Buddhism has enlightened me for the ninth time, and I want to thank Leitian for this Zhou Yuan. I finally destroyed him and gave him a favor.

It was only after the last ray of Buddha’s consciousness disappeared that the demon monk came to be satisfied with walking from the void and crushing the soul of the Buddha in the remaining Buddha country one by one.
He did all this slowly, waiting for the curse of the Buddha to extend the process of destroying the Buddha country for a hundred years
By the time the last soul was sucked by him, the nine Buddha’s rays on the head of the demon dragon had become ten.
But no one knows what the tenth path is after the nine buddhas know it.
Chapter six hundred and forty-nine The universe
Leitian’s practice in Kyushu was cut off for thirty-three days. For thirty-three days, there was a long dragon case in the purple palace of the jade emperor with the jade emperor’s seal.
Suddenly there was a crack in the blue seal.
At this time, the jade emperor opened his eyes and saw that the cracks in the jade seal were gradually increasing and gradually becoming ten.
The jade emperor laughed and called it Bai Chen.
Bai Chen should be in Zixiao Palace. This is his strength.
The Jade Emperor pointed to the ten cracks in the seal, saying that buddha magic in the last days has realized that he has cultivated to a state of terror. I can kill him, but I can’t be away from it for thirty-three days, and once I leave it, I will collapse. I am busy and can’t suppress it.
Isn’t this the day when I was granted magic? The day when Bai Chen smiled finally came, but he hasn’t cultivated to a high level. The problem is that he refused the jade emperor’s request by other methods. He knew about it back and forth, but his father blocked the Kyushu passage for 33 days, and he couldn’t give a message to his father.
Now it’s good that the Jade Emperor said that it should be about the same. Some actions of his father made the latter-day buddha magic come to an unprecedented height.
Nine days of fate, the jade emperor said yes, no one can completely get rid of fate, want to live forever, break through the river of fate and go to a higher place to see their future clearly.
Thirty-three days in Kyushu, where the celestial world was broken and fragments were left, is the closest place to the long river of destiny and the easiest place to practice.
Bai Chen, don’t worry, I won’t let you directly deal with the latter-day buddha magic. You are not strong enough now. I want you to go to a place where you will get a chance to deal with the latter-day buddha magic. The Jade Emperor said that he took a white jade ring.
What’s this
One of the fate rings is the best if your fate has been changed. Although I am stronger than you, I don’t know how many times, this ring is nothing too much. When the celestial world disappeared, something was left behind, which is no longer in our universe. After refining this ring, you will have a key.
Is pursuit Bai Chen took the white jade ring straight back to the day.
Picking up the state, leitian, wearing the sun, and other schoolmates listened to the teachings together in front of the purple eyebrow real person, and wearing the Yang Hongzhu was not unexpected, but also advanced to the Emperor of Heaven.
Their strength was not low, and then they advanced slowly, but they also made up their minds and let them hide in the demon gourd to maximize their innate luck.
These innate fortunes can’t be taken up by one person. Of course, we must take advantage of ourselves first.
Purple eyebrow reality looked at his four disciples and Luo Xiu Xiaoyu, a total of six people. He also had six pieces of broken rubies in his hand. Together, these six pieces of broken rubies can still be seen as a mirror.
This is a fragment of the mirror of heaven.
Master, isn’t this celestial mirror of science a Kunlun fairy? Luo Xiu is now following Leitian to tell Master that his mouth is very sweet, but it is a light rain without saying a word.
Most of the Kunlun immortals are made by imitating the famous immortals in the celestial world. Although they are similar in shape, they will still be broken without the inner details of the immortals in the celestial world.
But this is really broken. Xiaoyu doubts.
There are many immortals in the celestial world, and this breakage was caused by several disasters of the celestial bodies. Moreover, these six pieces of celestial mirrors have been re-refined by the strongest immortals and turned into special immortals. Please try Xuantiange leaving the sword.
Purple eyebrow reality pointed to the fierce wear Yang and let his sword attack the fragments of the mirror of heaven.
Fierce wear Yang just hesitate to start work he XuanTianGe from the sword is sharper than leitian six Yang ran Lei Jian is not six Yang ran Lei Jian that huge body.
Now that Master’s mouth is strong enough to penetrate Yang Xuantian Ge, a sword is thousands of times thinner than hair. The blade of the sword accurately hits the corner of the shard of Haotian Mirror, which is the weakest part. You can see the most vulnerable part of the target at a glance with rich actual combat experience.
Kakha’s heart sank when he was white. Big Brother won’t destroy the shards of the science mirror, will he? According to Master, this is the key for six people to enter that place.
Cut a purple eyebrow reality smiled.
Fierce wear Yang heartache cried he XuanTianGe from the sword because of the attack on celestial mirror fragments of science was broken just now that soup is his sword broken sound.
Fortunately, he is already the realm of the Emperor of Heaven, and it is not a sudden battle. The broken sword didn’t damage his sword soul.
Unless you can destroy Zhou Yuan’s robbery with one sword, it is impossible to damage this piece of science mirror. Zi Mei’s real words are quite amazing. Is it still immortal power to destroy Zhou Yuan’s robbery with one sword?
Forget the story that is too long, you will forget that our universe is a transitional universe, and it will be relatively short-lived, and we don’t have much universe. One universe is powerful, which has a direct impact on the birth of many new ones, but we have too little time, so we have to venture into the distant universe to take something and refine it into our own fairy weapon and fairy soldier.
Master, we have
You guys are weak, but the boss Xuan Tiange broke off from the sword. Can you still come to Du Jie? Although your metal worm is powerful, can you use it against the enemy? Can you simply block a doom world? What is it? I will take you to the place this time. Your weapons are all waste.