Qin Mu Ye wondered if it was a little bad for such a great country to wave like this.

"Why not change it?"
In his mind, the Titan-level giant construction plan came up. It was different now. Although he was rich, he really couldn’t raise it. However, if gods were added to build it, it would save a lot and it would be complete instead of simple.
"Remember first that it is not appropriate to meet such good materials, and it is not too late to wait until the activities are promoted to a certain extent."
The kingdom represents the value Qin Mu Ye saw, but this value can’t be taken now, and it may be exposed.
He is strong, yes, and he may sneak up on something. It is better to be hard-headed and hard-headed, and his own efforts are small and his risks are low. But if he succeeds, his gains will be no less than that of frontal combat.
Chapter 416 Faith module convenience
"The statistics of the kingdom of God are very fast." Qin Mu Ye received several documents and then passed the eye.
He came here to investigate more data, which is really a strange harvest.
These statistics are to back up a series of data such as area, height, soil quality and water quality.
The data will be updated later, and it is also to monitor whether there will be changes if the gods are not in the kingdom of God for a long time, or whether they can maintain themselves without the gods.
Judging from the present situation, the kingdom without gods can maintain the distribution of divine power to the extraordinary believers.
Impressing Qin Mu Ye is like an autonomous running program. At present, it seems that there are two ways to distribute words. The first is feedback, that is, the more beliefs you give back to believers, the greater your power will be. This kind is regarded as a gift by those extraordinary people.
The other is that the distribution of posts in the church of the gods is the same type as wages, and this is the big head
If anyone who believes deeply gives them enough divine power feedback, wouldn’t it be a mess? The whole main material plane needs a steady stream of gods’ belief in stagnant water. If you rely on belief feedback to give divine power, the most divine power will definitely not be the divine church, but some devout ordinary people scattered in the wild
And more importantly, the transcendent is the key point. Most of these transcendental people are church officials, so they can be compared to the former as bonuses and the latter as wages. This is a reward system to deepen faith.
If you are a non-transcendent believer, there is no way to get feedback at all, and you will be asked for faith, and you will be the main person who should believe.
According to these data, Qin Mu Ye also understood that the gods didn’t care at all, and the believers didn’t care. Their lives were more about faith.
Yu Zhen has a national? Such people can’t become gods because it violates the interests of the gods.
"At present, the spirit is generally understood, so we have to take it back and change it later. I have to say that this body is simply too wave in the hands of this group of waste."
Qin Mu Ye couldn’t help shaking his head. He could see that the potential of the divine body is not the so-called clergy or godhead, but the belief module.
Although this belief module is aimed at faith, it actually contains a lot, especially belief channels and communication with believers, which is simply a means of black technology to the extreme.
The kingdom module is also very powerful, and it is simply a high-energy computer that can handle all kinds of matters, even if it is naturally formed rather than artificially made.
Qin Mu Ye naturally wants to understand this, especially if this belief module can really take out the means of communication, then the magic network will get rid of the spiritual channel at hand and change to the belief channel.
It means that if you have faith in Qin Mu Ye and have a personal device corresponding to the magic net, there will be no signal loss, and even various abilities such as mobilizing energy and sharing magic can communicate through this belief channel, which not only greatly improves efficiency but also greatly increases confidentiality.
After all, the main body of belief is Qin Mu Ye, except the goblin. Once he wants to steal or invade the magic net, I am afraid he will directly face Qin Mu Ye, the currently indescribable evil god.
Then it must be sudden death on the spot, even if it is not sudden death, it will effectively invade the magic net.
Of course, even if it is really invaded, it is not a big deal. The magic net is derived from Qin Mu Ye. His invasion is equivalent to entering Qin Mu Ye and realizing that he was not killed by the magic net firewall, anti-virus software and other protective measures before being discovered by Qin Mu Ye for the first time.
"His module is not very good."
Qin Mu Ye didn’t really see much about the kingdom of God, which is a processor, a fire, a filter, a deity, a clergy, a directional receiver, and a large hardware.
"Follow-up words are estimated to have to consider the first Titan-level giant structure transformation." Qin Mu Ye looked at the kingdom and thought about it in his mind. The result quickly reacted to one thing.
That is, if you really intend to build a Titan-class giant structure, then this kingdom of God is a bit inadequate.
After all, it’s called a giant structure. It has to be as big as the world, not to mention spanning several worlds. Otherwise, it will be like guarding the abyss.
At first glance, a kingdom of God is not enough.
"Fifty kingdoms are guaranteed. Thanks to good people … good minds sent the kingdom. Otherwise, I really let myself gather together and I don’t know when."
Although Qin Mu Ye said it was fifty, he was also thinking about one thing in his heart, that is, the kingdom of the gods is not enough
At least 100 kingdoms are needed to meet his requirements. After all, 50 is the basis of guarantee, not his preset standard.
Therefore, he also considered one thing. Since the God of Light can make artificial gods, he can also make artificial gods. After all, the kingdom of God is their standard. To become a god, there must be a kingdom. Although it was poor at first, there was no Qin Mu Ye to let them develop first.
The main body is to be honest with the Ministry of God, and Mu Ye will not be too harsh, so it must be developed.
"It’s no big deal to try anyway, but it’s a problem to bypass the holy light god, and I don’t have the corresponding data. I’m afraid it’s a little troublesome."
In recent years, no one has become a god for thousands of years, and the reasons for becoming a god are unclear, because it involves the roots of the gods, so it is impossible to remember.
The dissemination of knowledge is limited by the gods, and many foreign books have been changed by various religious churches. I don’t know how many times, even the books have been reviewed by the religious churches. Once some matters related to the gods are involved, they will inevitably be modified and deleted.