Cold curved quietly swept her a look at her so precious that Yu Pei, it must have special significance to her. It should be that she left something for her parents in heaven.

I couldn’t help wiping my neck, but I touched the white crescent moon. Black and white eyes crossed a little lost lips and pulled a wry smile. I almost forgot that I was another body. How can I still leave a silver chain for Mommy? I don’t know if heaven is so kind to Mommy when I cross with my thoughts. She should be in heaven. So she knows that she has protected her daughter and finally failed to live in that world. Will she be sad?
The breeze blows gently around the waist, the black hair flies gently, and the beautiful face has a faint sadness, which makes people feel pity.
Wan Yingzhao looked back and saw such a bend. She was surprised. She had never seen the sad side of the Lord. Where was she at a loss? Is it to comfort her or to stay with her quietly? The main fear is that she will not allow her fragile side to be exposed to others. Maybe she should leave it to her.
The cold bends away the pain, no matter she has been in this different time and it has been more than ten years, thinking about the past will not make up for her missing the past. Now happiness looks up at the blue sky in Wan Liyun and reveals a little smile. Mommy, can you see it? Then bless your daughter.
Ma ‘am, please go there.
Shadow figure suddenly behind them now slightly hanging his head light often leave a way
Know the cold curved nodded at Xiao Zhao ink pupil motioned for her to go.
Several people disappeared in the lush courtyard, and the sun probe shone warmly on everything.
Cold curved Xiao Zhao walked into the hall only to find that the night spirit and night charm figure are now inside.
Night night soul night incarnate three people toward the cold curved nodded Ann way
Night from the cold curved figure at the door now the moment purple pupil deeply watched her with a near greedy look, missing her three days ago, but it was Sanqiu until she was truly in front of him now, and he felt a practical feeling.
Sitting in Fang Xuanyuan, I didn’t miss the night, staring at the cold and bent eyes. He twisted his eyebrows and twisted his feelings for the bend. He knew it, but the only thing he didn’t expect was that after seven years, he was still obsessed with her. He was even more in love with her. Seeing a man staring at his woman like that was not happy, but he also loved the bend, but he chose to wait for himself silently. Even he was deprived of his fear of bending. After all, he met the bend first and in her heart, he smiled at the cold and bent and stretched out his hand.
Cold, curved and straight, hands stretched out and his big hand sat next to him.
How did you check it out? Glanced at Yechen and others and found that all three people were tired. The eyebrows frowned unconsciously and asked softly.
Wan Yingzhao also stared at them nervously around the cold bend. This night, several people were sent by the cold bend to check her Wanjiazhuang massacre. I don’t know if I was holding my hands tightly and crossing the clear eye pupil.
Night purple pupil looked at a face of eager Wan Yingzhao just looking back at the cold curved gently shook his head.
I didn’t find out the identity of the murderer. The murderer is very mysterious. Just knowing that he has a lost accent and a lost population is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Did Wan Yingzhao droop her eyelids in disappointment after hearing what Chen Chen said? Who was so crazy that she bought off the killer to destroy her house? She tried hard to think about it, but still didn’t know who she had offended. She was an escort, and her usual contacts were superstitious, but no one had an important argument.
But we found another thing, the night soul interface
Cold curved asked Wan Yingzhao also snap raised his head and looked at the night soul with clear eyes.
We found out that Xiao Zhao girl should be answered by a fiance, Nightmare.
Cold curved Xuanyuan couldn’t help but pick his eyebrows and scan Wan Yingzhao at night.
Wan Yingzhao, the fiance, was also taken aback. Her pretty face was full of surprise. She looked at them at night. Will you make a mistake? She has no fiance. How can she take a fiance?
Everyone was surprised to see her, and she was the first to hear about it.
That’s right. Purple Pupil looked at her at night and explained faintly, we did find out that you had a fiance, but that was an agreement between your parents and a Zeng daughter, that is to say, a belly marriage. I heard that the woman left your parents and could not contact her again, so she didn’t tell you, but that engagement was in
Finger-belly marriage
Wan Yingzhao thought for a while, which seems to be such a thing, as if she had heard from her parents when she was a child, but since the other party’s whereabouts are unknown, it is not established, or if her parents died tragically with this engagement? Qiao face looked up and looked at the night with a white face.
Landlord, isn’t it my engagement that Wanjiazhuang was slain?
Whether it’s time to determine Yechen shook his head.
Miss Xiao Zhao, did your parents ever leave you something special? The night soul suddenly asked.
Xiao Zhao one leng and then think of something like a red rope from the neck with Yu Pei explained.
This Yu Pei was left to me by my parents, but it was engraved with the word Yao. She also asked her parents, but they didn’t give her a definite answer.
Maybe this is your parents’ exchange of tokens and your fiance’s mutual recognition, said Lengwan.