The atmosphere at the clicking scene was heavy with rain, and it could be clearly heard that the seven fighting emperors were panting like fierce beasts.

Xing qi’s eyes swept seven people with a silver broadsword, and his hands were cold and his ears were carefully capturing the distant sound. It was such a chaotic rainy day that Xing qi also captured the arrival of several groups of people sneaking.
There are even a few people who are familiar with their feelings. There are two green-robed old men in Changling Valley. There are also people who fall into the current and return to the sea. They just think about what these people are up to.
Today, I rushed to the Purple Flame Crystal to fight against the Emperor. The strong are not afraid to offend the blood Yang. After being chased and robbed of the Purple Flame Crystal, I plan to live in seclusion. This kind of person is crazy and aggressive. It is some freedom to care about the Samsung Emperor.
The wisdom point is like returning to the sea, so let others snatch the incarnation of the purple flame crystal from the hands of the stars. It is a good abacus, and of course it is not sure whether the best will be the worst.
Silence is full of depression, and the silence is full of cold meaning, which makes the violent spring rain even colder. Make sure that everyone is attracted to this star and take a deep breath.
"ah!" Xingqi screamed at the sky and screamed! Suddenly, the body suddenly sounded like fried beans, and the muscles of the body wriggled rapidly. As soon as the skin became clear, the muscles first swelled up and then flattened again like wringing.
Hum! Xingqi’s momentum soared wildly. The original Xingqi’s high rain was automatically scratched, and now the three raindrops were suddenly scattered by Xingqi’s sudden outbreak.
Zheng! When the sword sounded pneumatically and the momentum of Xingqi changed suddenly to the level of two-star emperor, seven people were trying their best to suppress the outbreak of the Samsung Emperor and the confrontation was broken. Seven people were bent on solving Xingqi first.
Whew! Seven swords and awns criss-cross each other and surround Xingqi like death. This is the strong point of Samsung’s fighting against the emperor. There is no language and no communication. Seven people got the message and agreed to block Xingqi first.
Hum! Xingqi’s eyes are extremely contracted, and the blue aura suddenly rises, and the mysterious clothes have been worn by Xingqi, and the mysterious clothes flow rapidly and fade out.
Peng! A crisp burst of sound, Xingqi’s two-star imperial body broke out, and Xingqi turned into a giant leopard, like a phantom, and went straight through the seven swords.
Boom! Seven masters of the Samsung Imperial Level have a powerful sword, which is even more shocking than the explosion of a strong harsh light in the violent night and rainstorm.
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【 Chapter 345 Thunderstorm Shadow 】
Hundreds of miles of rainstorms in Fiona Fang, Heyang City, were dark and furious. Thunderstorms flashed and dumplings jumped around, and a dense forest in Heyang City for more than ten miles exploded with a bright and colorful shock wave.
The violent explosion hit the sky and the rain arrow crashed and exploded. It was as silent as responding to the nine-day thunder. In the first heavy rain, Heyang City swayed and swayed, and the thunder trembled and trembled in the cold and murder.
Tens of thousands of pairs of eyes in the dark night rain in Heyangcheng looked at the direction of the explosion outside the city, and all the people in Luohe Villa looked at the direction of the explosion with a face of worry. The explosion was so powerful that the whole Heyangcheng trembled. What kind of strength does it need? The emperor’s eyes were horrified.
There are six fighting emperors on the edge of the heavy rain, and the six fighting emperors quickly stand in the lead. It is the misty rain in front of Yang that can’t see how far it is.
Smoke flies to Yang’s eyes, thunder and lightning, dark days, and intermittent heavy rain block everyone’s sight. A series of rough-handed thunderstorms are flashing and flying with giant trees.
"Master elder brother, if the purple flame crystal is really in the hands of a star, will the master make moves?" Kuchao asked softly as the silent smoke flying in front of him was disturbed, and several people of it cocked up their ears when they heard Ku’s words.
Master, let Yan Feiyang, the eldest brother, break through the rank at an early date. He is willing to take out day order medicinal materials and prepare the six Dan teachers, Yan Ge, to refine the six Dan. It is well known that everyone is envious except Yan Feiyang.
Not every venerable person loves his brother so little. He didn’t hear that the master of Dou Zun was busy with blood without his brother’s breakthrough. Among all the other disciples, Yan Feiyang, the master brother, had already been regarded as a master.
This time, Xingqi owns the Purple Crystal, and then the smoke flies to Yang, and the other disciples are gathered in an emergency to drive the other disciples in the direction of Heyang City. It is difficult to have other ideas.
A piece of purple crystal can be divided into two or three parts, but two or three people can hit the threshold of honour, which makes all the other disciples feel full of heat. If the master makes a move, then of course, the hand goes to the bird.
Blood Yang didn’t get the Violet Crystal by direct blood relatives, and it will surely be distributed to all the younger brothers. Of course, smoke flies to Yang, but everyone also has the opportunity, which makes it difficult for everyone to be so heart-wrenching.
Smoke fly Yang, of course, also know everyone’s thoughts, but smoke fly Yang’s psychology is really thinking that the master can snatch the best smoke fly Yang from the purple flame crystal and just think about it.
"We’d better not guess and talk nonsense about the idea of withered master. Let’s set out and hurry to get to Teacher Zhiyuan and wait there." For this remark, Teacher Yang scolded me and led the team to advance in the rain.
Howling, six sharp flashes of light cut through the river and left rapidly, while at the same time, meteors came far or near to the river and yang city in the direction of Tiexialing in Liangjiang County, the direction of the imperial city and the direction of the sunset mountains.
The howls are breaking rapidly, and they are constantly coming to Heyang City, Liangjiang County. Heyang City is destined to be restless today. Liangjiang County is destined to be frightened tonight. The arrogance of the road is rapidly rushing into the big town, and the whole city is suddenly and violently shaking.
Liang Jiangjun’s big and small city fighting masters carefully changed their momentum, with their tails between their legs, for fear of accidentally provoking the anger of flying over the Great God and guessing what happened. At this time, the stars turned into a streamer and went straight to the left emperor.
Zizi! The blue aura of Xingqi’s body suddenly and violently rushes to the second-star emperor’s level, and the body meridians are stronger than those of Xuantian. Xingqi looked at the black pupil and reflected it. He looked at his huge fist and rolled up the blue aura, and the wind screamed and ran to the opposite bucket emperor.
Cui Ze looked at holding a broadsword and turning it into a streamer. He actually hit a fist at himself and moved the broadsword, which made him angry and happy.
With a broadsword, you don’t even throw a fist at yourself. This shows that you look down on yourself, which makes Lu Ze very angry, but Xing Qi, a young man, rushed to die like a catch in the eye and let himself be ecstatic.
Yin! The sword turns to the wind, and the sword is in hand, and the essence of cold light is suddenly and violently shaking. Xingqi’s fist is getting closer and closer, but his eyes are scanning around in miniature, and he is extremely wary of killing this purple-haired youth and being attacked by everyone after robbing the purple crystal.
When Xingqi was less than ten feet away from Luze, Luze moved like water, and the murder came like a fierce beast swallowing Xingqi! A sudden shock wave and a two-foot-long sword mans cut straight from the sky and are thinking of cutting the purple figure in front of their eyes in half.
Star wonder felt that the murderous look of Samsung Emperor was so condensed that his body speed was greatly slowed down, and his previous desire to flash across this sword and then punch the enemy was about to fall.
"Punch!" Xingqi’s cold hum won’t make you feel better even if your fist can’t hit you. The sudden collapse of the tight string muscle and the wan muscle will make your fist even more violent. The fist will chirp and cut your breath, and the boxing force will skyrocket. Blue is like a pulse wave. Two sharp but firm but gentle waves will flash from Xingqi’s shoulder without arms and DC to the boxing front.
"Not good!" Yu Liudou Huang came to see Xingqi being seriously injured by Huize’s lesson, and then he waited for an opportunity to kill Xingqi and rob the Purple Crystal.
However, the Emperor Wu Dou didn’t think that the purple robe and the Emperor Xing Qi Dou were so stupid that he didn’t punch the Samsung Dou Huang Jianfeng with a broadsword. This was simply to die, which made everyone swear at Xing Qi, but they were in a big panic.
I don’t want to hear anything about the essence of Xingqi, but today Xingqi actually hung the purple crystal so bluntly on his chest, which made the emperor directly classify it as an idiot. At this time, Xingqi looked like an idiot with his eyes open.
You must not let Cui Ze grab the Purple Crystal. This is a crazy idea in the hearts of many emperors. The sword flutters six feet, and the big sword mans go straight to the stars. In the battle of Cui Ze, Liu Dou Huang tried his best to isolate the stars.
"Damn it!" Is for the sword to split the star qi ze cui felt more than six bucket emperor momentum lock and six sword mans straight to have four pouncing on his face frightened not convergence some firm but gentle.
"Just in time" Xingqi felt the firm but gentle face of all revealed a smile, which was his own sword in his calculation to guard against the emperor’s actions and did not move.
Xingqi wants to try his own two-star imperial body critical boxing and two-star imperial body explosive collapse boxing. How powerful is it? Can two-star imperial body definitely carry two-star imperial firm but gentle, while two-star imperial body strength explosive collapse boxing carry three-star imperial firm but gentle?
Ding! In Cui Ze’s shocked eyes, Xing Qi, who should have cut his fist by himself, actually broke his blade and let the big sword tremble. Cui Ze couldn’t believe it was his sword as hard as iron.
Feeling the numbness in both hands, Cui Ze was about to take back the big sword to resist the three attacks before and after, and when he retreated from his own blade, there was a strange impact, and the sword wave suddenly rushed into his body along the hilt.
Poof! Cui ze corners of the mouth oozing a painstaking effort turned out to be a strong shock, but the firm but gentle Cui Ze just got together and quarrelled with it. This firm but gentle spirit in his meridians was really strong enough, but it was still suppressed by his own quarrelling.
And this short-lived one still let his quarrelling and trembling itself, which made the two pupils extremely miniature because of his roots not to retreat or block three firm but gentle.
Boom After the separation of Xingqi fist and sword, the silvery white Luo Yan knife was turned by Xingqi’s right hand, which just hit the two swords obliquely and came to the firm but gentle, while Xingqi showed a smile and quickly retreated away.
Boom Boom Two explosive shocks scattered a rain arrow, which made six bucket emperors dumbfounded, and several of them were dead, and Xing Qi retreated to one side unscathed.
And on the other side, the Samsung bucket emperor Cui Ze actually saved his life with a sword in his arm and back.