because he had some preparations in his former heart.
It seems that the parliament’s view on this matter is worse than I thought …’
After getting the memory crystallization from Olga, although there was some confusion in the middle and west, he still realized that this incident was by no means a simple intelligence spying, which meant that some things were beyond his ability and he was very decisive. He directly handed things over to the parliament together with his own views.
Yu Yu is not something he can participate in.
But at the moment, looking at things in the sky, he has understood what the parliamentary attitude is.
I’m also very glad that I didn’t make a mistake in my choice, so that the parliament can act so solemnly and find that every morning newspaper can save countless losses for the wizard world, which is likely to affect the future of the whole world.
After a while, another instruction arrived.
He thought for a while after reading it with a serious look.
Directly through the enchantment of the silent heart, we reached an agreement with all teachers and students
Tower eyes looked around a serious hundreds of thousands of eyes are looking at their teachers and students.
He doesn’t know how many of these people will survive this crisis, and he is not very clear about his own survival rate.
Although a five-level wizard is a mainstay, in the world war, to put it bluntly, if you die, you will die, and at most you will just take a bubble.
As he opened his mouth, his voice came to everyone’s ears. "You should have got a general understanding of the situation. Now the wizard world has entered a state of war, which is different from the competition in other colleges in the past. Knowing that historical people should know that world war is an extinct danger, I can’t guarantee anything. I can say that you should work hard. This is both your crisis and your opportunity. This is the first world war in the last 100 thousand years. Many materials that you dreamed of cherishing in the past will be sent to you, and all kinds of knowledge will be easier to obtain."
"Then I will read the parliamentary instructions."
"On July 11th, 457454, we found that a man named Ka Eun Lee Severn sent a infiltrator into the core area of the wizarding world through unknown methods, and the member was equipped with special camouflage equipment. Through the parliament, he predicted witchcraft and confirmed that the other side’s purpose was extremely malicious, and according to the existing information, it was estimated that the other side’s world would come into direct contact with our world in two years. From now on, the wizarding world will enter a state of war. All the rules of action will be changed to replace the world war-Wizarding Parliament Wizarding Age on July 12th, 457454"
Chapter 56 New posts
Watch hawthorne.
Saya also don’t know what mood he is.
Counterevidence is very complicated.’ I don’t know if my luck is good or bad. How can I be hit by myself in the First World War for more than 100,000 years and I’m not even an official wizard?’
This kind of accident exhibition directly upset his 90% idea.
I don’t know what I should do.
He desperately found that’ it seems that he can’t do anything but watch …’
Who am I? Where am I? What should I do?
It’s not just him. These three questions have become the doubts of most people in the wizard world.
And those mortal countries that have just been informed have no idea about world war. What is that? ?
Things that haven’t happened in hundreds of thousands of years have caught them off guard.
This thing is too far away for them.
The sense of substitution is just like ancient mythology.
They really don’t understand it when it is put in front of them.
[Increase the population at all costs]
Looking at this simple command, many kings scratched their hair.
Until the next day another order came.
[Three days of marriageable men and women of the opposite sex must be married if they refuse to marry.]
Only then did I realize how hard it is to do whatever it takes.
People directly is a chicken fly a dog jump chaos.
Many single dog immediately faced the choice of getting married or dying on the spot.
It’s true. It’s a little sudden
Fifth day
Thousands of meters away in silence
In a huge dimension created by witchcraft and a large number of witchcraft tools,
Saya is directing the slaves to send food and nutrition to the barn.
A large number of Warcraft that have just been unsealed are in an inevitable weak period because they have just recovered, and these materials are the supply of their recovery strength.
And it was the second day of the declaration of war that Saya was in charge of accepting the job.
It was then that he realized that he had stayed in college for several years and there were so many differences.
36 th floor corral
Each layer is home to hundreds of millions of Warcraft, and those Warcraft souls are controlled by witchcraft from their ancestors.
Intellectual strength is limited. In addition to killing, reproducing, and taking orders, the brain is full of things!
Originally close to human intelligence, it was almost the same as that of cats and dogs.
And when it grows to a certain extent, it will be sealed and protected.
This not only saves the corral feeding materials, but also prevents them from dying in vain to prepare for the army.
If the equipment is full, those extra Warcraft will be killed according to the principle of strength from weak to strong, and transported as materials to other places in the college for teachers and students to make.
And this is also that source of material consumed by the silent heart day and night.
Saya is now in charge of a small area on the 11th floor of the corral. There are about a million newly revived Warcraft to manage.
These Warcraft’s weakest level 2 peaks and strongest level 3 peaks at level 4 have not reached that level of strength, and even blood and soul witchcraft has a considerable probability of being broken through by it, which belongs to things outside the security line.
Looking at the truckloads of goods being transported away, Saya couldn’t tell what he was feeling.
A few days ago, he never dreamed that a wizard apprentice could manage so many powerful Warcraft!
Pick the weakest one among them and you can spray him to death in one breath.
And millions of people crowded together can make him unstable and feel like he’s going to faint just because his body automatically emits power.
He couldn’t have done the job if he hadn’t been wearing an isolated robe.