At the same time, Linqiao Powder also found many blood worms when exploring other arms.

They all ride together in these buildings with different shapes but similar functions.
These furniture are about one meter long, and almost all of them have living equipment to feed dozens of blood worms.
Their normal life should be to stay in these utensils and look for food everywhere.
So it seems that this is not a bustling city.
Because these blood worms are not normal residents, their identity is mainly scavengers, and the building here is not for them to live in.
They belong to larger creatures.
Yes, these creatures have disappeared, and may have died or left for some reason.
There are only these blood worms left, just here.
Of course, Lin has explored some of them now, and may continue to explore and find more information.
Thinking that Lin had a group of arms, she did find some more interesting information.
Lin has some arms that have been drilled into this huge bridge.
Lin found that the’ environment’ here is also a living area similar to Xumin Street.
But Lin also saw many stones here … very special stones.
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and ninety-two Maybe
"We defeated them, they failed us, they were born physically."
"So how did you beat them?"
"Get in … get in there and control them!"
Lin and blood earthworm … communicated.
Because after studying for a while, Lin also found their language style, which is quite like a phoenix and quite in line with the name Lin gave them.
That is, squeeze some of your’ blood’ out of the skin surface so that the blood can be quickly detected by the same kind around you, so they communicate through blood.
This kind of blood is their body to bear the dirty liquid and then they can suck it back … so they can communicate in this way constantly.
Therefore, after some research and observation, Lin gradually understood that their blood expressed different meanings.
When they were first caught by Lin’s fluffy ball, they felt dead, but they found that the fluffy ball didn’t attack them but chose … They immediately decided to communicate with Lin when communicating.
Lin also learned some … simple history from them.
They told Lin that there were a group of creatures living here, and they made a lot of machines themselves, and then they made these machines more and more intelligent, and finally these creatures were destroyed by machines.
This seems to be a common situation, but this group of creatures finally created a group of new creatures in some special ways.
That’s blood earthworm.
Blood earthworm defeated the intelligent machines of extinct creatures and transformed them into their own and lived today … That is what Lin saw now.
The surrounding buildings should be the original life of the blood earthworm.
This group of creatures should be a group of creatures about three meters in size, and their shapes may be similar to octopus.
The main reason to guess is that Yinlin has not found the body so far.
And the buildings are also relatively large, like utensils, and those small ones are almost absent.
Blood worms also don’t know these biological forms, and they say there is no such biological record.
It is not clear whether all these creatures are extinct or not. It feels like they are all gone.
Although blood worms sound powerful, they actually lead a very simple life of scavenging.
Blood worms usually move around looking for food or something with repair materials and then continue to live.
If they can’t find it, they will die, and they will never leave different blood worms, and they will not communicate.
These creatures have lived in this way for a long time.
Blood worms will reproduce, but they will die if they run out of energy.
So they are in a state of slow extinction.
Knowing their general history, Lin tested the thinking state of all blood worms.
Walsh said that the combination of faith here will not be revived immediately, but is in a special state of’ floating’
In this state, life here will be affected and the belief will be unified.
If the organism is slightly affected, it can be detected by some methods.
Although there is almost no performance in the initial stage of the impact, it can still be detected by tools
And Lin’ velvet claw’ has this kind of detection tool.
These arms can come into contact with living things to see if they are affected by unification.
It seems that none of the blood worms here are affected.
Suolin continued to explore the whole bridge exhibition.
Lin’s main concern now is a … environment.
This street-like place has a lot of rubble on the street floor besides shops and residences that are very similar to Xumin Street.
These stones … are called’ Midgalt stones’ by Lin.
This is also Lin Cai’s name